It’s Tuesday

It’s lovely Tuesday. Joy of joys. You can hear the sarcasm, right? Knew you could. Over all, not a horrible day, but not the best, as I’m still not feeling well and have a mountain of dishes waiting on me that will probably wait till tomorrow. Yay. Really. Yay. Some days I wish this place could handle a dishwasher, but it’s older and some of the plumbing is very questionable. It’s not far fetched to have at least one major plumbing emergency every year, if not every six months. A minor one will pop up on average 3-4 times a year. And yes, we are trying to find a new place, but alas the economy tanking as it has is not helping. But still looking and planning.

Anywho, went with the youngest to her school tonight for a meeting about the MAP tests that they’ve been taking. I’ve been everyone since they started the tests here in SC, and they keep getting duller and smaller. I find them informative, and its a great way to get free info and study aids for Anna, but, it’s… It’s a boring program, but hey, they had hot chocolate and cookies. Two of my favorite things. And they had the fudge dipped shortbread… I should have grabbed an extra bag… Ok, on topic, she’s doing awesome this year on the tests, scoring mainly in the High Avg range for her school district. Not a single Low Avg in sight and maybe one or two Avg. So I guess all the extra stuff I have her do to study and practice is helping. I’d like to think anyway. I don’t have her do an hour of studying everyday. Nope. I usually take a few times each week and give her a few pages to do out of the giant workbook and then go over it with her. I try to follow what they are doing in her classes, and so far so good. The only thing she really needs to work on is actually handing in her assignments. She’s gotten better, but it’s still a work in progress. *sigh*

Watched a few good shows last night :-). I don’t usually watch Chuck on NBC. Which I find odd since I adore Adam Baldwin. Yes, Jayne is my fav of the characters he’s done, though I’m kinda partial to him in DC Cab. But I watched the show last night for the love of 3-D. Ok, I lied, it was all Adam and an excuse to see him 3-D! And I was shocked! Dom was on the show! SQUUUEEEEEEEE! Ok, for those not in the know, I’m talking about Dominic Monaghan (still can’t spell his name right, but I at least know how to say it!) better known as Merry from Lord of the Rings and Charlie from Lost. I went into fan girl heaven last night. And it was a pretty good episode to boot. I may have to make myself watch it now, especially since it’s not competing with Terminator anymore.

And I fell back in love with Heroes last night. I hate what they are doing to Nathan, but it really does fit the character. I don’t totally begrudge what he did to Peter. If you think about it, if Peter were to go bad (which he could) he’d be more dangerous than Sylar. So since baby bro didn’t want anything to do with him (and rightly so) he had no choice but to lock him up. And I adore HRG. Man never disappoints. Though, methinks there is more to Momma Petrelli and HRG than meets the eye. I just don’t think that they are feeling the whole internment camps and the like for the Specials. I’ll have to wait and see. And I actually liked Claire in the last part of the episode. I have a fixed love-hate relationship with Claire. Most of the time its hate. I find her whiny and pretentious. I’d love to give her a swift kick in the arse, but it wouldn’t really do any good. She still can’t feel pain, I guess. But in the latter part of the episode, starting where she met up with Parkman, I couldn’t help but like her. They need to give her more spots like that one and on the plane. Hayden does her best stuff. And Sylar… I hated that he killed Elle, as I felt they had a good thing going. She was good for him and he for her. But our Sylar was back in full force last night. His almost childlike demeanor when he walked into the watch shop. I wanted to snuggle him. I loved how he confronted the man he believed to be his father. Very well done, even down to not killing him. And then the confrontation with the Killing Squad, or is it the worse than B-Squad? Why wouldn’t they send their best men in after him, unless they wanted to kill him? Who knows. But Sylar handled it well and showed them the he is the ultimate badass. Even Mohinder felt the love from last night and he hasn’t gotten that since season 1. So I am pleased. Yuppers.

Ok, I have to bring this up. This has been bothering me and I guess the general feeling where it is happening I can’t really discuss it there due to the fact that my opinion wouldn’t fit in, and I’ve been mod snipped so much int he past few days its unreal. But I am talking of Gateworld, a website I have been visiting for the better part of 5-6 years. I did sign up for the forum loonnnngggg ago, but this last summer when I thought I’d join in on some of the discussions, I couldn’t recover the info to save my life. So I started a new one and joined in on a few threads, made a few friends and had a grand time in general. I found a thread where I could vent my frustrations over the crap that was last few episodes on the whole of Stargate Atlantis and be happy. Well, I think it mainly started in response to the negative (very negative in several cases) reactions to the episode “Brain Storm”. You can go to and check out the summary for yourself if you want, but I’m not touching it here. Not the point I’m trying to make. But I know a few people got out of hand, and I admit I made a few off hand comments with how upset I got. But I was nowhere as bad as a few others. It’s pretty common knowledge that many of the production staff and actors check out the forums on Gateworld to see the fans reactions, etc. I guess they didn’t really like we were all saying about the episode, because a few weeks later we are being introduced to an outline for a new vision statement from the owner of the website and forum. Which is fine. He can run it how ever he wants. I respect Darren enough. I have never met him, but I enjoy his website, podcasts, etc. He does something for all of us. So, even though I didn’t totally agree with the waaaaayyyy too positive (Happy Shiny People scary positive) feeling of the new proposed vision statement for the forum, I decided to try it out and see how things went. He finalized it and now things are in full swing to make the final changes on the forums. And I find myself getting more and more pissed off when I visit. I took a short time off from the forum last month due to life going too fast and me loosing time and sleep. So I wasn’t up on a few of the changes that took place, even though I knew where to look to see said changes, but get real! How many people look at that stuff every time they log in. So between them saying we can’t say certain things because they are too mean (McIcky isn’t mean, it’s the truth!) and the change in not being able to repost pics within a thread (which I can understand the bandwidth usage, etc) I’ve about had it. There is a huge question mark hanging over one of my favorite threads, and yes, it’s the Anti-McKay/Keller ship thread. Go check it out if you want to read exactly why I can’t stand this ship. Hell, it’s worse than the Sam/Jack ship, but I can get along better with that one. But again, not my point here. My point is, I can’t fathom being somewhere where you have to force people to get a long. It’s not possible. It’s too step-ford for my tastes. So I have been seriously contemplating leaving the Gateworld Forums. Don’t know where else I’ll find one place where all my Stargate needs will be met, but I have a very good feeling that it wont be at Gateworld anymore. Sorry, but you need your negative with your positive and no matter how many times the mods tell me that they aren’t doing away with the negative, they are. Seriously, go check out the discussion threads there about the vision statement and the changes that will take into effect. They use all kinds of jargon and meaningless words to dress it up and make it appear that they aren’t doing just what they are really doing: Making the Gateworld Forum into a bunch of Step-ford Wives. Nope, sorry. Can’t abide by it. So, most likely I will not be there much longer. Thankfully a bunch of the people I’ve met there I have found in other places, so I shouldn’t loose touch with many, if any of them. I’ve grown a bit attached to a few of them.

I’ve also toyed with the idea of creating a few Live Journal communities as a new home for the places that I know are being changed big time on that forum. I just don’t think I’ll have the time to devout to it all. Will have to wait and see. If I can get up of my arse and keep up with my writing goals, then I’d be able to. But, the procrastinator in me is coming out again. Need to chase her off. Seriously. Getting tired of her shit :-).

Ok, here are a pic or two of my babies and then I’m off. Got get Anna to bed and then I’ll be there shortly. Tired and feeling the sinus’ not loving me.

This is my favorite picture of Vader! He was so tiny! September of 2007.
This is my favorite picture of Vader! He was so tiny! September of 2007.


Trouble (aka Tubby) and Ryoko (aka Freak). No they are not sisters.
Trouble (aka Tubby) and Ryoko (aka Freak). No they are not sisters.

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