Firefly fans need to check this out. Does not mean it will happen, but it would be nice.

Ok, now, before I go any further, note that I love my oldest. And what I did last night should prove it to her. We all sat down and watched Twilight with her. I have been a fan of vamps since the Lost Boys came out when I was a kid (Yes, I am old). I devoured a lot of lore and legends on them throughout world history and loved watching Buffy and Angel. But… and I tired, I really did. The oldest loved the books (which she got all of them for the holidays last year) and so I tried. I couldn’t get past the first few pages with Bella. I really could not. To me she is a Mary Sue and frankly there are few people that have written them where I actually enjoyed the story. Very few. Meaning two and they aren’t even on the net anymore. Any others, once the story is found to be a Mary Sue (typically the first paragraph will tell you), and I hit the back button. So Twilight = badly written, Mary Sue Fan Fiction. And what is a Mary Sue? How does Bella fit it? Well, A Mary Sue has the following almost 100% of the time:

  • she is perfect and can do no wrong
  • shares waaaayyyy to many things in common with the author (the author puts themselves into the character)
  • everybody likes her, except for that one who goes way out of their way to make their life miserable (James)
  • everybody wants to be her friends, even if they obviously don’t fit int he same clique
  • EVERYTHING always happens to them
  • they end up with super abilities that don’t fit with the character or story
  • And the list goes on and on…

It hurt to watch the movie. The bad acting, the trashing of vampires in general, the unrealistic look at relationships, Bella, Edward looking so disgusting (sorry, I just don’t see what you all see in him). The movie was edited badly, the special effects could have been better for a book series that is that popular (Harry Potter has some great effects, why didn’t they use those guys!), and the whole thing just stunk. I tried, really I did, but I couldn’t. I failed! Jacob and his people were about the only thing in the movie I liked, and the story between them and the Cullen’s was interesting. But you didn’t see much of that and from what the oldest has told me, the author of the books has committed a grievous sin in writing, especially if you claim to not write trashy romance novels: there is a soap opera going on in later books thanks to Edward’s inability to trust Bella. And Jacob is involved. Fuck me. *headdesk*.

Have been feeling a bit depressed lately, still. Money situtaion is still looking grim, and I hate all this waiting and the bullshit that happens at work. But on a bright note, I talked with one of best friends last night and he sounds like he is doing a lot better and has made a really hard choice in his life, and I am and will be forever proud of him for that. *Huggles fluffy bunny* He’s on the right path to healing himself and maturing into a better person.

Ok, I need to get ready for today. If the legs allow. They are still hurting, but not as much as yesterday. Fianlly it took the shift manager to see me in near tears before she decided to let me go, even if I did tell her they were hurting so bad I couldn’t think straight. And I couldn’t. At least the last two days of school kids (a grand total of over 350) went better than we thought. And our big, BIG bosses were in town yesterday and threatened to show and didn’t. At least they hadn’t while I was still there. Then again, they’ve been doing more night visits, and I’m glad for it. That is when we have the most problems with EVERYTHING. I’m not going into details, as I know one or two of my readers have pretty sensitive stomachs, but know that on days, that stuff rarely happens.

Ok, finishing with the catching up on the web, and trying to figure out the money, and still not get dragged down further. *sigh* At least we are having BBQ tonight and its smelling really good.


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