EA, I love you but I’m mad.

Ok, the last few weeks before E3, EA and BioWare have been hyping the great news and stuff for Mass Effect 2. An added bonus was the fact that they’d have a spotlight for the SIMs 3. Two games that I have been so looking forward to and have been enjoying what tidbits I’ve been able to. Now it may be due to the spectacular show that Microsoft put on for us. But I was disappointed in their conference. Really. It hurt. I know EA Sports can be a big money maker, but please. Did we really need to spend that much time with it? I like sports and I know more casual gamers go for those types of games, but PUH LEASE! Two of your other money makers and you practicallyignore them and don’t even give us any newmaterial (The ME2 trailer minus the end of it was shown on FX before E3 and the SIMs 3 trailer has been on the main website for a while now). Shame on you EA and BioWare. And now I have received a Tweet from BioWare: Don’t be sad! We’ll be releasing for info so you can get your ME2 fix. -Neha Yeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhh. I’m gonna have to get back to you on that (Office sarcasm is intended). Hubby was pleased with the EA Sports stuff, more for the Football and Fight Night, and it was nice to see the Littlest PetShop Pets stuff. But they got a little patronizing with the Charm Girls Club. Even my nine-yr old thought it was horrible. And she loves Littlest PetShop Pets. So that’s pretty much that. Not looking forward to SONY or Nintendo tomorrow. I’veseen what I want to see and will most likely reserve the rest of E3 for G4. And maybe Gamestop.

Might wrestle the TV away from Hubby to play some games on 360, but then again, I may play SIMs 2 so I can wallow in the misery of not being able to get SIMs 3 yet, and worse yet, having to wait before I can play it on the upgrades the poor computer will need. *wallows*


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