Is it Spring Break yet???

Ok, I think I’ve come to a conclusion. I cannot write when I have people around me, which is almost always. I get interrupted too often and then I loose the zone I was in while writing. This is particularly annoying when I just start. I love my family, but I think I need to set down some ground rules so I can get some work done and maybe have something ready for me to push out by the beginning of the summer. At least that is the deadline I’ve set for myself. And since it’s the begining of Spring, I have about three months. I can do it, so long as I have the cooperation of everyone else. For some reason I am only bothered when I write fiction. When I’m working on a blog or a reply to somebody, I rarely ever get interrupted.

Vader has been very clingy with me today. He looks and feels fine (nose is wet and cool, ears feel normal). I think he liked last week when I had my min-vacation. He didn’t have to be put up all day, along with Cujo, and watch as the acts roamed free. Poor thing. Maybe a good walk later will do him some good. Since it’s nicer out, and not too hot yet, I can take him out for walks. Before the weather didn’t like me enough to do so. And when the heat starts in, Vader wont feel like it. So Spring and Fall are about the only times we go out for our walks.

He, Cujo and the youngest were very helpful Sunday in helping with the yard work. We didn’t get it all done, but we got a good bit started. What mainly held us back was I wasn’t feeling good yesterday (sinus headache from hell) and I didn’t buy enough of the biodegradable bags for the yard debris. I figured five giant bags would be enough, but I guess not. Got the Iris’ cleaned out and put a cinder block fence around them to keep the lawn maintenance guys from ruining them, see:


They’ve actually grown a bit since I took that pic too. And witht he rain today it will help them come along nicely in time for mom-in-law’s next visit. They may actually be ready to bloom by then 🙂 .

Hubby and I had a heart to heart the other day. I guess you could say we’re going through a mid-life crisis, since we are in our thirties, but I think we’re just ready for a change. Nope, not the kind of change we’ve gone through before where it ended up with one of us leaving. Nope, this is the kind to help improve our situation financially and as a family. He wants out of the trucking world (though he plans on keeping his CDL just in case) and we’ve talked about if we can make it swing just right with the money, we’re gonna put him in Culinary school so he can either get a better paying restaurant job or (and this is the one we both want) he can open his own. A lot of it depends on if we can make ends meets while he’s in school. He has said he wont do it if it means we can’t make our bills, etc. And I can’t blame him on that, so I hope to start searching with him this weekend for scholarships, grants, loans, etc to pay for it and to have money enough to maybe pay up rent/house payment and several other bills per semester, instead of per month. That would make it so much easier and I know he’d be willing to go.

As for me, you all know I’m trying to get a book or two (or three) published. Well, I have decided, and before the deadline too, how I am going to go about it. Thing is, money is tight enough and the kids wont stop growing and they and the animals are convinced that they need to eat more than once in a while ;), that I cannot afford to go by traditional means to publish my books. I really hate this, because even though it saves me a buck or two, it does make the books a bit more pricey by the other avenues. I wont be going through eBooks right now. I’ll wait and see if there is enough demand for what I’ve written before I do that. So that leaves me with this lovely place, that my friend Yuvi pointed me to in hopes I’d be able to win the contest they had. Thing is, what I had ready was not eligible for it since it was in the process of being published once before. But as luck would have it, I began reading more about the company and their affiliation with Amazon, and became excited. So, I will be going with them, and I believe I have decided I may publish short novels to help keep the price down for my readers. Then once things improve I can either go via eBooks or be able to go through another publisher, a bigger one that can allow me to charge less per book.

Yay! My Fluffy Bunny is on the phone! Wheee! More updates later!


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