And still more rain

Seriously, it is still raining. For the last, what? Two or three weeks we’ve had a fairly steady rain, with a little break of sunshine here and there, but not much. I would really like to get the yardwork done, especially my poor, dying Palanthas Grass Bush next to my driveway, that between the snow and the neighborhood kids, if I don’t do something soon, it wont last much longer. I don’t really care about it, but it looks horrible, and sometimes I feel bad for it.

Youngest has been sick the last couple of days and it has not been pleasent. On the brightside, its added two days to my vacation. On the down side its added two days to my vacation. Hopefully Hubby will be able to make it home reasonably early today so that I can get the weekly shopping done (before we had this many animals, I didn’t have to go out every week to do the shopping). But it may have to involve me running up the street real quick and grabbing some puppy food and then wait till Sunday to do it all. The oldest will be home tomorrow and I have other plans for her, so no shopping.

Watched The Golden Compass yesterday with youngest. It was a lot better than I thought it would be. So good that, even sick, my daughter was seriously getting into it! Cheering was involved! And I knew going into it that the movie was based on a book series, and that most likely there would be a sequel or two coming up, but I never expected the ending to drop like that so suddenly. Even in Lord of the Rings, each one gave you a bit of closer, even if the story wasn’t complete. You had the feeling it was at the end of this part and you knew you had another movie coming out. Not with this one. Of course it may have helped that I had read Lord of the Rings before watching the movies. Though we have decided we are going to get those books and see just what we missed. We have another movie to watch that is based off of a book as well,  Seeker: Dark is Rising . Maybe today.

Speaking of Seeker, I’ve been re-reading a much beloved book series, The Sword of Truth. It starts out with “Wizard’s First Rule”, which I am currently on, and spans over like nine books. I love the series, and adore Terry Goodkind. But, if you have been a follower of my Twitter, then you know I want gouge my eyeballs out each time I see the TV series, Legend of the Seeker. It started out ok, and I really gave it a chance since I had heard Mr. Goodkind had played a part in the production. Keyword here is had. Disney/ABC stepped in and took over, pushing him aside, from my understanding. I blame them for allowing the Raimi’s to bring the horrible camp of Hercules and Xena back into play. I liked those shows, but towards the end for each one, it became waaaayyyyy too much camp and I’m not even touching how horrible the final season of Xena was. They redeemed themselves with the awesome jobs they did on the Spider-Man movies. I was hoping that we had seen the end of that much camp in one episode. I was wrong. Boy, was I wrong. So wrong that I get a free pass on being right all of the time now.

The first episode (which according to production is technically the first two episodes) was really good. Hubby and I knew they would have to make some changes and do some things differently because some things wouldn’t translate well into a visual media, and later on in the books, some things wouldn’t be allowed to be shown on TV, unless they took it to HBO or something. The next episode we began to cringe. They started with these one-shot episodes, that had nothing to do with the actual story, and in anything other show would be called a filler. This one and the others like it were not fillers. They were rewriting the Sword of Truth series, and not even really following the chronological order of the series. They pulled the mind reading kid out of their arses, the fact that Kahlan was the last confessor and started out int he series as The Mother Confessor was completely ignored. Hubby loved the Mord Sith. They were his favorites in the books. Over the last few episodes they have been turned into simpering kittens who have no balls. Yes, they are women who have bigger balls than Mr. T.  In the books, they were incredibly feared and dangerous and for many reasons. We knew they would have to be toned down to be on the show, but NOPE! They were butchered. And not nicely.

Back to the Confessor’s, they had this one episode where they run into a group of Confessor’s and the D’Haran’s had another held prisoner. The prisoner turns out to be Denee, Kahlan’s dead sister. And she’s preggers. *rollseyes* Seems she took this one guy as her mate, confessed him, and now boom! The D’Harans are all hoping for a boy so they can take it to Darken Rahl, and the Confessor’s are rightfully wanting a girl so they can go about their business. Turns out to be a boy, and Richard is upset because he has no idea what to do. He doesn’t want to send the boy to the D’Harans since Rahl will abuse the hell out of him, and he’s upset since the Confessors all want it dead. Why? Well the books explain (much later than what is actually happening if you try to follow a timeline here), that there are never any male Confessors, that they are all killed shortly after birth. Why? Well, they tend to let their powers get the better of them, and they end up confessing everybody around them and have thier own little army to conquer the world with. Basically, they cannot handle the ability to own someone’s will, which is what a Confessor does, in a nutshell. A little more complicated than that, but read the books to find out all that. In the books, Richard was upset that any potential son that he and Kahlan may have would have to die, and he didn’t like it, but he eventually understood the reasons, especially after all he’d seen so far. In the show Richard convinces Kahlan and the other Confessors (sans the ugly Mother Confessor) that killing the boy is wrong and they must save him. Huh?!?!?!?!?!? That is not how Kahlan is portrayed in the books. Same with Richard. When it is something that is extremely dangerous, they typically follow the rules. Richard would have tried to talk them out of it, but he would have soon realized the dangers of a male Confessor. And then Kahlan in particular, considering her own mother was the previous Mother Confessor, and she is supposed to be that now, would never have let him persuade her like that. It would have been done quickly, painlessly, etc.

I know that killing children of any age is a touchy subject, and it’s something I wish they had left alone in the show, especially since it had no real barring on the show over all. If haven’t already been able to tell, I’m a bit upset over the show. I will continue to watch it, mainly because it is a train wreck. You don’t want to look, but you kind of have to. Once this season is over though, it is doubtful if we continue.

Ok, I only really meant a quick update. Sheesh, I babbled forever up there, didn’t I? I do need to get going. I’ve been writing a bit here and there, and have fully flushed out the new idea and that has been 100% chosen to be the book that will come out this summer. So I seriously need to get cracking on it. Wish me luck!


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