Want to write

Yup, it’s real early on a Saturday morning and instead of writing away with all the ideas and things brimming to the top of my mind, I’m having to get ready for a day full of shopping, cleaning and cooking. Which actually isn’t that bad, but as a writer it can suck. Big time. I’m going to have to go with an old method I used during my school days when I was hit with inspiration during a class- short notes with reminders on them so I can get the idea back. Took me a while to work out the system, but I think I can use it again. And If I can, then it will be wonderful while I am at work as well.

Anywho, Mom-in-law will be here today, not sure what time, but I am hoping to at least be out with the shopping when she gets here. And that’s not to say she’s like the stereotype mother-in-law that no one can stand. Quite the opposite really. No, if I am out shopping then it means I got the housework done and am getting the stuff to make our gyros with. Yup, we’re going Greek today! I’ve never had gyros before, but I’ve smelt them and they always smelled good. Not sure why I never tried one before. Oh well. We’re using Alton Brown’s recipe for them as it seems Alton’s idea of cooking and ours isn’t too different.

This last week was not one of my better weeks. Things went wrong in many areas and we had yet more plumbing problems. And it looks like we wont be able to move back to Charleston this summer as we had hoped. On the upside of all that, we are in the process of getting another place, one that’s a little newer and with the same landlord. What sucks is I still have to pay a deposit if we get this place (a three bdrm, 2 bath!) since the current landlord is not the one who was here when I moved in. The old one stole a lot of people’s deposits (he came up with bullshit reasons why he had to keep them) and so, with some research under my belt, stuck paying the deposit if we do move into it. But (!) it’s right next door to our current tiny place and it’s much bigger! An actual Master bdrm and bath! Kitchen is about the same size as this place, and the two front rooms are a little small, but the kids will live as they will each have their own room and don’t have to share their bathroom with us adults. The only thing holding us back is there is one other person who has already paid their deposit on the place. If they cannot come up with the money by Monday to move in, the landlord said we could have it. So here’s hoping! I pointed out tot he landlord that with as long as I’ve been here (four years), wouldn’t they prefer to have someone move into that place that wouldn’t skip out on them? That place has been there for the past three years and has had about 10 different tenets living in it. Surprisingly it’s still in good shape.

Have been playing Halo 3 campaign with the youngest and she’s been having a blast. We started out on Easy since she’s only dabbled in forge and Griffball and not really played an actual game of Halo before. Well, I teared up when I saw her plowing through everything in front of us and I’m trying to catch up to her! It’s not as bad on Normal, but I think I might turn on a few of the skulls to up the difficulty. I don’t thin she can manage going through Heroic difficulty, so I’m trying to keep it on Normal. Of course I can’t wait till we go up against the Flood later on. Heehee.

Ok, I need to go. The shower beckons and hopefully I will remember to take some pictures throughout the day and share them with you all.


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