A lot of news.

Yup, a lot of news. A lot of stuff to update everyone on. I don’t think I’m going to do any pics in this update, mainly because of the time and the fact that there are a lot.

Ok, the big one, which if you have been following my Twitter, is that Hubby was laid off from his job. And of course there was no notice and no severance. Basically on May 8th he and all the other company drivers got a nice little letter stating that that day was their last day of employment and the only thing they are getting is any benefits they have until the endof the month. So this has led me to going back to work till 5-ish, and it sucks. Unemployment is not going to be giving us much, and even though I know it’s better than nothing, we have a lot of things that really need to be taken care of. So it just over all sucks right now. We’re having a not so easy time of adjusting to this, and yeah… It just sucks.

We are looking to see if Unemployment will help him go back to school andtrain as a chef, but they are making it pretty clear they want him to stay in trucking. Frankly I don’t see the reasoning behind that. For a few reasons. One being the fact that he is diabetic and though it’s as under control as it can be right now, one day it wont be. There are times that no matter how well you take care of yourself, the diabetes takes over and there is nothing you can do. In that case DOT will revoke his CDL and then he wont be able to drive. Another is he is tired of being on the road all the time and away from the family that long. Granted being a Chef/Cook requires longer hours, but it provides more flexibility. And it is what he wants to do. We realize if you are unemployed, you really don’t have many choices, but he’s willing to get more skills in an area that can prove to be a bit more fruitful than trucking right now. With Trucking, the only ones that are seriously hiring are the Over the Road companies where he’d be gone a month or more for each run. I remember when my dad did that- no thank you. I do not want him being gone that long. We have enough problems to add more time away from each other to the mix.

And with his job loss, comes more things happening that are not so great. We were planning on moving back to Charleston, and there was a small glimmer that we might still be able to this summer. Well, unless we win the lotto, it ain’t happening. Hubby has his 401k and it has weathered a little better than most we have heard about (someone actually lost around 60 grand out theirs!). BUT, if we take it out now, we will be lucky to see it thanks to the penalties. He does have the option to take it out to pay for tuition and not get any of those penalties. Yes, even with him not working for Road Link anymore, he will have to pay to get his 401k. It bites. We could use that money to pay off a few bills and be able to move back to Charleston, if we could get Unemployment to pay for his school. It would make it easier, but right now they don’t seem keen on it. Jerks.

We are still talking and planning things out and right now don’t really care to have a lot of people throwing advice at us. I know everyone means well, but we’ve already had our fill. We are doing research and formulating ideas, but thanks to unemployment we have to play the waiting game. So in the meantime we are bidding our time and talking to our bills so we can figure out all our options, so when it gets really, really, reallybad, they know what’s going on and we will hopefully have a plan in the works for it already.

Some good news:

Last weekend we spent at Hubby’s parents’ and we celebrated the oldest’s birthday (it’s really on the 15th) so she could spend it with family (something she hasn’t been able to do in a while). We also got to see some friends we haven’t seen in a while (and introduce them to Vader. They had already met Cujo). And the best part of the weekend: The Greek Festival! We had a blast. We ate all kinds of good food (the youngest even tried some new ones!) and saw some great dancing and listened to awesome live music. We also bought some stuff- Oldest picked out a lovely ruby ring, Youngest a pink scarf with gold coins on it to go with the black and silver the Oldest and I already have, and Hubby bought me a few things that he really shouldn’t have. I have a brand new Black dress that is so comfy and I look good in, and he got me a solid silver necklace anda small perfume bottle with some Sandalwood. I hit him a few times ;). But it was a blast and we are so going back next year.

This weekend my father-in-law’s sister and niece came with my mother-in-law (she met them in NC) to visit. We had a good time. We met up with them in Walhalla where the greatest Ice Cream shop ever is. It’s called Sweet Treats and it’s awesome. You can get all kinds of Ice Cream there, and they also offer a huge selection of Sugar Free! They also have a large selection of homemade candies, mainly chocolate, and it comes in Sugar Free as well. They also have a batting cage with a Go-Kart track there and I have a lot of cute pics of the kids with Daddy, Grandma and their Cousin on the Go-Karts. We then all came back here and visited for a while. Then we got ready for dinner, which was Grandma’s treat at Macaroni Grill. I love that woman. I can’t wait for the day when we walk into a restaurant and we pay the whole bill and she doesn’t have to chip in unless she wins the argument. Then we visited some more. We had a good brunch at Golden Corral this morning. It’s become kind of a tradition when Grandma comes up, we have at least one of our meals there. Though its buffet style, its good and everything is fresh. We rarely ever find something that isn’t good or fresh. They they left to head back towards Charleston. We’ve been cleaning and playing games so far today to kind of relax and get ready for the week.

Two bits of not so good news:

1- Trouble. Our lovely fat cat, one of my babies has been dealing with Hemotoma (sp?). It’s when a blood vessel bursts and the skin fills with blood. It is very uncomfortable for the first week or so. She’s had it for a bout three weeks now, and the vet keeps telling me it will go down by itself. It hasn’t really gone down much. Not like it should. But as we don’t have the money anymore, we can’t afford to get her into surgery, which is what we probably should have done in the first place. The vet told me that the surgery would be as painful as what she went through before the swelling went down that tiny bit. We know pretty much no matter what, her ear will never look the same, but she is not the same. She is the most sociable of all our cats and acts more like a dog in that respect. She used to great us at the door, always perch herself somewhere where she could see what we were all doing and just in general be underfoot. Not anymore. She hides out under our bed andusually has to be prodded to come out. I am seriously thinking of going to a local college with a Vet Tech program andsee what I can work out with them and get Fat Girl feeling better and more like herself. I know SUNY Delhi would do that and often for free since it would give the students real exp with the animals. So maybe.

2- I am going to have to forgo my writing deadline and place an indefinite one since things are so crazy right now. It’s bad, but we don’t have much choice. I just will not have the time for awhile to devout to my writing like I should. I have been debating on the idea of creating a website where people can pay a small fee to get access to my stories and books, and I just post them up as I finish them and there isn’t any wait. This way they can download it to their computer or print it out as they want and all that. Just an idea with all the recent happenings so maybe I can still get my stuff out there. Let me know what you all think, especially those familiar with my writings. It’ll be a big help.

Let’s see, what else? I believe we have a big inspection coming up, again. Only this time they better show up and not cancel. I’m tired of dealing with the Bossmanwhen it comes to these inspections. He becomes a person I don’t like being around. He then starts enforcing rules and procedures that he should have in the first place and the crew gets upset and most come and complain to me. I look at them and tell them they need to talk to him, not me.

Oh, my TV Shows. Heroes, Fringe, Terminator, Dollhouse (yay! we got our 2nd season!) Survivor and Hell’s Kitchen. The easy ones first. Hell’s Kitchen: Very happy with the out come. I couldn’t decide between Danny or Paula andwas pleased to see both of them do so well. Terminator and Dollhouse, how I love thee. So happy to see both shows doing so well and that they’ll be back next season. Very interested to see where they will be taking both shows with the way they both ended, especially Dollhouse. A lot of things answered, but more questions sprung up. Fringe: Though I had a hard time with LOST, I have really enjoyed Fringe. JJ Abrams has sucked me in and done what X-Files could never do- entertain me. I love the cast and Walter is my favorite character, though I’d love to see Peter and Olivia get over themselves and get it on ;)! Hubby is mad at JJ Abrams though, again. We have to wait till the fall before we get any new episodes :). Heroes. Damn, they finished with a bang. I miss watching it, but the official site over at NBC has been helping with the Graphic Novels and the shorts for the “Puppet Master” Doyle. Awesome stuff and I can’t wait to see how they handle Sylar now.

Now, since the finale is tonight (you better believe we are watching) I have to have my soapbox moment with Survivor. There have been people on there that I love and hate, that I could care less about and then you have Coach. I didn’t really hate Johnny Fairplay. Yeah, he was a jerk and asshole. But he at least was upfront about being so. He played the game in a way that I can’t really be mad at him for. He never claimed to be honest and have integrity. So this brings us to Coach. I cannot stand the man. He is seriously a world class idiot and I truly hope that Mental Health picks him up because he is living in a fantasy world that he claims is real. His little kata that you can’t Google? If it was so secret, why would the monks show it to him??? The whole Amazon and being captured BS. How did Jeff keep a straight face? Seriously? I would have been laughing in his face and then ask for the proof. Hard core proof? What military is going to waste their resources on a freebie trip to the Amazon??? If you paid them well enough, they may take you, but not for free. Somebody would be getting into trouble somewhere. His little comments about being a Dragonslayer, Stephen the Wizard (now he’s an evil one!) and all his philosophical and spiritual BULLSHIT really reminds me of several gamers that really give the rest of us a bad name. The ones who never leave the game mentally and believe that is really how the world works. It’s scary being around those types. And because this comment hit home for me, as being a follower of the Tru path of my ancestors and it’s closley related to the old Viking beliefs, since when did the Vikings have seven heavens???? Seven is not even a number that comes up that often (so rare I can can only think of one story where it’s prominent) in Viking/Nordic/Germanic beliefs. Had he said nine or three, he’d be closer to the truth. But 7???? WTF? Three is the closest to the truth as I have learned it, but I have run across a few others where they believe in nine. And they really aren’t what we would call heaven either. Coach has no honor and certainly no integrity. He is no manipulator either. What he is, is this. He likes to be in the center of attention. He cannot live without it. And if he does not get it, he will go to varying extremes to make sure he gets it. He is not the master of anything other than BULLSHIT, and anything that comes out of his should be taken with a grain of salt so huge, that the people in the Horse Head Nebula should be able to see it. I am relieved to see him gone and wish it had happened sooner so he would not be on the jury. Though I thought it funny that Tyson joined Brandon and Sierra with picking on Coach in the one episode where they had the feathers on their hair (Hubby finds it offensive, as unlike Coach, he is a bonified Lakota) and the jacket/buff across the shoulder. Love them guys. Not sure who I want to win now, since Erinn is the only one left that I could care less about. When she is gone, I will be pleased with any of the others.

Now for another subject that is close to my heart. Fable 2. I love the game, even with it’s short comings. It may not be as I would really like it, but I am pleased that Lion Head Studios graced us with another chance to romp in Albion. Recently they released a good sized DLC (Downloadable Content) called See The Future. It has several different sections to explore andcomes with a whopping 250 achievement points! I scored 80 the first night I played it. The Coliseum has been a bit rough and I think I will need help in getting to the necromancer. But it’s been fun. It was nice seeing Theresa again and then getting a chance to see just how much Oakvale had changed since the first game before Reaverscored his dark pact with the Shadow Court. The costumes were a bit funny and not much point, but then again, who cares. It’s Fable for crying out loud! I really wish LionHead and Bethesada would combine forces and create the perfect RPG. It would be mind blowing. Seriously. Take all the good elements from The Elderscrolls series and from Fable, and it would joygasmic :D.

Ok, I think that’s everything. I think. I have a few people that have been trying to get a hold of me via the phone, and with how crazy it has been this last week, I’ve been ignoring the phone, unless it’s one of the Grandmas. I hate doing it, but things have been overwhelming for us this last week andI promise to make a good attempt at either answering the phone this next week, or returning the calls. I’m horrible to begin with, as you guys know. But I was really bad lastweek. I have Tuesday off, but it’s already crowded with things to do so I don’t know. My free time is much shorter now, and I expect it to be so for about another few months. Hopefully when school starts back up for the kids I can go back to my short work week and Hubby doesn’t have to play House Hubby anymore. He can’t stand it, though he’s doing a good job.

Ok, I’m out. The next post I should have some pics for you all. Later!

PS: As always I make no excuses/promises/etc. for my spelling. I am horrible at it, which is funny since I am a writer :D.


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