A long day, but not bad.

We had a meeting today concerning the Oldest and it went very well, Hubby and I both believe. She’ll be coming home next month and we are all excited. It’ll be an adjustment for us all to have her home with us full time again, but I feel good about it.

I got the carpets cleaned today. Well the bathroom and living room carpets anyway. They look better and smell much better. As I said in my Twitter, the dogs are under threat of attack by the cats if they mess them up again. Even if they are sick. Which the poor babes were, but it just smelled really bad and it was embarrassing to have to spray the whole house down with Febreeze really, really good before we let anyone in last weekend. Hopefully they will stay clean, as with me working longer hours it may be a while before I can get to them again.

Also talked with a few bill collectors today and explained the situation and to go over options for when things get so tight that we’ll have to either pay them and starve, or not pay them and eat. A little dramatic, yes, but it may not be far from the truth. Thankfully everyone was willing to work with us, especially since we did it all before things were behind, etc. It also helps that we’ve maintained a good relationship with them all. Even the ones where they really have no options for us were willing to try anything. So that at least is a semi bright spot. And yes, we are looking into Food Stamps etc. It’s just rough to find said time when I’m working all day long and Hubby is out looking for a job. But hopefully either this week or next we can have that started, at least. Still bites that we even have to think it.

Played Fable 2 for a while with a friend of mine and it felt good to do so. We helped each other further our achievements- she completed all the ones for the game and she helped set me up where all I have are three left and I can those this week, so long as I have time. I hope I do. Oblivion is the only other one that I have all the achievements for. I could get them for the LEGO games, but they aren’t as big to me as the RPGs. I still need to work on Mass Effect as well, 1- the second game will be out in about a year or so, and 2- I’m really close to having them all. I think I have about 100 or so points left in that one.

Well, i’ve been messign around with Fable2.com, playing the Chicken Kicking game. FYI, if you have the game for the console, and you haven’t done anything with the mini games on this site, go ahead and do so. You can link it up with your Gamertag and anything you win will transfer over so you can use it in game. It’s pretty cool. For the most part I love the stuff LionHead comes out with, and they did a good job with making it where you can do all this stuff outside the game to help enhance your experience. Some people didn’t like it, and to them I say :P.

Ok, it’s not really late, but it will be along day tomorrow. I have no doubt I will be stuck on the register all day long, so I need to see if I can get some rest and take care of the legs tonight. Which they feel pretty good. I worked out this morning and then again tonight. Since I missed so much time I started over with Flexibility and tomorrow I may add Lower Body to it, like last time. A lot of it depends on how the legs are feeling once I get home. Which hopefully it will be good. I only have five more workouts before my next physical challenge. Can’t wait.


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