A very long day.

Didn’t sleep well last night. Woke up later than wanted, but still worked out while Hubby took Youngest to school. And I kid you not, I actually almost dozed while working out. Towards the end I felt a little more awake, but I’m useless in the morning until I’ve showered. I did manage a thirty minute workout, the first in several weeks. Hope to keep up with it, that way I can get more serious about re-building those leg muscles. Wanted to get into work early so I could help with prep for school kids that were to show up at 11:30. Here’s what happened:

  1. Couldn’t myself or Hubby motivated enough to head out at 8:50
  2. Half-way there realized I forgot part of my uniform
  3. Saw Boss put next weeks schedule up and still have only three days
  4. There were two 10 o’clock people and we got everything done in 10 minutes (we open at 10:30)
  5. The school kids canceled. They’ll be there Friday, our busiest day
  6. By 12 it felt like it should have been 2, and I wasn’t the only one who felt that
  7. Was threatened to be sent home at 2 to save labor. Showed off Grill abilities to stay
  8. Reaffirmed with myself that Shift Leader is a complete blonde, and she’s really a brunette

Yup. That was the jist of the day. Thankfully Hubby’s unemployment check showed up. He went to the butcher shop one town over and scored quite a bit of meat for just 20 bucks. I love my Hubby. He has mean shoppin’ skillz. And honestly people, I do recommend checking out your local shop. First, make sure it’s clean. Second, make sure there are no funky smells. The only funky smell I want in there is the bleach they’ve used to keep it clean. And third, the meat had better be fresh and well cared for- dates, refrigeration, etc. You can usually score really great deals at these places, and it’s typically top quality. And some even have little mini-marts in them where you can find lots of fresh food, or local produce for dirt cheap as well. It pays to scope these places out.

Still stuck on Civilization: Revolution. Methinks I need to sneak a peak at one of the online guides to see how others have done it. Though I feel a little shame, since these games typically come so easy for me. Oh well, it’s been a nice challenge.

I guess that’s it. There may be more, but I’m sleepy and want my bed.


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