Super Bowl Sunday

Yay. The Super Bowl. Sorry. Can’t get too hyped up about it. My team didn’t make it and I don’t really care about the others. So Hubby said he’d like to watch a little of it, and I figure I’ll finish up the taxes then. Since the Carolina Panthers didn’t make it, I decided the only reason I’d even bother with the game tonight is the commercials. Thankfully I don’t even have to watch the whole game for them :). I can catch them on and other areas.

So, the commerical I really want to see tonight? The Heroes one. I’ve caught some BTS pics and footage and so far, I like my guys in uniform. Yummy. Ok, fan girlishness aside, I really like the commercials. They usually coem out with some of the best ones ever. Hopefully they wont disapoint.

In other news, we had a jail break Friday.

The culprit
The culprit


Miss Tux decided she was going to go out and explore the world she left behind when she left stray status. Thing is, she didn’t tell us that’s what she had in mind. Hubby was frantic, as this is his kitten. He has his cat and his kitten. Well, he didn’t sleep hardly at all that night and understandably so. Anyway, we used the dogs to try and flush her out. Flashlights, food and treats were brought out. Well called, yelled, made promises and even threatened. Nothing worked. Before he finally came to bed, Hubby left some dry food on one of the chairs on the deck in hopes she could at least get a bite. Several hours after we woke up, there was still no sign of her. So, just before I went to hop in the shower, I get this feeling and check out the window. Guess who’s on the chair helping herself to the dry food? Damn Cat.

Heroes starts back up tomorrow night. So I will be a Zombie going into work Tuesday morning, but oh well. It’s one of the few shows that I actually want to watch it live as opposed to the DVR. Stargate was one of the few other ones. But alas, according to, I may not have any kind of new Stargate until this fall, in October. I really hate Sci Fi sometimes. Between them and MGM I’m surprised I’ve stayed with this franchise as long as I have. Micheal Shanks may have had something to do with it ;).

So now I have Heroes, which I am hoping the new storyline and the changes that Kring made production wise really help this show pick up. I have been getting a little disgruntled with it, but hang in there in hopes. I never got to see the first episode when it aired a few years ago, I started with the second one, mainly due to work. But I was hooked and thus became an iTunes addict. Besides that one, we’ve been watching Fringe, Terminator: TSCC, and Survivor. We also watch Ace of Cakes, anything with Bobby Flay, Alton Brown and Big Daddy’s House, along with Myth Busters.

So, hurry October. I want my Stargate back.


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