Gotta love tax time

Yes, I did finish my taxes. I got them done on the first of the month and was quite happy we didn’t owe the gov’t any money. For once. It was nice and kind of reminded me of the days when we got Earned Income Credit and other nice bonus’, but frankly, I’m still pleased that we are making more annually to not qualify for that stuff as it means we are struggling less the rest of the year. So the Hubby and I have been hard at work trying to decide what to spend what we are getting back to make sure that we get the full benefit from it. And so far, from the few discussions we’ve had about it, we’re on the same page. Yay! It’s about time ;-).

I called out from work today, mainly because the youngest is sick and partially because I’m sick. Hers was worse though. Not going into descriptions, but she didn’t sleep hardly at all for all the trips to the bathroom last night. She seems to be a bit better now, just really tired, so I wasn’t going to make her try to go into school. Besides, she’s missed fewer days this year so far than last year. An occasional rest day is warranted. We all do it. But my head has waged war on me. I have the Vicks out in full force, along with sinus and headache pills and lots and lots and lots of water. One thing I picked up from my doctor (and I actually remember mom telling me it when I was real little) but the more water and less juice and everything else you drink, the better you are when you are sick. That’s not to say if you have a stomach bug stay clear of ginger ale and pedilyte stuff, as they can actually help you, but you have to stay hydrated during any sickness and water is the best. It’s also the least harsh on your stomach, even though throwing up ANYTHING doesn’t feel good. But I digress again. My head is feeling a little better and thanks to Vicks I can breathe more. My eyes watered pretty bad last night, and of course the good old legs decided they were going to add in their $0.02 and still are :-(. Gonna have to see about setting up an appointment with the doc again soon.

Still haven’t made up my mind with Gateworld. I might stay, but then again I may not. And I know I’m not the only one feeling it right now. A few final decisions on one of the threads I frequent will be made today, and than over the next couple of weeks the other threads will be changed around. Still very uneasy about it all.

Oh and I have to mention this! Thanks to my friend Yuvi! I have found a new place to possibly publish through if I do decide the self-publishing route. They have a contest right now that lasts till Sunday, but the book I’ve finished is not eligible. Why? Well it’s been in the running for publishing before and according to the rules, that’s a no-no. I also got the distinct impression they wanted a complete story, not a series. Book one is done. Book two is finished, just need to complete typing it up. Books three and four are in the final writing stages. I also need to go back and make the final changes in them all since they were written for a specific gaming company and since that deal fell through I can’t keep the original material. Thankfully they never actually got their hands on it and I’ll be finishing up the copyright stuff on it shortly so it’s all MINE :-D.

If you are interested, here’s the site, CreateSpace. So far it looks pretty promising as far as self publishing goes. Still looking into the other routes as well, but I am leaning more towards self publishing, mainly due to fiances.

Ok, I’m off. Still tired and have loads of laundry, dishes and a bathroom alll screaming at me. Even when I’m sick I can’t get any rest ;-).


My male kitty, Tiger, aka Vader's chew toy!
My male kitty, Tiger, aka Vader's chew toy!


Vader with Grace, Grandma's puppy and his girlfriend :-).
Cujo walking himself (he's very good at it) next to my 96 Dodge Intrepid I can't part with
Cujo walking himself (he's very good at it) next to my 96 Dodge Intrepid I can't part with

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