Update time

A few things to update on. While watching South Park from last night- Cartman the Pirate :). Very funny. The French don’t stand a chance against a light saber *snicker*.

I’m brimming with energy, mainly because about 4:30-5ish today I should know if we will be moving into a bigger place for only 50 bucks more a month. And to top it off it’s right next door :). Just have to throw stuff out the back door to move in! We still plan on moving back tot he Charleston area, but due to a few unforeseen events, we wont be able to right now. But we still need a bigger place. And it’s a 3 bdrm, 2 bath that will give us that. Can’t wait!

Still working out, if you’ve been following my Twitter feed. I have five more workouts to complete before my next Progress test. I’m not really looking to loose a lot of actual pounds right now, as I’m trying to regain lost muscle mass due to my leg problems. What I am looking for is the loss of fat and increase in energy levels, besides better mobility for my legs. So far so good. Since January I’ve lost a total of seven pounds, and if after every 10 workouts (for a little while anyway) I loose 1 pound, I’ll be happy. I’m also trying to eat a more balanced diet, which considering my current profession is not easy, but doable.  I’ve almost totally cut out soda from diet, except for the occasional one here and there, and have left my hot chocolate to give me my caffeine. I’ve been drinking more juices, namely Cranergy from Ocean Spray, which doesn’t give me any extra energy, but it has helped me to feel better over all. Instead of fries during my break, I go for a small salad, and either a hamburger or grilled chicken. Once in a while I’ll go for the other stuff (fried chicken and fries), but since they’ve changed the oil they use for a lot of that stuff, claiming its healthier, I find I don’t really care to eat it anymore. At least at work. The only drawback to all this is I’ve been wanting to go to bed earlier and thus I’ve been getting up earlier. I need to see if I can change that.

Have two phone calls to make today. One is the Landlord, the other is my mom. I feel like shit because I haven’t called her in ages and I miss her. I’m also worried about my brother who lives with her and hasn’t been able to find another job. In the small town where they live, it’s very believable. I have other people I should call, but those are the two I’m doing today. Will be talking to the Hubby at some point (we talk several times everyday), but he’s always the exception :*.

Let’s see, writing update: Fleshing out the story more, but mostly notes. No actual writing yet. Not sure what is taking me so long, but I need to get the ball rolling on the writing. August will be here before we know it. I’ll also need to start work on a website and artwork to help promote the book(s), since it will be published on such a small scale. I don’t expect a huge what to do over it, but if it helps me get my foot in the door, then yay!

Ok, time for shower, then chores, then writing. No pics today as I’ve been lazy and haven’t downloaded them to the computer yet. That and my mother-in-law gets the pics before you guys do. So :p.


Edit to add: And for those of you who want to comment here, you can. You don’t need a WordPress account to leave one. I had somebody ask me that the other day. So if you want to leave a msg for me about a blog entry, help yourself!


Want to write

Yup, it’s real early on a Saturday morning and instead of writing away with all the ideas and things brimming to the top of my mind, I’m having to get ready for a day full of shopping, cleaning and cooking. Which actually isn’t that bad, but as a writer it can suck. Big time. I’m going to have to go with an old method I used during my school days when I was hit with inspiration during a class- short notes with reminders on them so I can get the idea back. Took me a while to work out the system, but I think I can use it again. And If I can, then it will be wonderful while I am at work as well.

Anywho, Mom-in-law will be here today, not sure what time, but I am hoping to at least be out with the shopping when she gets here. And that’s not to say she’s like the stereotype mother-in-law that no one can stand. Quite the opposite really. No, if I am out shopping then it means I got the housework done and am getting the stuff to make our gyros with. Yup, we’re going Greek today! I’ve never had gyros before, but I’ve smelt them and they always smelled good. Not sure why I never tried one before. Oh well. We’re using Alton Brown’s recipe for them as it seems Alton’s idea of cooking and ours isn’t too different.

This last week was not one of my better weeks. Things went wrong in many areas and we had yet more plumbing problems. And it looks like we wont be able to move back to Charleston this summer as we had hoped. On the upside of all that, we are in the process of getting another place, one that’s a little newer and with the same landlord. What sucks is I still have to pay a deposit if we get this place (a three bdrm, 2 bath!) since the current landlord is not the one who was here when I moved in. The old one stole a lot of people’s deposits (he came up with bullshit reasons why he had to keep them) and so, with some research under my belt, stuck paying the deposit if we do move into it. But (!) it’s right next door to our current tiny place and it’s much bigger! An actual Master bdrm and bath! Kitchen is about the same size as this place, and the two front rooms are a little small, but the kids will live as they will each have their own room and don’t have to share their bathroom with us adults. The only thing holding us back is there is one other person who has already paid their deposit on the place. If they cannot come up with the money by Monday to move in, the landlord said we could have it. So here’s hoping! I pointed out tot he landlord that with as long as I’ve been here (four years), wouldn’t they prefer to have someone move into that place that wouldn’t skip out on them? That place has been there for the past three years and has had about 10 different tenets living in it. Surprisingly it’s still in good shape.

Have been playing Halo 3 campaign with the youngest and she’s been having a blast. We started out on Easy since she’s only dabbled in forge and Griffball and not really played an actual game of Halo before. Well, I teared up when I saw her plowing through everything in front of us and I’m trying to catch up to her! It’s not as bad on Normal, but I think I might turn on a few of the skulls to up the difficulty. I don’t thin she can manage going through Heroic difficulty, so I’m trying to keep it on Normal. Of course I can’t wait till we go up against the Flood later on. Heehee.

Ok, I need to go. The shower beckons and hopefully I will remember to take some pictures throughout the day and share them with you all.

It’s my day off…

and instead of using it to write like I wanted to (it was an unexpected day off) I’m having to use it to figure some things out and fix some issues. Not going into specifics right now, but things are not looking good financially or otherwise. It’s sucking so bad right now that I’m past the screaming stage. Grr Argh doesn’t even cover it. I think I’m ready for some major changes and I’m not sure just what direction they’ll go, but I do know there will be a few people very unhappy with me, to which I reply, fuck you.

In other news, Vader was sick over the last few days. His tummy was bothering him and he had a case of the runs last night with some vomiting on and off for about a day. Before that he was mainly just mopey. But this morning he got up, went outside, came back in and ate part of his breakfast. Then he went back later to finish it. No vomiting, no runs and a more chipper puppy.

Need to get the living room carpet cleaned out today after Vader being sick. Mom-in-law is coming for her visit this weekend and I don’t want to stink her out. Yes, it’s a horrible smell.

I worked out this morning doing my physical assessment and there has been some improvement since the first one. It does one every ten work outs to see if you are able to keep up with your goals, etc and make changes where needed in your workout  recommendations. I lost a whole pound :). Of course between Easter and Hubby’s birthday I’m surprised I lost anything! Yesterday I started adding lower body strength to my workouts, alongside the flexibility. I hurt for a while afterwards, but when I worked out this morning, it wasn’t so bad. The legs are only a little achy and seem to be moving just fine.

Things are still going slow on the writing front. Mainly diong more mapping out and working linking details and plots together before I start the actual writing part. I was hoping to be able to just type it all on the computer without having to write it by hand first and then type it in, but it looks like I’ll be doing the latter. Oh well. Everything is coming along nicely though, even if it is a bit slow.

Tux likes to help me at the computer.
Tux likes to help me at the computer.
Vader on *his* bed- ignore the mess. We're still trying to rearrange things in the house and our room is the storage room currently.
Vader on *his* bed with Tiger- ignore the mess. We're still trying to rearrange things in the house and our room is the storage room currently.

Its Sunday…

The kids and Hubby are playing some Rock Band and I’m trying to get caught up with the world at the computer before I get myself ready for the day. And I’ve been reflecting on my vacation as well… It wasn’t a total waste, but I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to. The house looks better and smells nicer since I’ve torn it apart and put it back again. Same with the car and the yard. Unfortunately, I didn’t get much done with my writing as I wanted to. As in, not much of anything was accomplished in that area. It seems I have the beacon set up for people to bug me when I am trying to write: “Oh look! She’s not doing anything! Let’s call and call until she flips out!” Yup, that’s what it has felt like. And if I ignore the phone, it wont stop ringing. I even tried explaining that I’d like to write and they keep on talking. And for some reason I try not to be rude and hang up on them. I need to start doing just that I think ;).

I have accomplished a full outline, though. Which is progress. So methinks this next week, I am turning the phone off at 8PM (if Hubby needs me, he knows how to get a hold of me), and then I am going to write until bedtime. Which stinks because it always gets me wound up… but I need to get it done. I’m giving myself until August 31st to have the book primed and ready for publishing. I’ve done it before, life just wasn’t this busy before. But I have faith in me.

Have been playing lots of Halo 3 this weekend. Double EXP on Griffball enticed me, as well as getting a chance to play with the RoosterTeeth guys, which didn’t happen. Too many requests I guess on the Community Playdate. It stunk, but Burnie has said they are playing with the idea of a RT community playdate, so I think I’ll have a better chance. Hopefully it’ll happen when the oldest is home so she can play with her favorite guy there, Dan, who does the voice of Donut. And with Luke McKay who is the artist of the comics on the site, and has offered her some advice on her artwork.

No pics today. I haven’t really taken any and I’ve noticed I seriously need to get the files reorganized, just like my music folders. *sigh* Hubby says I have too many of each. I tell him, I don’t have enough. Co-authoring credits must go to Vader and Ryoko, who made sure I petted them both enough as I tried to type this up :).

Some pictures to share.

I didn’t put these up yesterday with my post, mainly because I hadn’t taken them off of the phone yet. But here are a couple of pictures of my adventures so far this week…

Yesterday I took down the curtains in the living room to wash them, and Vader spent a good amount of time in that window being nosey.
Yesterday I took down the curtains in the living room to wash them, and Vader spent a good amount of time in that window being nosey.
This was last week when the youngest was sick. Cujo hardly left her side.
This was last week when the youngest was sick. Cujo hardly left her side.
Even with the frost we have had, the iris' are still going strong. We'l;l be putting a bunch of them into pots this week.
Even with the frost we have had, the iris' are still going strong. We'll be putting a bunch of them into pots this week.
Don't have an after pic, but this is a midway pic of the bush. Poor thing.
Don't have an after pic, but this is a midway pic of the bush. Poor thing.
The boys while I tackled the bush.
The boys while I tackled the bush.
Tux sunbathing
Tux sunbathing
I have a few videos, but wordpress doesn’t seem to want me to share them right now. I may upload them to You Tube and then share the link. They are cute- Tux helping me with Lego Star Wars :D.
Ok, I’ve gotten You Tube to cooperate. Here are three videos, of questionable quality, of Tux helping me with Lego Star Wars :D.

It’s dead Jim…

Ok, not really, but I spent two hours this afternoon hacking away at the Palanthas (sp?) Grass bush next to my driveway. The last time I did anything to it was after some Mexicans up the street shot a firework into it and caught it on fire. I raked out the dead stuff… Well, today I trimmed it waaaayyyyy down. It’s barely recognizable! Of course I do not profess to be 100% proficient at gardening and the like, but I enjoy it, and it was rather therapeutic to hack away at it. Almost like blowing stuff up on Halo or the like. I even had the boys out with me :). Cujo sunned himself and Vader didn’t like being tethered and let me know about it. I ignored him for the most part. He’s almost two. He has to release he cannot get his way all the time ;).

Speaking of Vader, I wasn’t able to get him up to PetsMart. Thigns just did not work out that way. Hated it, but oh well. Perhaps someday soon.

So far so good on the workout front, then again I’m only my second day in. Let’s see how I feel and react about it in a few weeks. I hope and am working on staying with it so I can build my leg muscles back. I’ve always been a bit stronger than most other women in my age group, or hell, even my size! Comes from growing up on the farm and being pretty darn active (even though I had my couch potato moments). But with my legs in the shape they have been in for almost three years, the strength and endurance have gone down hill. And I know Hubby is a little concerned. He asked me today if I’m doing things right by only loosing 40-50 calories everyday so far. Most foods have more calories in it than that. I told him it’s because I am starting out slow (we don’t know what is causing the pain in my legs and I don’t need to get all hell bent on loosing a few hundred or thousand calories everyday), and only working out at a beginner’s level for fifteen minutes every morning. I’m not expecting miracles and I know from using this program before that as I go further with it, I will burn more. Then again, I don’t give a shit about calories. It’s the game that keeps track of that. What I care about is how I’m feeling and does it feel like it’s working/helping. And it’s yes on both parts, and that’s only two days in. I might up the time to thirty minutes next week, but for now I feel better with fifteen. It’s like when I took Physical Therapy, they taught me to never overdo it, and if it hurts, stop. But never give up.

And yes, I’m using a video game for a workout program. It’s pretty good actually. It’s called Yourself Fitness, and it came out for the original XBox. You get your own persoanl trainer and she runs you through the paces. She will check on you every so often to make sure you aren’t overdoing it (unlike real PT’s, she can’t tell when you are fibbing, though), and will encourage you to keep going, etc. It’s pretty neat and I’ve been happy with it. Hubby bought it for me about two years ago, when I decided I needed something to help me loose wieght and so far so good. You wont find it at EB or Gamestop, but maybe EBay. Doubtful it’ll be on Amazon. Since Microsoft is no longer offering support fot the original XBox stuff, it may be harder to find.

Ok, it’s almost time for the lottery numbers. Wish me luck!

Ah, vacation, how I love thee…

Even with the cold snap we are experiencing here in the South, I am enjoying my vacation so far. Wish I could make it a little longer… Well I could,but I have plans for my second week. Heehee. Only thing that worries me is this. I went to pick up my pay stub yesterday and it said nothing about personal time like it should. I should have a total of 50 hours on it. If I don’t then Tar Heel Capital and I will be having words, and they will not be kind.

Anyway, the youngest and I went and ran some errands yesterday, had lunch with birthday boy Robert (he turned 49 and is one of my co-workers) then came home and spent a good two hours on her and her sister’s room. We can see the floor! Yay! Got the window all cleaned up, and even washed the curtain! It looks a lot better in there, though we do have more stuff to do, we got the majority and the little things will fall into place over time. Today I start on the Living Room. Not a whole lot to do in there, and some of it will wait till tonight when the youngest is at a sleepover; the carpet needs to be done. And yes, I am threatening the dogs and cats, that if they ruin it between now and when Grandma gets up here, they are all becoming outdoor pets ;).

Haven’t had a chance to do any yardwork yet, which stinks. The wind has been blowing hard enough that no matter how warm the sun is, it’s too cold outside. And now we are dealing with rain and cold air today. Not much rain yet, but the last weather report I saw says we are going to get some. Oh yay. Really.

On my 360Voice Blog (link to your right) I am close to getting 100 days clocked in on Mass Effect, one of my favorite RPGs for the XBox. The second one comes out in about a year or two, I think? I don’t remember a set date or anything. It’s still in the production stages. Have been playing Guitar Hero: Metallica as well. I still prefer Rock Band over Guitar Hero, but it’s a way I can still play Metallica songs. Not a bad game, but it falls in with the other GH games: I just don’t like the engine it’s built off of, and the character creation still leaves a lot to be desired. A whole lot. That and as a vocalist, they make it waaaayyyyy too challenging to do the vocals of a man who exceeds a lot of expectations vocal wise to begin with. On Rock Band, I can attempt about twenty songs on hard and do well on them. I can also attempt about 10 of those on Expert. On Guitar Hero, I’m lucky if I can make 80% regularly on Medium. But, I still love my boys.

Today, Vader and Cujo are going to PetsMart. Yup. I am that suicidal, since I’m doing it by myself :D. Cujo has been and really could give two shits about it. Just a nice way to meet girls. But Vader has never been and I am a little nervous, even with his head collar. He has this need to meet everyone and everything he comes across and likes to jump. But I’m trying to further his training, so this is a needed step. What I may do is leave Cujo behind so I can fully concentrate on Vader. I know this wont work well for Cuj, but he can get over it. For all he knows, Vader could be going to the vet again ;).

I am realizing I have a few people on my Titter feed that update waaaaayyyyyy too often. To help cut back on the time, I may trim those people out of the list. I am in a writing funk right now, and will need to devout time to it, and trying to read fifty updates from one person, I cannot do. It’s not good and is one reason why I began to cut back on my time on the net a few months ago. I need to write and finally get something good published and make money that way so I can give the current job the finger (high hopes, I know). Might ignore the phone tonight and leave the 360 alone for a while and read over what I’ve written so far. Sometimes that helps. If not, well then, writing exercises it is until something comes to light.

Speaking of exercises, I started my workout regimen today. I’ll be doing a month of flexibility and then slowly work my way into cardio. I’m doing this so I can loose more weight and hopefully take some of the pressure off of my legs. Flexibility, though it can be tough for some people to do, I normally have no problems with. The legs did protest a bit, but they actually feel pretty good now. Kind of like when I was on physical therapy. I figure 15 minutes a day Tuesday through Friday, in the mornings before my shower, will be best. That way I can make sure I wont be going to bed with very stiff joints and legs. Not fun when I have to when I’m not working out. So, wish me luck!

Something cool happened over the weekend. The oldest was over for a visit Saturday, and she started working with the drawing tablet for the PC we bought for her. She became frustrated and wanted to quit. But I wouldn’t let her. I hoped onto Rooster Teeth’s website and pulled up this video of Luke McKay (the artist for the comics there) to show her what someone else who uses a tablet can do. Don’t think you have to be a Sponsor there to see the video, but you all let me know. It’s really cool to watch. Anyway, she instantly picked the tablet back up and went to work. The stuff she did, it didn’t look perfect like her free hand, but still good. Sunday I sent Luke McKay a note thanking him for doing the time lapse video and how it helped her. He sent me a comment back giving her a few more hints and tips to using the tablet and wished her luck! He’s not a celeb, but it felt nice to have his comment back, almost like hearing from your fav celebrity! I can’t wait to show her this next weekend what he wrote! Too cool! Luke you are awesome!

Ok, I’m off to take a shower and get the housework started. Need to poke and prod the youngest too. The animals are needing some care and that’s one of her chores. Plus I need to call this one place about a possible place for us. And the insurance company is getting on my last nerve again. Plus, Hubby’s 360 got it’s 3rd Red Ring of Death, so I have to ship that off today. Will also be stopping by Goodwill to drop a few things off as well. So it will be a full day. Joy!

Pretty boy, Tiger. He's been more lovey dovey lately.
Pretty boy, Tiger. He's been more lovey dovey lately. Ignore the fuzzy quality.
Me on Rock Band
Me on Rock Band