Headache central

Called out from work today. Head hurts too much. It was not fun taking the youngest to school. I normally haev a lead foot (slow for me is five above the speed limit) and I was doing the speed limit the entire way there. So what is normally a three minute drive turned into an eight minute drive. Oi vey! So I’ve already taken some meds to hopefully calm it down and pissed off the boss by calling out and pissed off my finaces by calling out, so I guess I’m gonna lay down for a while. Have the alarm on the cell set for 2 so I can be sure to get up in time to pick up the youngest. She told this morning to make sure I get plenty of rest. Yup. Gotta love that kid.

I actually did some writing last night. But nothing to do with what I’m trying to get published. See, I’m one of those that has several different writing projects going at once, and its been a long time since I’ve done this. So last night I finally touched back on the fan fiction I’m writing (yes, I did just type that). I use it as an outlet to keeep the creative juices flowing. I discovered long ago that I’m the type of writer who will grow stagnent and uninterested in my projects real quick if its the only one I’m working with. So as long as I have about three projects going at once, I can keep everything going. I know, I’m screwed up :-P.

Right now though, I think I’m going to stop here and take my puppy and go lay down. Hopefully this is just my sinus’ bothering me, as it feels like it, which would also explain the occassional dizzines. Yup. So off to bed with me and the puppy.


Ok, I’ve been toying for a long time to see if I really wanted a new blog to get involved with. I have a livejournal that I have basically ignored for a few years now, only keeping up with a few people there. And then I have my RoosterTeeth Journal which only members of that site can see. I don’t like how MySpace and FaceBook are set up (not user friendly and too much bs and sick people are there). I like to think myself pretty tech savvy, but as I get older I crave simpler things. Work is too complicated, so everything else I like to dumb down, which is saying a lot.

Not sure what all I’m going to keep track of here, but I figure why not give wordpress a chance. I’m trying to get my life back in order after a year of pretty much hell. Things aren’t looking too hot right now, but I have few ideas that are slowly turning into plans and  hope they pan out. One of them is finally getting myself published. I’ve written the equivalent of ten books already (only one of them actually finished) over the last fifteen years. I’ve always had it in my mind to get them published and out there, but things always seemed to be against me. Well, I’m not taking that anymore and have been researching a lot to see about maybe a lit agent, self-publishing and e-publishing. Frankly I still don’t know which way to go, but I’ve given myself till April first to figure that out. If not, then who knows.

Last night the Hubby and I watched Indiana Jones and the Raider of the Ark our youngest daughter. She’s nine and typically very skittish. So we decided that she will no longer be this way. We started with The Mummy and The Mummy Returns last weekend, and she enjoyed them both. No nightmares either :-). And I figured since she loved playing Lego Indiana Jones so much, she should enjoy the movies as well. And guess what? She did :-).

Wendy’s (my current place of employment) called this morning wanting me to come in. In brief, I take the weekends off from work for my family. My husband is truck driver and my oldest is in a group home and the weekends are the only time I get to see them. I didn’t answer the phone, but I will most likely call them back and let them know I got the call, so hopefully it wont cause problems. Thing that gets me, is they know this stuff. That and I didn’t appreciate being woken up this morning about 7:30 when I haven’t been asleep but maybe four hours total. I’m a light sleeper and it takes me a while to get to sleep. So when I get woken up, I’m up. Regardless of how much sleep I’ve had, even when I’m sick. It bites.

Anywho, what I may end up with my blog here and two journals is going ahead and type up one entry for all three and post them. A few people over at livejournal have been bugging me for updates, etc, which is cool. So I may just do that. It’ll be easier than typing up three separate entries. I don’t have a lot of extra time.

Vader as a baby
Vader as a baby


Vader now, a year and a half later.
Vader now, a year and a half later.


And as those over at RoosterTeeth know, I love to talk about my puppy, Vader. He’s quite popular over there with several people, and not just for his name. Nope, he’s just too damn cute! He’s a lab husky mix that I got from a friend. He’s one of two runts from the litter of 13 (two died shortly after birth, so really 11) and you couldn’t tell by looking at him. He was to be my husband’s truck dog. Didn’t happen that way. When we got him I was home from work after a surgery and we just kind of bonded. He’s my Baby Boy. Hubby has yet to forgive me for it ;-).

We do have five other animals, another dog (Cujo the Yorkie) and four cats (Trouble, Ryoko, Tiger and Tux), all of which I’ll show pics of later. Right now, I need to go get ready to see the oldest kid.