It’s dead Jim…

Ok, not really, but I spent two hours this afternoon hacking away at the Palanthas (sp?) Grass bush next to my driveway. The last time I did anything to it was after some Mexicans up the street shot a firework into it and caught it on fire. I raked out the dead stuff… Well, today I trimmed it waaaayyyyy down. It’s barely recognizable! Of course I do not profess to be 100% proficient at gardening and the like, but I enjoy it, and it was rather therapeutic to hack away at it. Almost like blowing stuff up on Halo or the like. I even had the boys out with me :). Cujo sunned himself and Vader didn’t like being tethered and let me know about it. I ignored him for the most part. He’s almost two. He has to release he cannot get his way all the time ;).

Speaking of Vader, I wasn’t able to get him up to PetsMart. Thigns just did not work out that way. Hated it, but oh well. Perhaps someday soon.

So far so good on the workout front, then again I’m only my second day in. Let’s see how I feel and react about it in a few weeks. I hope and am working on staying with it so I can build my leg muscles back. I’ve always been a bit stronger than most other women in my age group, or hell, even my size! Comes from growing up on the farm and being pretty darn active (even though I had my couch potato moments). But with my legs in the shape they have been in for almost three years, the strength and endurance have gone down hill. And I know Hubby is a little concerned. He asked me today if I’m doing things right by only loosing 40-50 calories everyday so far. Most foods have more calories in it than that. I told him it’s because I am starting out slow (we don’t know what is causing the pain in my legs and I don’t need to get all hell bent on loosing a few hundred or thousand calories everyday), and only working out at a beginner’s level for fifteen minutes every morning. I’m not expecting miracles and I know from using this program before that as I go further with it, I will burn more. Then again, I don’t give a shit about calories. It’s the game that keeps track of that. What I care about is how I’m feeling and does it feel like it’s working/helping. And it’s yes on both parts, and that’s only two days in. I might up the time to thirty minutes next week, but for now I feel better with fifteen. It’s like when I took Physical Therapy, they taught me to never overdo it, and if it hurts, stop. But never give up.

And yes, I’m using a video game for a workout program. It’s pretty good actually. It’s called Yourself Fitness, and it came out for the original XBox. You get your own persoanl trainer and she runs you through the paces. She will check on you every so often to make sure you aren’t overdoing it (unlike real PT’s, she can’t tell when you are fibbing, though), and will encourage you to keep going, etc. It’s pretty neat and I’ve been happy with it. Hubby bought it for me about two years ago, when I decided I needed something to help me loose wieght and so far so good. You wont find it at EB or Gamestop, but maybe EBay. Doubtful it’ll be on Amazon. Since Microsoft is no longer offering support fot the original XBox stuff, it may be harder to find.

Ok, it’s almost time for the lottery numbers. Wish me luck!


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