Elusive sleep

I hate it when I go to bed early because of being dead tired. Then the next thing you know you are up four hours before you need to be and then force yourself to go back to sleep to only wake up thirty minutes before you have to. Argh! Yup, that’s been my morning. I got some extra things done, and now, looking at the time, I really should be in the shower. I cannot be late today. We have our training supervisor coming in today, with possibly our AD and DM, which stinks. The TS isn’t so bad as he mostly stays out of your way and just stares. The others get right in your way and don’t care if you are working with customers or not, you have to wait on them. And then they get mad at you for not taking care of the customer promptly. Grrr. But after today I have one week and counting until vacation time. Yay!!!! Cannot wait.

Things planned for vacation:

  • cleaning
  • yardwork (the rain we have right now is putting me way behind on that)
  • writing (going to crank that book out people!)
  • gaming (SIMs, Halo Wars and Heavenly Sword, here I come!)
  • spending time with family and pets.

Mom-in-law is coming up at the end of the vacation and we’re planning on trying out a gyro recipe we snagged off of Alton Brown. I don’t think I’ve disliked a recipe of his yet. But it promises to be a fun and relaxing week. And it best stay that way or there could be bodies laying about ;).

The oldest is coming home on a day pass tomorrow. Let’s see how this goes so maybe she can get more.

Have a ton of phone calls to make today and then errands to run after work. A typical Friday. I’ll be getting out of work late and late picking up the youngest and then late in getting the errands run and late in getting home. Hubby says there is a good chance he’ll be coming home early today. Which will be good. If its early enough he can come with us on the errands :D.

I left work early yesterday and went on a writing binge. In about an hour I had eight pages written (this is with interruptions from the animals). Am very proud of myself. I am going to have force myself to spend time on the book I’m re-writing. Thing is I found a spot that needs to be redone as it no longer fits in the story, and it upset me. It was put there to help explain a character’s backstory and I’ll have to come up with a whole new one that hopefully wont cause me to go back and make further changes. But I have found a way to link all of these books together, even though they take place in different places and different times. I’m proud of myself for that. I always had hopes of making what I wrote part of a large series, kind of like DragonLance. You have different stories, but they have a few things that connect them to each other. But unlike DragonLance, all of these books will be written by me, with maybe one co-author (she knows who she is!).

Ok, I really must go. But I leave you with a pic of baby Vader…

He stil has that toy too, though it's version 3.0! She's his favorite.
He still has that toy! It's his favorite, even if he doesn't know it's version 3.0!

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