E3 part 3

Watching Nintendo’s conference and they are bombing. I have been interested int he Wii and the kids both have DS Lites and I’ve been wanting to get one for me. And I realize that for the most part, in order to compete with Microsoft and SONY, they have to look at things differently to stay afloat. They keep the price down by not putting in the High Def and Blu Ray and all the other bells and whistles that attract many to the PS3 and the 360. They target not only kids, but the casual gamer and even the non-casual gamer. They’ve done well in those areas. BUT, they have done a few things that as a hardcore gamer and a parent I think they fucked up on.

First, as a hard core gamer, I feel left out. They have not shown me anything to really make me want to buy the Wii. Or the DSi. They’ve shown a lot of stuff to attract new gamers in. WHO GIVES A FUCK! And they just further alienated me as a female gamer. Style Savy???? WTF? I realize that in the ‘regular’ world I’m an oddity and very rare. I’m a female who games and doesn’t go for the cutesy little games all the time. Nope. I like my games with action, mystery and even a bit of blood. If there isn’t at least one person dying in the game, I’m not always happy. Morbid, maybe, but a great stress reliever. A fashion game is not for me or the majority of the female gamers I know. I can also guarantee that my two daughters who are gamers would balk at the idea of them being the target audience for a game like that. (I should point out how girly my youngest is. It sends my tomboy ass running most of the time.)

Ok, as a parent I’m beginning to wonder if the Wii is a system I want in my house and my being a hard core gamer has nothing to do with it. Nope. And i imagine a lot of parents would agree with me on the following two points. For the most part, the PS3 and the 360 (I own both) are pretty clutter free. The only part where it isn’t, and every console has this problem, is the amount of games. But a handy organization system takes care of that. Rock Band is the only game that has gotten on my nerves with all the different controllers it has- storage is an issue. But it’s a small amount of clutter. With everything I’ve seen I’m getting the feeling if you want to get the full effect of the Wii you will have to have ALL the different controllers (Wii Fit, the Motion Plus, etc). And some games will only be compatible with the new controller. Um, it’s hard to get the kids to pick up after themselves to begin with (unless you are one of the lucky few). Why do I want to add more junk to my house? And I imagine that the console itself is cheap, the gadgets associated with it are not and after awhile the price adds up. It wont hit you hard if you get it only for one thing (but then why spend that much money on it in the first place?), but if you want to get the full expierence, spend, spend, spend, spend.

And still more things being added that are having me scratch my head. The Vitality? Can I hide under a rock? Seriously?

The Nintendo conference feels more like a business meeting than a press conference. And Cammie whatshername should not be allowed to say stimulation. This is a scary experience and making wish Microsoft’s had been longer. It’s hurting. Hubby just pointed out that I was right about it feeling like a business meeting. Microsoft was trying to engage the audience. They did things to catch our attention. They put on a show! This is a gaming conference after all. But these people don’t know how to talk to gamers. They all suck. Sorry, even with my vocab, I can’t think of another word that fits it better. They said that gamers are saying “I want more”. Hubby countered with “No, I want something!”. Hee hee, in your face Nintendo. And when was the last time Sega put out a good game? And The Conduit ain’t impressive. Halo anyone? And the new Resident Evil was canned by gamers across the bored after release on the other consoles. What makes Nintendo think the franchise will do any better? Oh gods, make it stop. They’re putting Dead Space on the Wii? The graphics were awesome on the 360. They’ll suck on the Wii, even if it’s a different Dead Space game. It looks horrible. Even Hubby is not happy about it and he loved the game! Please, gods, make them stop.

They really have not impressed at all. Team Ninja sucks now- they’re graphics look horrible! Make it stop. Is it a fighting game? Is it garbage? I’m ashamed to be a gamer right now. Sorry, Nintendo. you have not made something for everyone. I have not felt as offended by you anytime before. You all, just… damn. I’m a little pissed right now. They did not deliver and I’m actually a little afraid to see what SONY will be rolling out in a little bit. They are notorious for being confusing and pains in the butt when it comes to core gamers, but at the very least they do have us in mind and you feel like it.

Maybe an update later. Don’t know. I’ve been let down by the rest of E3. I think I liked it better when it was behind closed doors. Can they do that again next year, unless the other companies can figure it out and do it Microsoft style and then actually deliver when they hype things up before hand (Yes, EA and BioWare, that was at you).


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