Ok, I wasn’t gonna…

but I felt the need. I got a msg from someone asking me about @DarthWaya on my Twitter feed. To answer the question, we are married and we have two daughters, four cats and 3 1/2 dogs (ok, just 2). I’ll be linking this to my Twitter so the folks from there have a better idea. A few folks there already know us and are used to our constant back and forth banter, which can be misconstrued as actual fights. No, if we are really and truly fighting, you will know. We are not quiet about it. At all.

Anyway, I did have a few things I wanted to talk about and I’m feeling drowsy, so of course my memory has gone to shit. Listened to the new Drunk Tank from Rooster Teeth, so look at my links to the right to go to their site. It’s very entertaining this week, with special guest start Matt Hullum :D. Um…

Oh yeah, going to DSS in morning to see what help if any they can give us. It has been sooo long since we’ve had to deal with this that it’s culture shock. I think we have everything we need so hopefully it can all be done tomorrow. And yes, I do have tomorrow off and Tuesday as well. Not looking forward to it in one way and in another I am. It’s messed up. Anywho, on Tuesday we plan on going to Hubby’s prospective school so he can see it and talk to a few people and I’m going to make sure they are doing what they are supposed to be doing- helping him. It’s a huge step for him and I’m proud of him and I’ll be damned if I let anyone fuck it up for him.

The Oldest will be using her final weekend pass this next weekend, so long as everything goes to plan, and yes it’s a good thing. Her final pass means she will be home on the 11th and we are all getting pretty excited about it. Wish the money was better, since it would have helped her do so many things this summer, but we are the process of finding free things for both kids to do. And then right after she gets home, the Youngest will be having her 10th birthday! Damn, 10 yrs. Might find a corner somewhere and cry. It’s not easy watching them grow up.

Ok, before I make myself cry, I’m turning things off and settling down for the night. And I think Vader wants to go out for a potty break. Thankfully with Hubby home full time now, they seemed to have come to an understanding with the bed. Before they would fight over who slept on it during the weekends and when Hubby was first home. Well, now it’s no longer Hubby kicking Vader off the bed, but letting him sleep on the foot between us, or just somewhere on the foot of the bed. This is for Hubby, BTW, Poor Puppy! ;).

Hope everyone has a good week and I might be adding some newer, cuter pics of Vader up this week. He’s been pouring on the cute. More so than Tux, our jailbreak kitty. Though her playing in the box on the couch today was hi-larious!


Firefly fans need to check this out. Does not mean it will happen, but it would be nice.

Ok, now, before I go any further, note that I love my oldest. And what I did last night should prove it to her. We all sat down and watched Twilight with her. I have been a fan of vamps since the Lost Boys came out when I was a kid (Yes, I am old). I devoured a lot of lore and legends on them throughout world history and loved watching Buffy and Angel. But… and I tired, I really did. The oldest loved the books (which she got all of them for the holidays last year) and so I tried. I couldn’t get past the first few pages with Bella. I really could not. To me she is a Mary Sue and frankly there are few people that have written them where I actually enjoyed the story. Very few. Meaning two and they aren’t even on the net anymore. Any others, once the story is found to be a Mary Sue (typically the first paragraph will tell you), and I hit the back button. So Twilight = badly written, Mary Sue Fan Fiction. And what is a Mary Sue? How does Bella fit it? Well, A Mary Sue has the following almost 100% of the time:

  • she is perfect and can do no wrong
  • shares waaaayyyy to many things in common with the author (the author puts themselves into the character)
  • everybody likes her, except for that one who goes way out of their way to make their life miserable (James)
  • everybody wants to be her friends, even if they obviously don’t fit int he same clique
  • EVERYTHING always happens to them
  • they end up with super abilities that don’t fit with the character or story
  • And the list goes on and on…

It hurt to watch the movie. The bad acting, the trashing of vampires in general, the unrealistic look at relationships, Bella, Edward looking so disgusting (sorry, I just don’t see what you all see in him). The movie was edited badly, the special effects could have been better for a book series that is that popular (Harry Potter has some great effects, why didn’t they use those guys!), and the whole thing just stunk. I tried, really I did, but I couldn’t. I failed! Jacob and his people were about the only thing in the movie I liked, and the story between them and the Cullen’s was interesting. But you didn’t see much of that and from what the oldest has told me, the author of the books has committed a grievous sin in writing, especially if you claim to not write trashy romance novels: there is a soap opera going on in later books thanks to Edward’s inability to trust Bella. And Jacob is involved. Fuck me. *headdesk*.

Have been feeling a bit depressed lately, still. Money situtaion is still looking grim, and I hate all this waiting and the bullshit that happens at work. But on a bright note, I talked with one of best friends last night and he sounds like he is doing a lot better and has made a really hard choice in his life, and I am and will be forever proud of him for that. *Huggles fluffy bunny* He’s on the right path to healing himself and maturing into a better person.

Ok, I need to get ready for today. If the legs allow. They are still hurting, but not as much as yesterday. Fianlly it took the shift manager to see me in near tears before she decided to let me go, even if I did tell her they were hurting so bad I couldn’t think straight. And I couldn’t. At least the last two days of school kids (a grand total of over 350) went better than we thought. And our big, BIG bosses were in town yesterday and threatened to show and didn’t. At least they hadn’t while I was still there. Then again, they’ve been doing more night visits, and I’m glad for it. That is when we have the most problems with EVERYTHING. I’m not going into details, as I know one or two of my readers have pretty sensitive stomachs, but know that on days, that stuff rarely happens.

Ok, finishing with the catching up on the web, and trying to figure out the money, and still not get dragged down further. *sigh* At least we are having BBQ tonight and its smelling really good.

A very long day.

Didn’t sleep well last night. Woke up later than wanted, but still worked out while Hubby took Youngest to school. And I kid you not, I actually almost dozed while working out. Towards the end I felt a little more awake, but I’m useless in the morning until I’ve showered. I did manage a thirty minute workout, the first in several weeks. Hope to keep up with it, that way I can get more serious about re-building those leg muscles. Wanted to get into work early so I could help with prep for school kids that were to show up at 11:30. Here’s what happened:

  1. Couldn’t myself or Hubby motivated enough to head out at 8:50
  2. Half-way there realized I forgot part of my uniform
  3. Saw Boss put next weeks schedule up and still have only three days
  4. There were two 10 o’clock people and we got everything done in 10 minutes (we open at 10:30)
  5. The school kids canceled. They’ll be there Friday, our busiest day
  6. By 12 it felt like it should have been 2, and I wasn’t the only one who felt that
  7. Was threatened to be sent home at 2 to save labor. Showed off Grill abilities to stay
  8. Reaffirmed with myself that Shift Leader is a complete blonde, and she’s really a brunette

Yup. That was the jist of the day. Thankfully Hubby’s unemployment check showed up. He went to the butcher shop one town over and scored quite a bit of meat for just 20 bucks. I love my Hubby. He has mean shoppin’ skillz. And honestly people, I do recommend checking out your local shop. First, make sure it’s clean. Second, make sure there are no funky smells. The only funky smell I want in there is the bleach they’ve used to keep it clean. And third, the meat had better be fresh and well cared for- dates, refrigeration, etc. You can usually score really great deals at these places, and it’s typically top quality. And some even have little mini-marts in them where you can find lots of fresh food, or local produce for dirt cheap as well. It pays to scope these places out.

Still stuck on Civilization: Revolution. Methinks I need to sneak a peak at one of the online guides to see how others have done it. Though I feel a little shame, since these games typically come so easy for me. Oh well, it’s been a nice challenge.

I guess that’s it. There may be more, but I’m sleepy and want my bed.

Well, that blew my mind.

No it really did. And no I’m not talking Prop 8, frankly I’m keeping away from that one in such a public setting. No, what blew my mind was when I logged into my Dashboard here to check on comments (I didn’t realize they were all set to approval status) and happened to catch the stats graph out the corner of my eye. HOLY SHIT! 54 views in one day, my highest yet. Am I setting up great tags, or am I that interesting? Or was it the UPS tags? Who knows. Whatever the reason it’s kind of helped the old ego, which has been bruised and battered and it was tiny to begin with. So welcome all viewers, new and old. Feel free to leave a comment or two and enjoy.

In other news, I was playing Civilization:Revolution today on the 360. Now, I am very good at Real Time Strategy games. I conquered many a game. And I am also very good at Turn Based Strategy games, like this one is. Now, two things. You can beat the game four ways, with any civilization you choose. Those ways are: Domination, Cultural, Economic and Technology. You have to complete certain things before they release the wonder to build (except for Domination, you just wipe everyone out) to win. Well, I cleared Domination first thing. Cultural was easier than I thought it would be. The two that have eluded me (and my two things of this paragraph) are Economic and Technology. I bumped the difficulty setting down to the easiest. The AI pretty much leaves you alone, except for one of the opposing civilizations. I thought, hey, this will make it easier for me to see just what is it I’m doing wrong on the higher difficulties and develop a good strategy so I can get those wins. Well, Technology is going to be a long way off for now. I’ve come close twice, and failed miserably. Time in the game ran out before 1- I could build the wonder to send of the space ship and 2- the space ship didn’t make it there in enough time. Now, today I originally started out with the first game to score the tech victory. I ended up changing it for the economic one since I’d built up a truck load of gold. I had just started the wonder when the time ran out. So, tonight as I played, I built up as many cities as I could and pushed on. I had actually built the wonder and finished it just as the time ran out. But guess what??? I was robbed of my victory. It counted it as a Domination! I was soooo mad. I even woke Hubby up from his nap so he could see me do it. And you know what really rubbed salt on the wounds? I looked at the gallery where it shows you all the famous people you’ve met, all the great leaders you’ve played and even which wonders you’ve built. Guess what’s sitting with the wonders? Yup, the World Bank. Son of a Bitch. It should have counted it as an Economic victory. Jerks. That sucks. Big Time.

Oh well. Need to settle myself down now so maybe I can sleep through the wild parties the animals have been throwing lately. I’m a light sleeper and they love to wake me up when I need to be sleeping. Might take Vader back to lay down with me (he’s been in a snuggly mood lately) and watch some Stargate or even Farscape. Just in the mood for Sci Fi and maybe something a little more faster paced. Not conducive to relaxing, but I like action. What can I say?

Today just sucked, but maybe in a good way…

I normally don’t call to check on my schedule at work. It is known I have the weekends off for family stuff and obligations. During the week, the only time I want a day off is if I ask for it. And Bossman said that when Hubby lost his job he’d do whatever I needed to help. That lasted all of two weeks. He went and hired a shit load of people, and then cut back everyone’s hours. So I’m not nearly as pissed as I should be, since I’m not the only one. But I’m pissed enough that I’m going to go ahead and see about a job change. UPS in our area is hiring for a great many things, and one thing that has attracted me is this:


UPS is hiring individuals to work as part-time Package Handlers. This is a physical, fast-paced position that involves continual lifting, lowering and sliding packages that typically weigh 25 – 35 lbs. and may weigh up to 70 lbs. Part-time employees usually work 3 ½ – 4 hours each weekday (Monday through Friday) and typically do not work on weekends or selected holidays.

Package Handlers receive an hourly rate of $8.50 – $9.50. UPS part-time employees also receive an attractive benefits package. Please note that these opportunities are part-time only working approximately 17 1/2 – 20 hours per week. Employees can expect to take home between $110.00 and $150.00 each week after deductions have been taken for taxes, etc.

That is from the UPS career website. I think I can live with that. Get paid a little more than what I am now and work less hours and get more out of the job. and they just asked me this —>



Please designate the shift that you would be available to work.*

You MUST be available to work within the times listed for the shift.

Please select only the shift that is your first choice.

Available? Shift Hours (approx.) Workdays  
Sunrise/Preload 4:00 AM – 9:00 AM Monday – Friday


Methinks the answer is an astounding yes! *steps away for a minute*

Ok, I’m back. Yes, I’ve been filling out the application for UPS while doing this. So far the word from the site is they don’t have any openings, even though they are still listing it. And then again, it’s listed as pending, so they may be going over stuff. I’m checking over everything to make sure its all filled out ok. So here’s hoping.

In other news, I did the Physical Challenge and my workout today. I gained a little weight, but it’s still early and it’s been chaotic lately. So I’m not too upset, that and when you start building muscle mass back up you tend to gain some weight. And I have been been working on building the leg muscles back. Still going to keep up with it. I think the only way I’ll let myself get discouraged with it is if after another month or two of me keeping up with the workout schedule and there is no progress. Then I’ll be upset and taking a long hard look at what I’m doing. My cardio went down, as did my lower body strength, but my upper body and core body strengths all went up, and as always my flexibility stayed the same. So there is still progress.

Ok, need to get off here so I can get some housework done and maybe have a nice quiet night tonight. Will need it. We have 300 kids comming in tomorrow and almost as many the next day. Tomorrow’s manager already ok’d me heading in a little early to help with the prep and stuff. May do the same for Thursday if I can.

Holy Cow!

Just looked at my blog stats and holy cow! I’ve had over 1000 views! Wow! I don’t normally check out the stats, but that blew my mind. If you’re visiting my blog, leave a comment or two. Won’t kill ya ;).

I have tomorrow off!

Yay! No work tomorrow. Which is nice. I can stay up tonight and then sleep in a bit tomorrow. Of course, sleeping in for me is usually six or seven, when Vader has decided he’s has enough and wants to go out and eat. He will normally enlist the help of at least one of the kitties to help in getting me up. And since Hubby has been home, he’s no help in staving this attack off. He grunts and rolls over ;).

The culprit for getting me up too early on days off- it was winter when this pic was taken. Cute huh?
The culprit for getting me up too early on days off- it was winter when this pic was taken. Cute huh?

Things have been slow going on the job finding front for Hubby. Not a lot of places are hiring, and the ones that are, he does not have the exp they are looking for, ie., none. There are a couple of over the road jobs for trucking, but I think we’re looking more for him to go to school right now so he can get a better job. In this job market you can’t afford to be picky, but at the same time, you can’t be picky if they wont take you. He’s getting excited though, which is good. Not easy keeping him going on this track. He still has a hard time wrapping his mind around the fact that Financial Aid will pay for his school and have some left over to help with living expenses. He’ll be working a part time job (hopefully) while in school. It’ll be tight, very tight till then, but hopefully we’ll be able to keep things going. Looking at the real reality of giving up a lot of stuff (even some needs) just to keep afloat, but we’ll make it. We’ve been through things like this before.

Oldest has been home all weekend and we’ve been having a good time. She’ll be home for good (she better be anyway!) the middle of next month. I think I covered that in one of my previous entries. I think so. But we’re getting things squared away and about as ready as we can.

Will be making some return calls tomorrow. I’m normally horrible about calling people period, and thankfully most everyone is pretty understandable about that. One reason why I try to keep a blog somewhere, so they all know I’m alive at least. I try to get better, but its just one of those things.

Have to plug my boys over at Rooster Teeth (link to the right, over there ——->). They have been putting out a few short films, and each one has been quite funny. They are live action, so if Machinima has not been your thing… Just go watch them already! Spoiler Alertis my fav so far!

Made Lasagna for dinner tonight and we all watched Pirates 3. My love for Orlando Bloom has been renewed. I asked Hubby a a few times to get him for me, and he said only if he could have KieraKnightly. I told him he could ;). After the movie the kids started playing Monty Python Fluxx and then I joined in. We all love this game and we would play it while we were visiting the Oldest.

Ok, some pics for you folks. Long overdue, I might add.

At Greek Fest in Charleston
At Greek Fest in Charleston
More Greek Fest.
More Greek Fest.
Trouble's ear. It's gone down a little, but not like we want it too.
Trouble's ear. It's gone down a little, but not like we want it too.
The iris' before the stray cats and weather got a hold of them.
The iris' before the stray cats and weather got a hold of them.
If you can see him, it's Vader on his back in his crate. Hubby sent this to me at work, and it had us laughing.
If you can see him, it's Vader on his back in his crate. Hubby sent this to me at work, and it had us laughing.
On I85 heading home
On I85 heading home
Trouble before her ear problems
Trouble before her ear problems


I need to get a few more off my phone, like one of Tux in the dryer, not helping daddy with the laundry :).

Ok, I need to get this off my chest. Why is it the media loves to think of the target audience for Action/Sci-Fi/Horror movies is all men??? I read this one article on Yahoo!Movies about how Night at the Museum 2 beat out Terminator, and it was mentioned that it was because NATM is targeted for a broader audience and Terminator was for only the guys. WTF!? Have they not learned anything? Throw a couple hot looking guys on the screen with them getting sweaty and movie around really fast and you will have the women lining up to see them. I’m not kidding. Take Valentine’s Day for instance, we could go see Push or we could see whatever the Romantic Comedy was. Guess which one we saw and it was because of me? Yup, Push, and I’m glad for it. Some of the movies I’m looking forward to this year are Terminator, Transformers, Star Trek, Harry Potter, GI Joe, and Wolverine. Yes, I’d like to see NATM, but that is what I consider a family movie, not one I’d go see by myself or with the Hubby. We enjoyed the first one, but it’s more fun to watch with the kids. Out of the ones I mentioned, only Harry Potter could be considered geared more towards females, and the younger set to be exact. But the others would be considered more for the men. And I know a lot of gals who have put those movies on their watch list and see movies like those on a regular basis. So I am offended by what this jerk has said. If you go to conventions for various shows/movie/books or visit their websites, I can guarantee you that the majority of the population is female. Very few sites is it that way. Wake up people. Girls like it hot and dirty too ;).