Its Sunday…

The kids and Hubby are playing some Rock Band and I’m trying to get caught up with the world at the computer before I get myself ready for the day. And I’ve been reflecting on my vacation as well… It wasn’t a total waste, but I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to. The house looks better and smells nicer since I’ve torn it apart and put it back again. Same with the car and the yard. Unfortunately, I didn’t get much done with my writing as I wanted to. As in, not much of anything was accomplished in that area. It seems I have the beacon set up for people to bug me when I am trying to write: “Oh look! She’s not doing anything! Let’s call and call until she flips out!” Yup, that’s what it has felt like. And if I ignore the phone, it wont stop ringing. I even tried explaining that I’d like to write and they keep on talking. And for some reason I try not to be rude and hang up on them. I need to start doing just that I think ;).

I have accomplished a full outline, though. Which is progress. So methinks this next week, I am turning the phone off at 8PM (if Hubby needs me, he knows how to get a hold of me), and then I am going to write until bedtime. Which stinks because it always gets me wound up… but I need to get it done. I’m giving myself until August 31st to have the book primed and ready for publishing. I’ve done it before, life just wasn’t this busy before. But I have faith in me.

Have been playing lots of Halo 3 this weekend. Double EXP on Griffball enticed me, as well as getting a chance to play with the RoosterTeeth guys, which didn’t happen. Too many requests I guess on the Community Playdate. It stunk, but Burnie has said they are playing with the idea of a RT community playdate, so I think I’ll have a better chance. Hopefully it’ll happen when the oldest is home so she can play with her favorite guy there, Dan, who does the voice of Donut. And with Luke McKay who is the artist of the comics on the site, and has offered her some advice on her artwork.

No pics today. I haven’t really taken any and I’ve noticed I seriously need to get the files reorganized, just like my music folders. *sigh* Hubby says I have too many of each. I tell him, I don’t have enough. Co-authoring credits must go to Vader and Ryoko, who made sure I petted them both enough as I tried to type this up :).


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