Long Over-due Update

Yeah, I know I’m a bit behind in updating, etc, but it’s been a rough couple of weeks, with a lot of it spent with me in pain. For those not in the know, for about 2 1/2 years now, I have been dealing with leg pain that is at times damn near crippling. I’ve been from doctor to doctor and had all kinds of tests done; blood, scans, etc. But most of the doctors could not figure out what was wrong. For the longest time the pain was centered around the shin and calf area of both legs, and they passed it off as Shin Splits. Well, they found no actual evidence of it in the x-rays and bone scan they did. All blood work turned up negative for arthritis (which is funny considering I do have that in my right wrist) and they refused to go down any other avenue. I had other health professionals wondering if it was Fibromalgia , but the doctors at the time ignored that suggestion. The current doc hasn’t ruled it out yet. Then I went through the year of pain management, of being on Elavil and becoming more miserable and gaining some weight, which I found out later, wasn’t just because of my inactivity of being in pain, but due to the meds as well 😦 . Then I became pregnant and I actually started to feel better. The legs still hurt, but not as bad. I could handle it with either Tylenol or Advil (Aleeve is crap when it comes to me. Only reason it’s still in the house is Hubby can take it) and all was well. Then the miscarriage, which is believed to have been brought on by the Elavil that I had taken before I found out about the baby. And yes, I know that it’s an anti-depressant or whatever, but it has some pain reduction properties and I took no more than 50 mgs at any time, and most of the time it was 25. The drug still sucked in more ways than one. Anyway, even after I lost the baby, my legs were ok. Still hurt and the pain was constant, but not really bad and most of the time I didn’t even notice it.

Ok, bring in the last month. I really noticed flare ups of pain in February, there were a few in January, but nothing significant. I started having a hard time walking again and the pain was no longer just around my shins and calves. It was from the feet all the way up to the hips, even hitting my lower back sometimes. For the past two weeks though, it’s been bad. I have a hard time most times sitting here at my desk to do almost anything. If I was here typing up something or surfing, I usually was bathed in Icy Hot (my drug of choice!) and had the heating pad with me so I could tolerate it. Otherwise I was walking around slowly or laying down on the couch with my Icy Hot and/or heating pad. Work wasn’t fun, though I did go in and still got my work done. Thankfully most everybody there knows my past with my legs and didn’t give me a hard time. That and it really helped that our new manager is a cool guy who could tell I wasn’t taking advantage of things.

The weekend we got the snow here we had bad rainstorms before the white stuff showed up, and I was in agony. I could barely move and Hubby was getting scared. Especially after I slipped Monday morning trying to clear off the car to go to work. Needless to say, I didn’t work that day. The youngest and I stayed home and watched movies and played games. But I scheduled an appointment with my family practice so we could maybe see just what was up with my legs. I ended up with one of the older doctors of the practice, who I hadn’t seen before, because his work load was typically too full. Anyway, he immediately took me seriously that the Shin Splits and Restless Leg Syndrome was not what I had. He checked out the pulses in my legs and feet and was not happy with what he found and was getting pissed when I told him that each time I came in before I was told it was one of the two (SS or RLS) and that was that. He began asking me about how I was feeling in other areas and especially about my fluid intake and about family history. He says right now he’s betting on diabetes, but is not ruling the other stuff out. Now that pesky little problem runs rampart on my Dad’s side of the family, and I knew I had a chance of being diagnosed with it. And in a way it explains some of what I am feeling and how I have felt. I have been drinking waaaayyyyy too much because I am constantly feeling dehydrated. Hell my water intake alone is triple what a normal adult needs in a day.

I go in tomorrow morning at 8am for a full blood work up, including a Blood Glucose Tolerance Test, which will take three hours. And we’re supposed to have the counseling session with the Oldest tomorrow. I’ve already told her that I may not be there due to the blood test they want to do. I have no idea how I feel afterwards and I do not want to go in the room with her and not feel good. Me not feeling good = bad mood and most likely to blow up at her and allowing things to cascade into a wonderful explosion of cussing and screaming. That wont help either of us out. So Hubby will most likely go in by himself. Which will be fine. They could use the time together.

But I am pleased that this doctor is taking me seriously and said he may not have answers yet, but he wont turn down any possibility as the others have in the past. That made me feel a lot better. Legs still hurt, but it made me feel better.

In other news, the Youngest made Student of the Month at her school last month and got all kinds of treats! She got a ribbon, a certificate, a free lunch from McDonald’s and ice cream :). Lucky kid. Her grades have also been improving big time, which is great, because she went through a little bit of a slump there.

Gave all the animals their flea treatment today. Which is a good thing- keeps the fleas out of the house and two of my babies, Trouble and Cujo are very allergic to them. I hate it when they get sick from the little shits: they pull their fur out and scratch themselves raw and at one time before we knew what it was, Trouble became so lethargic that it was scary! Oh, and Tux went to get fixed on Thursday. I don’t know who was a worse wreck about it, her or Hubby! He came home Thursday in time to go pick her up and just about took her away running before we could over the post-op stuff! I can’t blame him though. I went through that with others of my babies and it’s not easy. But she’s mending up nicely and is as troublesome as ever!

Ok, before I run off to finish fixing dinner, here are some pictures :D!

Hubby and the youngest made these pimp smacking snowmen.
Hubby and the youngest made these pimp smacking snowmen.


He's Vader the Abonib...Abom...He's Snow Puppy!
He's Vader the Abomib...Abom...He's Snow Puppy!
Our backyard. You can see we still had a lot of water on the ground from the rain.
Our backyard. You can see we still had a lot of water on the ground from the rain.
THe Youngest gettign ready to throw a snowball at Snow Puppy! I don't knwo who loved it more, Vader or Anna!
THe Youngest gettign ready to throw a snowball at Snow Puppy! I don't know who loved it more, Vader or Anna!
Here's our brave little girl who went to the vet. This pic is before that adventure, and she's with Hubby, who is her world :D.
Here's our brave little girl who went to the vet. This pic is before that adventure, and she's with Hubby, who is her world :D.

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