Ok, I wasn’t gonna…

but I felt the need. I got a msg from someone asking me about @DarthWaya on my Twitter feed. To answer the question, we are married and we have two daughters, four cats and 3 1/2 dogs (ok, just 2). I’ll be linking this to my Twitter so the folks from there have a better idea. A few folks there already know us and are used to our constant back and forth banter, which can be misconstrued as actual fights. No, if we are really and truly fighting, you will know. We are not quiet about it. At all.

Anyway, I did have a few things I wanted to talk about and I’m feeling drowsy, so of course my memory has gone to shit. Listened to the new Drunk Tank from Rooster Teeth, so look at my links to the right to go to their site. It’s very entertaining this week, with special guest start Matt Hullum :D. Um…

Oh yeah, going to DSS in morning to see what help if any they can give us. It has been sooo long since we’ve had to deal with this that it’s culture shock. I think we have everything we need so hopefully it can all be done tomorrow. And yes, I do have tomorrow off and Tuesday as well. Not looking forward to it in one way and in another I am. It’s messed up. Anywho, on Tuesday we plan on going to Hubby’s prospective school so he can see it and talk to a few people and I’m going to make sure they are doing what they are supposed to be doing- helping him. It’s a huge step for him and I’m proud of him and I’ll be damned if I let anyone fuck it up for him.

The Oldest will be using her final weekend pass this next weekend, so long as everything goes to plan, and yes it’s a good thing. Her final pass means she will be home on the 11th and we are all getting pretty excited about it. Wish the money was better, since it would have helped her do so many things this summer, but we are the process of finding free things for both kids to do. And then right after she gets home, the Youngest will be having her 10th birthday! Damn, 10 yrs. Might find a corner somewhere and cry. It’s not easy watching them grow up.

Ok, before I make myself cry, I’m turning things off and settling down for the night. And I think Vader wants to go out for a potty break. Thankfully with Hubby home full time now, they seemed to have come to an understanding with the bed. Before they would fight over who slept on it during the weekends and when Hubby was first home. Well, now it’s no longer Hubby kicking Vader off the bed, but letting him sleep on the foot between us, or just somewhere on the foot of the bed. This is for Hubby, BTW, Poor Puppy! ;).

Hope everyone has a good week and I might be adding some newer, cuter pics of Vader up this week. He’s been pouring on the cute. More so than Tux, our jailbreak kitty. Though her playing in the box on the couch today was hi-larious!


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