Microsoft at E3

I feel sorry for SONY. They are going to have to seriously push some stuff out to blow Microsoft away. And frankly I don’t see how.

  • Beatles Rockband
  • Halo 3 ODST
  • Facebook/Twitter
  • Left 4 Dead 2 (L4D2)
  • and many more

They only had an hour and a half and they used the time wisely. Not much talking, which is good. It gives the games and new tech a chance to shine and show the public just what it can do. I didn’t feel like I was in danger of falling asleep. One thing I feel I have to say is, and keep in mind I am a huge fan of Fable and LionHead Studios, but I can’t let this go.

NATAL, it looks awesome. And I was completely sold until Peter Molynueax came out. Why? He has been know to over promise and not deliver on said promises. It has happened with many things of dealing with Fable. So when he started talking about Milo, my stomach turned. It seemed pretty cool, but he likes to blow things up. Sorry, I’m feeling cautious there, and I agree with Kevin P of G4 TV, is this how the Terminators start? And just how much memory, disk space and processor so we need to run that thing??? It looked awesome, and definitely a neat and innovative way to get more gamers in and to appease the current gaming masses. But if I start having to defending unborn children and keep getting visions of Microsoft as being SkyNet, then I’ll be pissed ;). One possibility I am waiting to hear about with NATAL (and this is my speculation) is Fitness Games. Hubby and I would love to see Yourself Fitness integrated with NATAL. The PT would be able to tell if I was doing the workout right, and safely. And hopefully, since there are certain things I can’t do due to my legs, they’d have it fully interactive so you could put health limitations, etc in there so the PT could take it into consideration. And with the voice and face recognition, it would make it easy for the PT to tell who was working out with me and help them out as well. Very ideal.

Now, I am a Halo fan. Honestly I didn’t become a real fan until after I started watching Red vs. Blue from Rooster Teeth. Yup, they really turned me on to it. I still am not big on FPS games, but Halo is about the sole exception. So I was a bit of a fangirl when I saw the ODST trailer and gameplay. Seriously cannot wait. But what was the icing on the cake was the teaser for Halo: Reach. From the look and the sound of it, we are going to start seeing more of the Spartan units andwhere they came from. Could be wrong, but Reach, if memory serves right, was the birthplace/training ground for the current/Halo 3 Spartans, including Master Chief. We thankfully pre-ordered ODST so we will be able to get it, and then try out the multiplayer beta for Reach. Cannot wait!

Beginning to grow impatient for the EA part of E3. I believe that is when we will have the BioWare news of Mass Effect 2 that we have been promised for sometime now. So I may be updating more later as E3 continues. Not so interested in SONY or Nintendo. We may watch part of it, but not likely.

Other news:

Watched the trailers and sneak peeks from the MTV Movie Awards (sorry, can’t bring myself to watch the program anymore. Too much potty humor, and I’m tired of that) and was pleased with what I saw. One shocked me. Even Hubby was shocked. We are debating on telling the Oldest about it. Seriously. I’m talking about the trailer for New Moon. Yes, you read that right. The parts with Edward and Bella stunk, just as in Twilight. But seeing Jacob turn in the werewolf… OMFGs! Incredible. There might be some hope for the movie yet. But the ones that I was waiting for were Harry Potter (more Draco please?), GI Joe (Holy shit!) and the most anticpated: Transformers! I’m in love. Yup. And if you have been following my Twitter, that has been happening a lot. But this is real. BumbleBee, Ravage… le sigh. The others will have to wait for rentals, but we are going to see what we can do without messing up our already stressed budget so we can take the kids to go see this movie. We all adored the first one, and we are all getting excited for the 2nd one. Perhaps my birthday?

Went to DSS this morning, and though we got turned down for Family Independence, we still have to find out about the Food Stamps and get a few other things set up as well (ie, Medicaid for at least the kids). When the new landlords took over I didn’t get a copy of the lease and never thought about it. But it wasn’t completely horrible (I’ll get back to the lease). The county I’m in is the launch site for the State to start new programs and so there are a lot of changes coming to DSS and some for the better. A few have already been implemented. You fill out your app and hand it in. Then they call you and a bunch of other people into a confrence room for a Rules, etc talk. Nothing personal (he quickly hushed you if you started that) was shared nor asked. He just went over a lot of things that people are normally given in little packets and then either don’t understand or don’t bother reading. It was interesting, and saved us some trouble. I was going to see if they could call my landlord or something or let us bring the lease in latter after we filed our stuff. Well, the guy told us all that any info we didn’t have today could cause a delay in getting our benefits up to 27 days or even five weeks. So what he did, so we wouldn’t have to go through all the same rigimaroll again, was hand out cards that we could use the next day to bypass the line and be seen for our interview, as well as hand out any paperwork we all needed. Definitely ended up saving us time, even if we do have to go in tomorrow. I’d rather wait a day to hear a yea or nay, rather than wait 27 days or longer because I didn’t have what they needed. So very helpful and I imagine cuts down on the time for the employees there as well.

I guess that’s it for now. It’s about time for dinner and EA’s E3 conference, and like I said, I might update more later.


3 thoughts on “Microsoft at E3

    1. My oldest can’t wait. She’s been driving us nuts. I’m almost afraid she’ll have a stroke or heart attack, or both, should she see the trailer.

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