Rain, rain go away

It’s not raining yet, but it will be. The legs tell me it start at some point today. Thankfully they aren’t hurting like they did last night, but they are pretty achey. I was hoping that since they hardly bothered me during the last bought of rain (four days straight!) that maybe this time would be different. Um, yeah, I’ll keep telling myself that. One thing that really bites about all the rain (even though we need it) is I cannot do anymore yardwork. And I had made such great progress. Grr. Argh. Oh well.

Apparently we are done with the inspections for right now at work. They went by all right, even the very surprise one from the homehome office. But they will be back in a week or two for our Phase II training store inspection. Thankfully that wont be too much on the regular crew, and even I wont have much to do with it. It’s mainly about the managers and their ability to do paperwork. They’ll stil be looking at Operations and Procedures, but not for too long.

Almost Friday! I may not have to work that day at all. One of the other girls at work said she’d let me know if she was going to work that day or not, which would be nice. I could start my vacation on Thursday at 2, instead of Friday :D.

Still working on the writing projects. Mainly mapping out ideas and plot lines, etc right now. And have decided to stay with CreateSpace as far as publishing goes. They are a little cheaper than LuLu.com , though LuLu seems a little more organized. It’s been a lot of research and discussions about all that the last few days.

Well, time to finish getting myself ready for work and to get the youngest out the door for school. And to walk the puppies one last time…


Elusive sleep

I hate it when I go to bed early because of being dead tired. Then the next thing you know you are up four hours before you need to be and then force yourself to go back to sleep to only wake up thirty minutes before you have to. Argh! Yup, that’s been my morning. I got some extra things done, and now, looking at the time, I really should be in the shower. I cannot be late today. We have our training supervisor coming in today, with possibly our AD and DM, which stinks. The TS isn’t so bad as he mostly stays out of your way and just stares. The others get right in your way and don’t care if you are working with customers or not, you have to wait on them. And then they get mad at you for not taking care of the customer promptly. Grrr. But after today I have one week and counting until vacation time. Yay!!!! Cannot wait.

Things planned for vacation:

  • cleaning
  • yardwork (the rain we have right now is putting me way behind on that)
  • writing (going to crank that book out people!)
  • gaming (SIMs, Halo Wars and Heavenly Sword, here I come!)
  • spending time with family and pets.

Mom-in-law is coming up at the end of the vacation and we’re planning on trying out a gyro recipe we snagged off of Alton Brown. I don’t think I’ve disliked a recipe of his yet. But it promises to be a fun and relaxing week. And it best stay that way or there could be bodies laying about ;).

The oldest is coming home on a day pass tomorrow. Let’s see how this goes so maybe she can get more.

Have a ton of phone calls to make today and then errands to run after work. A typical Friday. I’ll be getting out of work late and late picking up the youngest and then late in getting the errands run and late in getting home. Hubby says there is a good chance he’ll be coming home early today. Which will be good. If its early enough he can come with us on the errands :D.

I left work early yesterday and went on a writing binge. In about an hour I had eight pages written (this is with interruptions from the animals). Am very proud of myself. I am going to have force myself to spend time on the book I’m re-writing. Thing is I found a spot that needs to be redone as it no longer fits in the story, and it upset me. It was put there to help explain a character’s backstory and I’ll have to come up with a whole new one that hopefully wont cause me to go back and make further changes. But I have found a way to link all of these books together, even though they take place in different places and different times. I’m proud of myself for that. I always had hopes of making what I wrote part of a large series, kind of like DragonLance. You have different stories, but they have a few things that connect them to each other. But unlike DragonLance, all of these books will be written by me, with maybe one co-author (she knows who she is!).

Ok, I really must go. But I leave you with a pic of baby Vader…

He stil has that toy too, though it's version 3.0! She's his favorite.
He still has that toy! It's his favorite, even if he doesn't know it's version 3.0!

Is it Spring Break yet???

Ok, I think I’ve come to a conclusion. I cannot write when I have people around me, which is almost always. I get interrupted too often and then I loose the zone I was in while writing. This is particularly annoying when I just start. I love my family, but I think I need to set down some ground rules so I can get some work done and maybe have something ready for me to push out by the beginning of the summer. At least that is the deadline I’ve set for myself. And since it’s the begining of Spring, I have about three months. I can do it, so long as I have the cooperation of everyone else. For some reason I am only bothered when I write fiction. When I’m working on a blog or a reply to somebody, I rarely ever get interrupted.

Vader has been very clingy with me today. He looks and feels fine (nose is wet and cool, ears feel normal). I think he liked last week when I had my min-vacation. He didn’t have to be put up all day, along with Cujo, and watch as the acts roamed free. Poor thing. Maybe a good walk later will do him some good. Since it’s nicer out, and not too hot yet, I can take him out for walks. Before the weather didn’t like me enough to do so. And when the heat starts in, Vader wont feel like it. So Spring and Fall are about the only times we go out for our walks.

He, Cujo and the youngest were very helpful Sunday in helping with the yard work. We didn’t get it all done, but we got a good bit started. What mainly held us back was I wasn’t feeling good yesterday (sinus headache from hell) and I didn’t buy enough of the biodegradable bags for the yard debris. I figured five giant bags would be enough, but I guess not. Got the Iris’ cleaned out and put a cinder block fence around them to keep the lawn maintenance guys from ruining them, see:


They’ve actually grown a bit since I took that pic too. And witht he rain today it will help them come along nicely in time for mom-in-law’s next visit. They may actually be ready to bloom by then 🙂 .

Hubby and I had a heart to heart the other day. I guess you could say we’re going through a mid-life crisis, since we are in our thirties, but I think we’re just ready for a change. Nope, not the kind of change we’ve gone through before where it ended up with one of us leaving. Nope, this is the kind to help improve our situation financially and as a family. He wants out of the trucking world (though he plans on keeping his CDL just in case) and we’ve talked about if we can make it swing just right with the money, we’re gonna put him in Culinary school so he can either get a better paying restaurant job or (and this is the one we both want) he can open his own. A lot of it depends on if we can make ends meets while he’s in school. He has said he wont do it if it means we can’t make our bills, etc. And I can’t blame him on that, so I hope to start searching with him this weekend for scholarships, grants, loans, etc to pay for it and to have money enough to maybe pay up rent/house payment and several other bills per semester, instead of per month. That would make it so much easier and I know he’d be willing to go.

As for me, you all know I’m trying to get a book or two (or three) published. Well, I have decided, and before the deadline too, how I am going to go about it. Thing is, money is tight enough and the kids wont stop growing and they and the animals are convinced that they need to eat more than once in a while ;), that I cannot afford to go by traditional means to publish my books. I really hate this, because even though it saves me a buck or two, it does make the books a bit more pricey by the other avenues. I wont be going through eBooks right now. I’ll wait and see if there is enough demand for what I’ve written before I do that. So that leaves me with this lovely place, that my friend Yuvi pointed me to in hopes I’d be able to win the contest they had. Thing is, what I had ready was not eligible for it since it was in the process of being published once before. But as luck would have it, I began reading more about the company and their affiliation with Amazon, and became excited. So, I will be going with them, and I believe I have decided I may publish short novels to help keep the price down for my readers. Then once things improve I can either go via eBooks or be able to go through another publisher, a bigger one that can allow me to charge less per book.

Yay! My Fluffy Bunny is on the phone! Wheee! More updates later!


Heehee. Had to share this one. I spend a little bit of my time occasionally relaxing to lolcats, loldogs, failblogs, engrish and all kinds of wackiness. I adore this one.

Went to a butcher shop today and scored the following:

  • 2 lbs NY Strip Steak
  • Fresh cut bacon
  • 3 Chicken Leg quarters
  • 4 small Russet Potatoes

Wanna guess how much we spent??? Even getting the steaks at SAMs, which I normally do, it would have cost us about 20 bucks alone. So we spent 12 and change :D. Yay! And the steaks were good. Yummy! Hubby grilled them up and I used the potatoes to make skins with and will be using the pulp in the morning to make hash browns with. Of course that’ll go with the bacon. Yup, I think we’ll be going back.

We traded in our old hard drive for the 360 and the first Scene It! Game today at Gamestop. That, combined with a past trade in that left some credit on our card, allowed us to buy Little Big Planet for the PS3 for just over 2 dollars! Go us!

We’ve been doing really well today with the money, except for that new Chinese Restaurant we tried. Not going back there. A big disappointment.

We did managed to score two new Blu Rays for pennies: Iron Man and Golden Compass. And I found my beloved Sno Caps! Yay! It is so hard to find any kind of Nonpareils anywhere that I don’t have to travel a great distance to or try to justify paying $15 for shipping. *sigh*


Oooooopppppps! How’d he get in there??? ;). Inspiration on two legs, he is. If you are a Stargate fan, you know who he is, but for those not in the know, that is Major Evan Lorne of SGA. *drool* Ok, speaking of Stargate, I saw the trailer for Universe. It looked ok, but it was too quick to really say. I still have my reservations about it, but then again (as Hubby loves to point out) I had them for SGA as well. So I will be watching at least the pilot of SGU… Ah hell, you know I’ll be sitting there watching every second of it regardless. Even the McKeller relationship that clouded my feelings for Stargate, can’t keep me away. Ok, maybe a little bit. All right, I’d have to gouge my eyeballs out and go by way of the Greek Fates.

Life can slow down at any moement… Maybe not

Busy. Busy. Busy. I hate it. At least this kind of busy. The kind of busy I like involves writing or doing something with the family or gaming. Not working. We have more big bosses strolling through town today. I wonder if they are going to stay as long as they did last week?

Watched Disater Movie last night, and have decided that I want the hour and a half or so spent on the pile of crap that it is, back. It would have been funny had they not tried to cram every single movie that came out that year into it. The charm of the Scary Moviesis they didn’t crowd them much with paraody after parody of movies. They stuck (maybe except the last one) for the most part with about three movies, one being the main theme. In Disaster Movie, I lost count. It was really boring and distracting to have that many films shoved into one space. And some the gags just went on tooo long. I love my comedies, but this one was worse than Super-Hero Movie. And that’s bad…

Played Halo Wars with a friend of mine last night and got my ass kicked! And I had fun while it was happening too! He sped through the map like nothing. Oh well, maybe I shouldn’t have picked the Blood Gulch map. We’re both Red vs Blue fans and are pretty familiar with the map to begin with :).

Lots to do today. Work, errands and cleaning. All so maybe I can have a day this weekend where I do nothing. Yeah, right. Not gonna happen :P.

Check out my new layout for my livejournal (over on the right side of this blog somewhere). I got curious at the different levels they have other there, and discovered some free upgrades. So I took advantage of it. Even though I can now post pics over there, I think I prefer wordpress’ set up better. A little bit more user friendly and cleaner layout for the Dashboard, as compared to livejournal.

Cujo, Grace, Vader and the Youngest taking up Grandma's bed.
Cujo, Grace, Vader and the Youngest taking up Grandma's bed.


Going to get the bed cleaned out this weekend, but here are my Iris'.
Going to get the bed cleaned out this weekend, but here are my Iris'.

Long Over-due Update

Yeah, I know I’m a bit behind in updating, etc, but it’s been a rough couple of weeks, with a lot of it spent with me in pain. For those not in the know, for about 2 1/2 years now, I have been dealing with leg pain that is at times damn near crippling. I’ve been from doctor to doctor and had all kinds of tests done; blood, scans, etc. But most of the doctors could not figure out what was wrong. For the longest time the pain was centered around the shin and calf area of both legs, and they passed it off as Shin Splits. Well, they found no actual evidence of it in the x-rays and bone scan they did. All blood work turned up negative for arthritis (which is funny considering I do have that in my right wrist) and they refused to go down any other avenue. I had other health professionals wondering if it was Fibromalgia , but the doctors at the time ignored that suggestion. The current doc hasn’t ruled it out yet. Then I went through the year of pain management, of being on Elavil and becoming more miserable and gaining some weight, which I found out later, wasn’t just because of my inactivity of being in pain, but due to the meds as well 😦 . Then I became pregnant and I actually started to feel better. The legs still hurt, but not as bad. I could handle it with either Tylenol or Advil (Aleeve is crap when it comes to me. Only reason it’s still in the house is Hubby can take it) and all was well. Then the miscarriage, which is believed to have been brought on by the Elavil that I had taken before I found out about the baby. And yes, I know that it’s an anti-depressant or whatever, but it has some pain reduction properties and I took no more than 50 mgs at any time, and most of the time it was 25. The drug still sucked in more ways than one. Anyway, even after I lost the baby, my legs were ok. Still hurt and the pain was constant, but not really bad and most of the time I didn’t even notice it.

Ok, bring in the last month. I really noticed flare ups of pain in February, there were a few in January, but nothing significant. I started having a hard time walking again and the pain was no longer just around my shins and calves. It was from the feet all the way up to the hips, even hitting my lower back sometimes. For the past two weeks though, it’s been bad. I have a hard time most times sitting here at my desk to do almost anything. If I was here typing up something or surfing, I usually was bathed in Icy Hot (my drug of choice!) and had the heating pad with me so I could tolerate it. Otherwise I was walking around slowly or laying down on the couch with my Icy Hot and/or heating pad. Work wasn’t fun, though I did go in and still got my work done. Thankfully most everybody there knows my past with my legs and didn’t give me a hard time. That and it really helped that our new manager is a cool guy who could tell I wasn’t taking advantage of things.

The weekend we got the snow here we had bad rainstorms before the white stuff showed up, and I was in agony. I could barely move and Hubby was getting scared. Especially after I slipped Monday morning trying to clear off the car to go to work. Needless to say, I didn’t work that day. The youngest and I stayed home and watched movies and played games. But I scheduled an appointment with my family practice so we could maybe see just what was up with my legs. I ended up with one of the older doctors of the practice, who I hadn’t seen before, because his work load was typically too full. Anyway, he immediately took me seriously that the Shin Splits and Restless Leg Syndrome was not what I had. He checked out the pulses in my legs and feet and was not happy with what he found and was getting pissed when I told him that each time I came in before I was told it was one of the two (SS or RLS) and that was that. He began asking me about how I was feeling in other areas and especially about my fluid intake and about family history. He says right now he’s betting on diabetes, but is not ruling the other stuff out. Now that pesky little problem runs rampart on my Dad’s side of the family, and I knew I had a chance of being diagnosed with it. And in a way it explains some of what I am feeling and how I have felt. I have been drinking waaaayyyyy too much because I am constantly feeling dehydrated. Hell my water intake alone is triple what a normal adult needs in a day.

I go in tomorrow morning at 8am for a full blood work up, including a Blood Glucose Tolerance Test, which will take three hours. And we’re supposed to have the counseling session with the Oldest tomorrow. I’ve already told her that I may not be there due to the blood test they want to do. I have no idea how I feel afterwards and I do not want to go in the room with her and not feel good. Me not feeling good = bad mood and most likely to blow up at her and allowing things to cascade into a wonderful explosion of cussing and screaming. That wont help either of us out. So Hubby will most likely go in by himself. Which will be fine. They could use the time together.

But I am pleased that this doctor is taking me seriously and said he may not have answers yet, but he wont turn down any possibility as the others have in the past. That made me feel a lot better. Legs still hurt, but it made me feel better.

In other news, the Youngest made Student of the Month at her school last month and got all kinds of treats! She got a ribbon, a certificate, a free lunch from McDonald’s and ice cream :). Lucky kid. Her grades have also been improving big time, which is great, because she went through a little bit of a slump there.

Gave all the animals their flea treatment today. Which is a good thing- keeps the fleas out of the house and two of my babies, Trouble and Cujo are very allergic to them. I hate it when they get sick from the little shits: they pull their fur out and scratch themselves raw and at one time before we knew what it was, Trouble became so lethargic that it was scary! Oh, and Tux went to get fixed on Thursday. I don’t know who was a worse wreck about it, her or Hubby! He came home Thursday in time to go pick her up and just about took her away running before we could over the post-op stuff! I can’t blame him though. I went through that with others of my babies and it’s not easy. But she’s mending up nicely and is as troublesome as ever!

Ok, before I run off to finish fixing dinner, here are some pictures :D!

Hubby and the youngest made these pimp smacking snowmen.
Hubby and the youngest made these pimp smacking snowmen.


He's Vader the Abonib...Abom...He's Snow Puppy!
He's Vader the Abomib...Abom...He's Snow Puppy!
Our backyard. You can see we still had a lot of water on the ground from the rain.
Our backyard. You can see we still had a lot of water on the ground from the rain.
THe Youngest gettign ready to throw a snowball at Snow Puppy! I don't knwo who loved it more, Vader or Anna!
THe Youngest gettign ready to throw a snowball at Snow Puppy! I don't know who loved it more, Vader or Anna!
Here's our brave little girl who went to the vet. This pic is before that adventure, and she's with Hubby, who is her world :D.
Here's our brave little girl who went to the vet. This pic is before that adventure, and she's with Hubby, who is her world :D.