Well, that blew my mind.

No it really did. And no I’m not talking Prop 8, frankly I’m keeping away from that one in such a public setting. No, what blew my mind was when I logged into my Dashboard here to check on comments (I didn’t realize they were all set to approval status) and happened to catch the stats graph out the corner of my eye. HOLY SHIT! 54 views in one day, my highest yet. Am I setting up great tags, or am I that interesting? Or was it the UPS tags? Who knows. Whatever the reason it’s kind of helped the old ego, which has been bruised and battered and it was tiny to begin with. So welcome all viewers, new and old. Feel free to leave a comment or two and enjoy.

In other news, I was playing Civilization:Revolution today on the 360. Now, I am very good at Real Time Strategy games. I conquered many a game. And I am also very good at Turn Based Strategy games, like this one is. Now, two things. You can beat the game four ways, with any civilization you choose. Those ways are: Domination, Cultural, Economic and Technology. You have to complete certain things before they release the wonder to build (except for Domination, you just wipe everyone out) to win. Well, I cleared Domination first thing. Cultural was easier than I thought it would be. The two that have eluded me (and my two things of this paragraph) are Economic and Technology. I bumped the difficulty setting down to the easiest. The AI pretty much leaves you alone, except for one of the opposing civilizations. I thought, hey, this will make it easier for me to see just what is it I’m doing wrong on the higher difficulties and develop a good strategy so I can get those wins. Well, Technology is going to be a long way off for now. I’ve come close twice, and failed miserably. Time in the game ran out before 1- I could build the wonder to send of the space ship and 2- the space ship didn’t make it there in enough time. Now, today I originally started out with the first game to score the tech victory. I ended up changing it for the economic one since I’d built up a truck load of gold. I had just started the wonder when the time ran out. So, tonight as I played, I built up as many cities as I could and pushed on. I had actually built the wonder and finished it just as the time ran out. But guess what??? I was robbed of my victory. It counted it as a Domination! I was soooo mad. I even woke Hubby up from his nap so he could see me do it. And you know what really rubbed salt on the wounds? I looked at the gallery where it shows you all the famous people you’ve met, all the great leaders you’ve played and even which wonders you’ve built. Guess what’s sitting with the wonders? Yup, the World Bank. Son of a Bitch. It should have counted it as an Economic victory. Jerks. That sucks. Big Time.

Oh well. Need to settle myself down now so maybe I can sleep through the wild parties the animals have been throwing lately. I’m a light sleeper and they love to wake me up when I need to be sleeping. Might take Vader back to lay down with me (he’s been in a snuggly mood lately) and watch some Stargate or even Farscape. Just in the mood for Sci Fi and maybe something a little more faster paced. Not conducive to relaxing, but I like action. What can I say?


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