Heehee. Had to share this one. I spend a little bit of my time occasionally relaxing to lolcats, loldogs, failblogs, engrish and all kinds of wackiness. I adore this one.

Went to a butcher shop today and scored the following:

  • 2 lbs NY Strip Steak
  • Fresh cut bacon
  • 3 Chicken Leg quarters
  • 4 small Russet Potatoes

Wanna guess how much we spent??? Even getting the steaks at SAMs, which I normally do, it would have cost us about 20 bucks alone. So we spent 12 and change :D. Yay! And the steaks were good. Yummy! Hubby grilled them up and I used the potatoes to make skins with and will be using the pulp in the morning to make hash browns with. Of course that’ll go with the bacon. Yup, I think we’ll be going back.

We traded in our old hard drive for the 360 and the first Scene It! Game today at Gamestop. That, combined with a past trade in that left some credit on our card, allowed us to buy Little Big Planet for the PS3 for just over 2 dollars! Go us!

We’ve been doing really well today with the money, except for that new Chinese Restaurant we tried. Not going back there. A big disappointment.

We did managed to score two new Blu Rays for pennies: Iron Man and Golden Compass. And I found my beloved Sno Caps! Yay! It is so hard to find any kind of Nonpareils anywhere that I don’t have to travel a great distance to or try to justify paying $15 for shipping. *sigh*


Oooooopppppps! How’d he get in there??? ;). Inspiration on two legs, he is. If you are a Stargate fan, you know who he is, but for those not in the know, that is Major Evan Lorne of SGA. *drool* Ok, speaking of Stargate, I saw the trailer for Universe. It looked ok, but it was too quick to really say. I still have my reservations about it, but then again (as Hubby loves to point out) I had them for SGA as well. So I will be watching at least the pilot of SGU… Ah hell, you know I’ll be sitting there watching every second of it regardless. Even the McKeller relationship that clouded my feelings for Stargate, can’t keep me away. Ok, maybe a little bit. All right, I’d have to gouge my eyeballs out and go by way of the Greek Fates.


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