Update time

A few things to update on. While watching South Park from last night- Cartman the Pirate :). Very funny. The French don’t stand a chance against a light saber *snicker*.

I’m brimming with energy, mainly because about 4:30-5ish today I should know if we will be moving into a bigger place for only 50 bucks more a month. And to top it off it’s right next door :). Just have to throw stuff out the back door to move in! We still plan on moving back tot he Charleston area, but due to a few unforeseen events, we wont be able to right now. But we still need a bigger place. And it’s a 3 bdrm, 2 bath that will give us that. Can’t wait!

Still working out, if you’ve been following my Twitter feed. I have five more workouts to complete before my next Progress test. I’m not really looking to loose a lot of actual pounds right now, as I’m trying to regain lost muscle mass due to my leg problems. What I am looking for is the loss of fat and increase in energy levels, besides better mobility for my legs. So far so good. Since January I’ve lost a total of seven pounds, and if after every 10 workouts (for a little while anyway) I loose 1 pound, I’ll be happy. I’m also trying to eat a more balanced diet, which considering my current profession is not easy, but doable.  I’ve almost totally cut out soda from diet, except for the occasional one here and there, and have left my hot chocolate to give me my caffeine. I’ve been drinking more juices, namely Cranergy from Ocean Spray, which doesn’t give me any extra energy, but it has helped me to feel better over all. Instead of fries during my break, I go for a small salad, and either a hamburger or grilled chicken. Once in a while I’ll go for the other stuff (fried chicken and fries), but since they’ve changed the oil they use for a lot of that stuff, claiming its healthier, I find I don’t really care to eat it anymore. At least at work. The only drawback to all this is I’ve been wanting to go to bed earlier and thus I’ve been getting up earlier. I need to see if I can change that.

Have two phone calls to make today. One is the Landlord, the other is my mom. I feel like shit because I haven’t called her in ages and I miss her. I’m also worried about my brother who lives with her and hasn’t been able to find another job. In the small town where they live, it’s very believable. I have other people I should call, but those are the two I’m doing today. Will be talking to the Hubby at some point (we talk several times everyday), but he’s always the exception :*.

Let’s see, writing update: Fleshing out the story more, but mostly notes. No actual writing yet. Not sure what is taking me so long, but I need to get the ball rolling on the writing. August will be here before we know it. I’ll also need to start work on a website and artwork to help promote the book(s), since it will be published on such a small scale. I don’t expect a huge what to do over it, but if it helps me get my foot in the door, then yay!

Ok, time for shower, then chores, then writing. No pics today as I’ve been lazy and haven’t downloaded them to the computer yet. That and my mother-in-law gets the pics before you guys do. So :p.


Edit to add: And for those of you who want to comment here, you can. You don’t need a WordPress account to leave one. I had somebody ask me that the other day. So if you want to leave a msg for me about a blog entry, help yourself!


2 thoughts on “Update time

  1. Thank you for this blog, keep up the informative posting. I will be sure to reference it when needed throughout our website once we add our resources section. Keep up the great blogging and thanks again.

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