Rain, rain go away

It’s not raining yet, but it will be. The legs tell me it start at some point today. Thankfully they aren’t hurting like they did last night, but they are pretty achey. I was hoping that since they hardly bothered me during the last bought of rain (four days straight!) that maybe this time would be different. Um, yeah, I’ll keep telling myself that. One thing that really bites about all the rain (even though we need it) is I cannot do anymore yardwork. And I had made such great progress. Grr. Argh. Oh well.

Apparently we are done with the inspections for right now at work. They went by all right, even the very surprise one from the homehome office. But they will be back in a week or two for our Phase II training store inspection. Thankfully that wont be too much on the regular crew, and even I wont have much to do with it. It’s mainly about the managers and their ability to do paperwork. They’ll stil be looking at Operations and Procedures, but not for too long.

Almost Friday! I may not have to work that day at all. One of the other girls at work said she’d let me know if she was going to work that day or not, which would be nice. I could start my vacation on Thursday at 2, instead of Friday :D.

Still working on the writing projects. Mainly mapping out ideas and plot lines, etc right now. And have decided to stay with CreateSpace as far as publishing goes. They are a little cheaper than LuLu.com , though LuLu seems a little more organized. It’s been a lot of research and discussions about all that the last few days.

Well, time to finish getting myself ready for work and to get the youngest out the door for school. And to walk the puppies one last time…


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