Was working on a blog update last night but got sidetracked from Hubby playing Oblivion and my computer issues. All to be explained later. As long as I don’t come home from work all rolled up in a ball ;).


Shameless Plug :D.

As you know (or should know) I am a huge fan of Rooster Teeth Productions (link to your right ——>). Well, the guys have been putting out a lot of stuff lately, after being kind of quiet. We’d maybe get a short here or a BTS look there. Well, in the past two months they’ve pushed out several RT Shorts (live action film shorts that are funny), finally have done a regular release for their Drunk Tank Podcast (it shows that they are definitely guys I’d love to sit around with and chat it up) and now for the biggest and best news! The new Red vs Blue season (#7!) started last night. And about damn time too! I’ve watched it twice so far, with at least three more today :). I love it. It’s fun and not too demanding in the thought process to start with, but gives you enough to know that something is up and we should find out soon. And I heart Sarge. And Caboose. And Griff. And Simmions. And poor Lopez. I’m glad Burnie Burns (the head honcho there) decided to go ahead and set a weekly time when the show is to be released. I know have something to look forward to each week. And it seems that my keeping my Sponsor status with the site has paid off, as I got an early release for the episode and a cameo with the character Jenkins (from season 5!). Love my RoosterTeeth.

I know not everybody loves Halo (the video game) and not everybody is into machinima, but if you haven’t had a chance to check this series out, please do. Seriously, I got into Halo because of these guys! There’s a lot of catching up with 5 seasons, but they have all the season on the site, granted you have to be a Sponsor to have access to all of them at once (they have the earlier seasons as part of a rolling archive), but you can also pick up their DVDs and look on iTunes and Zune and they even have their own channel on You Tube. So lots of places to check them out at. And besides the web series’ they have, the site has it’s own comic series that is a lot of fun to read. They also have, for the serious gamer, Achievement Hunter, which is a branch off the main site. They have all kinds of info on games (360, PS3, Wii, etc) and will post videos on different tips on how to do a certain thing in a game. It’s been helpful a few times. There is just a lot to do at the website and the community there is huge and everybody is pretty cool. Forums, blogs, pictures, videos, Griffball, and much more is over there.

A warning though. As a parent of a 15 and a 10 year old, I feel I do have to do this. The site and the content therein are not kid friendly. Yes, I have let my daughters watch Red vs Blue, with strict supervision. Perhaps not the greatest thing I ever did, but I figure if I allow them the occasional inappropriate thing, it will satisfy their cravings as kids and then I can control just what it is they see and hear they shouldn’t. That and they have yet to see seasons 1 & 2. Those I’ve deemed as pretty potty mouthed (and not just your run of the mill cussing. Two of my brothers were sailors, my father-in-law was one and I married one, I thought I’d heard it all!) so they aren’t allowed those yet. The Oldest, maybe, will be able to see them soon. The Youngest, not for a while yet. So if you have kids, you have been warned.

I know, it sounds like one big infomercial up there, doesn’t it? Well, after the day I had yesterday, I owe them big for brightening my day when I saw the new episode. So, a big huge thanks to my RT guys! Love you all!

In other news, yesterday sucked. The Boss was all over the place, boarding on Bi-Polar. And then he got mad when we ignored his tantrums and he got worse. Still no reason behind my cut hours, though. I talked with one of the other managers and she has no idea why he’s doing this. Especially when he said he’d help us out as much as he could. Others are starting to get their hours back and I still only have two days. I am on call of a sorts though. One of my co-workers is a bit older and has been having problems with her back, and she said that if I didn’t mind she’d call me if she didn’t feel she could make it in. I jumped all over that. Besides, I like her and we are helping each other out this way.

But even after the Boss left for the day (thankfully it was his early day) it seemed we had moronic customers. The later it got in the day the worse they all seemed to get. I can usually keep my cool with them, but it was steadily becoming more difficult as the day wore on and I was bombarded with idiot after idiot. I don’t like advertising online where I work, mainly because I know they have people that search the web for blogs, etc to see what people are saying (customer research) and I know I’d get fired and possibly even a law suit with how I rant and rave about my restaurant. So the name will go unnamed, but do know it is a Fast Food Chain. I used to be the Crew Trainer there (long story) and so I would be helping to make sure that the crew knew what they were doing, but all I seem to do anymore is paperwork, and from my understanding they have phased out that position anyway. So oh well. But when I’m not messing with that, I’m opening the store and I normally work the Drive Thru. I’m not the fastest, but I pride myself on accuracy and being able to handle the customers with some respect and ease. That and I’m so careful about my register that they don’t have to worry about cash shortages from me. But anyway, here are a list of things that you should NOT do when going through a Drive Thru (and yes, a lot of them happened yesterday):

  1. Yell into the speaker. Even if we ask you to repeat yourself. This makes it even harder for us to understand what you are saying. A little bit above average speaking tone is very good for us to understand you. And if we ask you to repeat yourself, it is usually to make sure we heard you right or we have a Boss who is rude and inconsiderate of us all and demands our attention even when we are working with a customer. And speaking quietly applies to this as well.
  2. If you own a diesel truck or a loud car/truck, don’t come through the Drive Thru. And don’t get mad at us if we tell you to turn your vehicle off. If you do, it’s your fault you got chicken instead of beef. And you may have ruined the customer in front of you and the one behind you’s order. We cannot hear anything over the loud engines and the diesels are just loud.
  3. Cellphones. I have one. I use it instead of a Landline phone. It’s pretty neat to talk and drive at the same time. Don’t, I repeat DON’T talk on it while going through the drive thru. Did you know that the majority of Drive Thru speakers are automatic and we cannot shut it off so long as your car is on the trip for it? Did you know that we don’t really care to hear your conversations and I have no doubt that you really don’t want us to hear what you are talking about. Especially the personal stuff. The TMI stuff. The stuff you’d be embarrassed to know someone else heard it. We also ask that you don’t talk on them while we are trying to get your order. We can make exceptions if you are calling to confirm someone’s order, but we’d prefer you to go inside for stuff like that. You see, we have this thing called Service Time and we have to have each and every customer taken care of in that Drive Thru in 90 seconds or less. I’m not kidding. If we don’t make our goals and times, we get into trouble. First the managers get yelled at and they take it out on us. If you must talk on your cell phone, finish the conversation before you hit the Drive Thru, or tell them you’ll call back. I’ve had it where people left the speaker they were so into their phone call that they didn’t hear me try to confirm what they just said and then get mad at me at the window because I had the nerve to not finish their order and to ask them what it was again. And one of my major pet peeves is repetition. I can’t stand repeating myself and i can’t stand making others do it. So don’t make me! It’s a waste of time!
  4. Don’t pick on your Drive Thru people. You don’t know if they have had to deal with all kinds of bullshit before you. And we don’t like lashing out at customers (well, most of us). But you may end up on the wrong end of an attitude if you start picking on or joking around with us. We try to be nice and polite, but there is just so much we can take. And if we ask you if you are finished with your order, don’t say yeah and then add something right then, or say, you were kidding. You will have a disgruntled cashier and sandwhich make on your hands. My husband is notorious for having fun at the Drive Thru’s expense and I yell at him. I don’t like it. I find it to be a waste of time and when it comes to service times and customer care there is no room for it. I do strike up a short conversation with some of my regulars and we make joke and stuff, but that’s when we aren’t busy and not a lot of pressure on us at the time. And they understand that when we are busy, I don’t have time to play around.
  5. Don’t try to hand us Canadian money and expect us to take it. Well, foreign money. We had somebody (a ditzy blonde) take Korean money before thinking they were quarters. I do know what a lot of money from other countries looks like. I also know what US currency looks like and how it feels and how much it weighs in your hand. I had one joker try to hand me nothing but Canadian coins and I handed them right back. He wasn’t happy, but I wasn’t in the mood to get yelled at by my manager for letting my drawer get short. The bank wont take that stuff in the deposits for some reason.
  6. If you must pay with nothing but coins, go inside. Stay away from the Drive Thru. And if you still come through, don’t ask us to sit there and count it out. Especially if you just handed us $10 worth in a mix of coins. And DO NOT give us rolled coins. We’ve had problems when people take them, crack ’em open and we have a real coin on each end of the roll and fake shit in the center. I wont take them and if the customer gets bitchy about it I go ahead and crack it open there and count it out by hand and make them wait. Yes, I have. I refused to let the next window hand out the food because the customer didn’t feel like waiting for me to get done. I can loose my job for letting my drawer go short. So don’t mind me if I do little things like that to keep it.
  7. The Drive Thru is not a bank. It’s one thing if you ask us for a few ones or something when it is coming out of the change we are handing you back. BUT when you hand us a twenty and want change back, I will not do it. Main reason is, again, we are not a bank. The second reason is if you are not careful when this happens, you could be swindled by the customer. So if you are told we cannot do it, don’t get mad or argue. Most places will, but if you look at their cash policies and register polices a little closer (like ours) its not allowed.
  8. We are not a trash can. And this is from the Health Department. We’ve lost points during an inspection due to this. If you do not see a trash can outside for the Drive Thru, I’m sorry. That’s the fault of our home office. Not ours. DO NOT ask us to throw your shit away. You should already have a trash bag in your vehicle for such cases. The Health Department frowns on this because of possible cross contamination. you make think you are clean, but you may not be as clean as you hoped, and could spread germs this way. So if you get told no, don’t get made. And DO NOT throw it out into our drive way and parking lot. That’s just rude and moronic.
  9. If you have a large order, containing more than ten things, go inside. This is a courtesy to your fellow customers. Large orders with twenty or more things, well, they kind of slow things down. And with massive orders (totalling around 40 + bucks) should really be called in. This helps to ensure you get your order with fresh product and that everyone else can too and no body has to wait very long.
  10. Multiple orders. I hate these. I really do. Our policy states that it is up to the manager to decide how many multiple orders are too many. But use common sense. If you come through the Drive Thru with six SEPARATE orders, are you being a pain and impeding everyone else’s ability to get their food? Especially if it’s a huge order. Also, let us know first thing BEFORE you order that you have more than one. And give us a second to confirm that with you. This allows us to minimize confusion and guarantees you get your order right.
  11. If someone messed up your order, call the store or go back as soon as you are able to. Let the manager know. Don’t complain to us the next time you come through. We cannot do anything about it then. It is to the point right now where we are unable to replace any forgotten food or messed up food without a phone call shortly after its discovered or a quick visit back. The quick visit is not always possible and we do feel bad when it happens, which is why we endorse the phone call. You call, talk to the manager (NO ONE ELSE) and they have a special book they write these down in. So if you request or the manager offers to replace the food, it’s recorded with your name and next time you stop by, its taken care of. This also minimizes the possibility of people trying to steal food from us. Yes, people to do try to pull that one on us.
  12. Treat us as you would want us to treat you. You come at us with a nasty attitude, expect one in return. And as you expect us to remember you make mistakes or forget something, we do the same thing from time to time. Don’t get pissy if we forget one things or misunderstand you. This is where you contacting the manager if there is a problem is so important. And this also ties into #11. If you don’t call or stop and talk to the manager, especially if it is about repeat problems, the problems cannot be fixed. If there is someone there handling your order and they always mess it up, and you call and let us know, that person wont be there for long. TRUST ME. When you work Drive Thru you cannot stand wasting time and people who mess up orders waste our time just as much as yours. We often have to remake the order in the middle of the new orders being taken and it slows things down. So please, let us know, and often. This way it will help us to weed out the wastes of space that like to work with us.

Ok, that is a brief version. Yes, there is more, but I’d have to write a book, and I already have several in the works ;). That and I have to get going. We have a few meetings today here at home and I need to make sure this place is in one piece. And I need to do a workout. And I have more Red vs Blue to re-watch :).

Thought provoaking…

Maybe, maybe not. Who knows. I really need to try and settle down, so maybe this help. Get out a few things that may help me chill out and get myself ready for bed. Have to be at work in the morning and frankly, if not for the fact we need the oney right now, I’d walk in and give them all the finger and head right back out the door. Yes, more bullshit happening at work. The boss that said when Hubby was laid off that he’d help me get as many hours as he could has cut me down to two days a week, 8 am – 5 pm. Roughly 18 hours, with not much opportunity to pick up anymore. You see, somewhere they got it in their heads to not call me in anymore. I have always tried to make myself available and unlike a lot of my co-workers, am honest about the shit I’m doing that is causing me to not come in when they call me. One excuse I’ve heard is that they don’t have my number. *rollseyes* Yup, which is why they have called me a few times for little things that could have waited till my next day at work. I have no idea if I did anything or said anything to piss him off, but I would hope he’d have the balls and decency to tell me to my face that I fucked up instead of playing these games. One thought did come to mind, and if its because of this then I may be talking to a lawyer to see what can be done about it. But one day or District Manager came in for an inspection, and the weather was horrible that day with heavy rain, so yes, the legs were hurting very badly. But due to the shortened schedule I made myself stay even though I should have gone home. I was moving slow, but then again there were times I was getting things done as quickly or faster than the others just to get moving on my legs again. And the DM made a comment about if I was in pain or not. I made the comment after affirming it that I was, that I was dedicated to my job. I wasn’t being a smart ass. But many a time there have been people at the store (and and a lot of jobs) where there was nothing wrong with people and they came up with fake stories to get out of work. How many times have I worked my ass off while barley able to stand on my two legs? And I know the DM said something to the bossman about it, but I just don’t know how far the conversation went.

Well, if that is the case that the DM is looking to get rid of me due to my legs, then I will see what I can do legally and while I wait on that, see what I can get out of unemployment. No, I wont be collecting unemployment. Believe it or not, with my short schedule I still make more than what I would by sitting on my ass. No, they have this program for the unemployed or those that are working roughly twenty or less hours a week to help them go to school and pick up a new trade. I was thinking of renewing my love affair with accounting. I excelled at it when I was taking Business Management in college, and it would not take the full two years for me to get my two year degree (one of UE’s requirements) since I already have a few credits towards it. I’d have to drag out my accounting books and stuff to see if I can beef myself up, but I know it’s something I can do and do well. I just can’t get a job in it right now since I never finished the degree and never went for certification. It would open up several job opportunities and would be nice to be back in school again.

Now, what does all of this mean for my writing? Sadly, I’m not sure. I haven’t had a lot of extra time lately, even with the shortened schedule. That and the home environment has not settled down enough for me to find the ‘zen’ to be able to write anything of worth. So for now I will have to play it by ear. And who knows, maybe I will get back into school and will be able to make use of the library to do something.

Hard to believe she's ten!
Hard to believe she's ten!

Yup, over the past month we’ve had a lot happen. I don’t have a pic (I don’t think anyway) of the cake for my Oldest, but she turned 15 last month and now my baby is 10. We had the party yesterday and though a lot of the guests (ne, her friends from school) didn’t show up. Grandma Charleston (my mom-in-law) and two of my nieces were there, along with one of my co-workers and her family. We still had fun and a good time, but I am tired of the no shows. I realize her birthday is at the beginning of the summer break for the majority of the Southern states, but it is ridiculous. The past few years it’s been very hard to get any of her school friends to come. I think last year was the first year. And it was only one. So I think next year will be the final year I do birthday parties for friends. I’ll let the Oldest have one and see for her. But for the Youngest it will be held at the end of May before schoollets out and we’ll see. Hopefully someone will show up. And we didn’t even invite that many. But she did make out like a bandit. She has a bit of money to go towards Build-A-Bear to get a new toy. She got clothes and lots of books and a few toys. *Huggles Kids*

Ok, Hubby is playing the beta of 1vs 100 on XBL and I feel the need to go help him since he missed a few obvious questions, even though it’s unusual for him. He is a walking trivia book :D.

Jobs, Sims and life in general

First and foremost, I do have to say I am quite angry at our Welfare system. Aka, DSS and it’s million other acronyms. The program that is suppose to help people keep a float when they need it. Well, they deemed my family as one of the ones that does not need it. In the meantime we are shuttingdown several things and telling various bill collectors they are just going to have to wait until we get things straightened out. And trying to figure out ways of keeping food on the table and a roof over our heads. And you know what I don’t get? Hubby did as he was supposed to when he was laid off. He went straight into unemployment so that way we wouldn’t have to worry about a huge lag so we could hopefully keep afloat. Well, that was the major factor in us not getting it. We make too much money each month to qualify for food stamps. Really? Fuck you DSS and I’m about to say the same about the government. I am very disgruntled with both right now. I am very big on a lot of Republican view points, mainly due to the fact I feel they are better for ourselves. We work hard ourselves and make ourselves successful- don’t ride the coattails of others. But I do believe there are times when people really do need the help to keep afloat and to start over again. I do not believe in abusing said system and cannot stand the countless people out there who do. And the reason why is it makes it impossible for those that really and truly need it, even on a temp basis, cannot get it. We got turned down for Family Independence, and then for Food Stamps. I may try Medicaid to make sure both kids are taken care of, but that leaves out my Husband and I and he’s a diabetic and we have yet to find out what is really wrong with my legs, and the pain has been getting worse. SO I say this, I voted in the last election. I did not vote for our current president. I am having a bad feeling about having him in office. I have yet to see where all his packages to stimulate the government are really helping. I live in a state that is almost always behind in everything that counts. We have an unemployment rate in my local area that is higher than the national average. It’s an area that thrived on mills and production plants. They have either closed down or are in the process of doing so. And as I have talked to many of these people, I know my family is not the only one in danger of loosing more than we really should have to with all the years of work we have put in. So, I would really like to know when they are going to give the finger to the banks and start helping the people directly. We are the backbone of the country, not the banks. We are the ones that make the world go round. Not the banks or the motor industries. The reason those bailouts are not working out like they thought they would is pretty simple- the car industry does not buy from itself to make more money to produce more jobs. We, the people do. Banks can’t make money off of themselves (sub prime anybody?). No, they make money when we have money to put into them either with savings, IRAs, and hell, even the stock market!

Ok, enough with that little rant. I’m hot enough under the collar.

Still playing the waiting game with a few things concerning life, but one major thing is about to be over. Friday Hubby goes in for a meeting with Unemployment to see about them paying for him to go to school and pick up a new trade. I just hope they a) do it and b) don’t try to screw him out of getting into the culinary arts. If they do I’ll be mega pissed.

I got a little surprise the other day. I figured it would be a while before I could even touch SIMs 3. My computer needed to be upgraded and that was gonna cost $$$. Well, my surprise and it’s an early birthday present, well presents, was a new video card and the SIMs3. Yes I am a very happy camper. The game does not run as well as it could, mainly because of the processor (its the minimum required), but it plays and it’s an awesome game! Hubby joked that he’ll never see me again as I will be playing it forever! Well, he’s not far off from the truth;). The controls are similar to the previous versions of the game and I love the ability to wonder around EVERYWHERE withno load screen and even go to work with my SIMs, even if I can’t see them as they work. The needs don’t vanish in seconds like in the first two and it’s easier to make money and boost your skill levels without the need for cheats. I’ll admit I used maybe one or two, but in the previous versions I’d be using the InSiminatorleft and right, along withthe Testing Cheats. It’s been a slow progression with my SIMsas I find out all the neat and cool things I can do withthem now. I may go into more detail later about it. All I know is I am having a blast with it.

Ok, on the job front for me, I am very unhappy. Everyone’s hours have been cut back. I’ve been dropped down to two days and not even full shifts. My app with UPS is still active, but I have yet to hear anything from them and they don’t want anybody hounding them. Lovely. But there is this new restaurantopening up down the road. Hubby is going to apply there and I’m ready too. Maybe I can get kitchen work. Don’t really want to do deal with the public. They are not my friends right now. It better pick up soon, or else I don’t know what we’ll do.

A few lighter notes: The Oldest comes home on Thursday for good. We all can’t wait. And then on Saturday we are celebrating the Youngest’s 10th birthday. Yup, ten years ago that day I went through a scary hell to bring her into this world, and I couldn’t ask for a better kid. A litle fine tuning, but she’s young enough ;).

In other news, Vader is still adorable and surprisingly, Tux has not decimated my desk as bad as she has in the past. Trouble is doing better and acting more like her Fat Cat self. Cujo is still an old fart, Tiger is still nutless and Ryoko is my freak.

I think that’s it. Been keeping up with the workouts as best as I can with all the craziness going on. Not a lot of progress, but enough to help encourage me to keep going. Ok, later all!

Pissed beyond belief…

So much so that I hit Enter and posted nothing but the title. Remember almost two months ago when we were looking into another place that opened up here where we live: the one that was bigger and only 50 more a month??? Guess what happened? The tenets moved out last night and now the owners are cleaning it out! SONOFABITCH! And we now don’t have the money to pay the stupid deposit (which is BS) and it would actually hurt us now to try and fit 50 extra bucks into the budget. Pissed does not cover how I am feeling all too well, but it is the first word to come to mind. My girls could have had their own rooms, my animals more room and we’d have a lower electric bill and so many other pluses. Hell I’m tempted to see if I have a family member willing to help us with the deposit and then try to make the higher rent work. Very tempted. I may have to talk to my mother and the Hubby a bit, but I’m tired of the landlord allowing these people to take the place and they almost always move out within the first few months. It hurts. We need the place and everyone else is throwing it out. Why the hell can’t things work out in our favor for once?

On the semi-brightside, SONY’s presentation at E3 is going better. Nothing I’m all hyped about, butt at least they aren’t pissing me off. And I might be willing to check out Uncharted jsut so I can hear Claudia Black’s voice. Awesomeness. Possibly more later. But really, this will most likely be the last one for today. I might edit it, who knows. Check on my Twitter to see if I have.

E3 part 3

Watching Nintendo’s conference and they are bombing. I have been interested int he Wii and the kids both have DS Lites and I’ve been wanting to get one for me. And I realize that for the most part, in order to compete with Microsoft and SONY, they have to look at things differently to stay afloat. They keep the price down by not putting in the High Def and Blu Ray and all the other bells and whistles that attract many to the PS3 and the 360. They target not only kids, but the casual gamer and even the non-casual gamer. They’ve done well in those areas. BUT, they have done a few things that as a hardcore gamer and a parent I think they fucked up on.

First, as a hard core gamer, I feel left out. They have not shown me anything to really make me want to buy the Wii. Or the DSi. They’ve shown a lot of stuff to attract new gamers in. WHO GIVES A FUCK! And they just further alienated me as a female gamer. Style Savy???? WTF? I realize that in the ‘regular’ world I’m an oddity and very rare. I’m a female who games and doesn’t go for the cutesy little games all the time. Nope. I like my games with action, mystery and even a bit of blood. If there isn’t at least one person dying in the game, I’m not always happy. Morbid, maybe, but a great stress reliever. A fashion game is not for me or the majority of the female gamers I know. I can also guarantee that my two daughters who are gamers would balk at the idea of them being the target audience for a game like that. (I should point out how girly my youngest is. It sends my tomboy ass running most of the time.)

Ok, as a parent I’m beginning to wonder if the Wii is a system I want in my house and my being a hard core gamer has nothing to do with it. Nope. And i imagine a lot of parents would agree with me on the following two points. For the most part, the PS3 and the 360 (I own both) are pretty clutter free. The only part where it isn’t, and every console has this problem, is the amount of games. But a handy organization system takes care of that. Rock Band is the only game that has gotten on my nerves with all the different controllers it has- storage is an issue. But it’s a small amount of clutter. With everything I’ve seen I’m getting the feeling if you want to get the full effect of the Wii you will have to have ALL the different controllers (Wii Fit, the Motion Plus, etc). And some games will only be compatible with the new controller. Um, it’s hard to get the kids to pick up after themselves to begin with (unless you are one of the lucky few). Why do I want to add more junk to my house? And I imagine that the console itself is cheap, the gadgets associated with it are not and after awhile the price adds up. It wont hit you hard if you get it only for one thing (but then why spend that much money on it in the first place?), but if you want to get the full expierence, spend, spend, spend, spend.

And still more things being added that are having me scratch my head. The Vitality? Can I hide under a rock? Seriously?

The Nintendo conference feels more like a business meeting than a press conference. And Cammie whatshername should not be allowed to say stimulation. This is a scary experience and making wish Microsoft’s had been longer. It’s hurting. Hubby just pointed out that I was right about it feeling like a business meeting. Microsoft was trying to engage the audience. They did things to catch our attention. They put on a show! This is a gaming conference after all. But these people don’t know how to talk to gamers. They all suck. Sorry, even with my vocab, I can’t think of another word that fits it better. They said that gamers are saying “I want more”. Hubby countered with “No, I want something!”. Hee hee, in your face Nintendo. And when was the last time Sega put out a good game? And The Conduit ain’t impressive. Halo anyone? And the new Resident Evil was canned by gamers across the bored after release on the other consoles. What makes Nintendo think the franchise will do any better? Oh gods, make it stop. They’re putting Dead Space on the Wii? The graphics were awesome on the 360. They’ll suck on the Wii, even if it’s a different Dead Space game. It looks horrible. Even Hubby is not happy about it and he loved the game! Please, gods, make them stop.

They really have not impressed at all. Team Ninja sucks now- they’re graphics look horrible! Make it stop. Is it a fighting game? Is it garbage? I’m ashamed to be a gamer right now. Sorry, Nintendo. you have not made something for everyone. I have not felt as offended by you anytime before. You all, just… damn. I’m a little pissed right now. They did not deliver and I’m actually a little afraid to see what SONY will be rolling out in a little bit. They are notorious for being confusing and pains in the butt when it comes to core gamers, but at the very least they do have us in mind and you feel like it.

Maybe an update later. Don’t know. I’ve been let down by the rest of E3. I think I liked it better when it was behind closed doors. Can they do that again next year, unless the other companies can figure it out and do it Microsoft style and then actually deliver when they hype things up before hand (Yes, EA and BioWare, that was at you).

EA, I love you but I’m mad.

Ok, the last few weeks before E3, EA and BioWare have been hyping the great news and stuff for Mass Effect 2. An added bonus was the fact that they’d have a spotlight for the SIMs 3. Two games that I have been so looking forward to and have been enjoying what tidbits I’ve been able to. Now it may be due to the spectacular show that Microsoft put on for us. But I was disappointed in their conference. Really. It hurt. I know EA Sports can be a big money maker, but please. Did we really need to spend that much time with it? I like sports and I know more casual gamers go for those types of games, but PUH LEASE! Two of your other money makers and you practicallyignore them and don’t even give us any newmaterial (The ME2 trailer minus the end of it was shown on FX before E3 and the SIMs 3 trailer has been on the main website for a while now). Shame on you EA and BioWare. And now I have received a Tweet from BioWare: Don’t be sad! We’ll be releasing for info so you can get your ME2 fix. -Neha Yeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhh. I’m gonna have to get back to you on that (Office sarcasm is intended). Hubby was pleased with the EA Sports stuff, more for the Football and Fight Night, and it was nice to see the Littlest PetShop Pets stuff. But they got a little patronizing with the Charm Girls Club. Even my nine-yr old thought it was horrible. And she loves Littlest PetShop Pets. So that’s pretty much that. Not looking forward to SONY or Nintendo tomorrow. I’veseen what I want to see and will most likely reserve the rest of E3 for G4. And maybe Gamestop.

Might wrestle the TV away from Hubby to play some games on 360, but then again, I may play SIMs 2 so I can wallow in the misery of not being able to get SIMs 3 yet, and worse yet, having to wait before I can play it on the upgrades the poor computer will need. *wallows*