I’ve hit the deep end!

Yup. For the first time ever, in all the fandoms I have been associated with over the years since I discovered the lovleiness of the internet, I am leaving. Well, not the fandom itself, but the forum used to appreciate said fandom, positives and negatives, all rolled into one. GateWorld’s forum has definetly become very much the StepFord Wives husbands and it’s bullshit. No other word to explain it, really. If you want more info on it, and just why I am so mad to leave… Well just pop on over there and then fo to Forum Announcements, and go doen to where they are discussing the changes to the Anti McKay ship threads and find the nail in the coffin. Yup. I may still pop in there at occassion, but as far as spending the quality time I have been, nope. No more. They have a mod there who is so damn good at talking circles that I don’t think they even know what they are saying. It’s sad really. I had grown to love the website and the forum through it. Just go back a few posts to see my full on rant about it. I’m done ranting here. A few of us are working on creating a new safe haven for us, world be damned.

Yes, I am that much of a fan girl. Have been for a while. And what bugs me, if I have ever left a mailing list, forum board, etc, it was because I lost interest and found new ones. Never due to being told I had to conform to one view point and then having to split my converstaion with the same people in two different threads, when the one we have is just fine. That we are a minority. No we are not. But oh well. It’s a moot point.

In other news, I still love Stargate. Even MCICKY can’t ruin that for me. MCICKY! I would spam the rest of this post with it, but then that’s be childish, wouldn’t it ;-). Fun, but childish.


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