FOX needs to get a life.

Seriously they do. I am thrilled they renewed Dollhouse. I never would have guessed they’d have cancelled Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles. I thought it was doing pretty well, and especially with the new Terminator movie out, a perfect way to get more viewers. But alas. FOX has it out for Joss Wheadon and anyone associated with him in anyway, shape or form. He has nothing to do with the show, but Summer Glau has done a lot of work with Joss. And though she isn’t as a good an actress as she is a dancer, she does hold her own and I’ve seen her grow throughout the years, which is wonderful. I’m just saddened that we’ll most likely never find out what happened to John in the future with the odd acting T-1000.

So Hubby and I sit here and mourn the loss of yet another favorite show. We are grateful for the ones we do have, but too often if its a show we like, it’s taken away really quick, or ended too soon. For a while I wouldn’t even watch any TV because it always felt like any show I started to get into they’d cancel it. FOX has done this too me on several occasions. And I am shocked that Fringe, Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares and Dollhouse are still around, especially since I have voiced my liking of each program.

In other news, I am slowly getting back into in a semi normal routine, which is making it easier to work out. I will most likely be doing two workouts tomorrow, one in the morning and one in the evening, to help my body catch up a bit. The week before last I was not feeling well and really couldn’t workout, and last week I was only able to workout for two of the four days. So I am behind in my progress, and the AI did chew me out a bit for it. Seriously, if you want to check out a great way to exercise at your own pace and have someone there who is as close to real PT as possible, then check out Yourself Fitness. It’s been awesome and not that hard to keep up with… as long as life does not throw you for a loop or three.

I am not going to write tonight. I am not going to get caught up on anything tonight (though I should on both accounts). Nope, tonight I am going to have some me time, which I really need. So I am probably going to play SIMs 2 for a while and then load a bunch of podcasts onto the MP3 player, along with some music or drag my Stargate Atlantis DVDs back to the bedroom so I can slowly start watching the series again since season five comes out on DVD at the end of next month. Can’t wait, though it will have be gotten with my birthday money from mom, unless mom-in-law decides to get it for me first. Both have been good at feeding my Stargate fix either by outright buying the stuff, or sending the money for birthday or other special occasions. *hugs both moms*

Ok, I’m gone. Perhaps pictures tomorrow, as I get off my lazy @$$ and get them off the PS3 and the camera and phone. Yes I have my pictures scattered all over. I’m special that way :P.


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