Pissed beyond belief…

So much so that I hit Enter and posted nothing but the title. Remember almost two months ago when we were looking into another place that opened up here where we live: the one that was bigger and only 50 more a month??? Guess what happened? The tenets moved out last night and now the owners are cleaning it out! SONOFABITCH! And we now don’t have the money to pay the stupid deposit (which is BS) and it would actually hurt us now to try and fit 50 extra bucks into the budget. Pissed does not cover how I am feeling all too well, but it is the first word to come to mind. My girls could have had their own rooms, my animals more room and we’d have a lower electric bill and so many other pluses. Hell I’m tempted to see if I have a family member willing to help us with the deposit and then try to make the higher rent work. Very tempted. I may have to talk to my mother and the Hubby a bit, but I’m tired of the landlord allowing these people to take the place and they almost always move out within the first few months. It hurts. We need the place and everyone else is throwing it out. Why the hell can’t things work out in our favor for once?

On the semi-brightside, SONY’s presentation at E3 is going better. Nothing I’m all hyped about, butt at least they aren’t pissing me off. And I might be willing to check out Uncharted jsut so I can hear Claudia Black’s voice. Awesomeness. Possibly more later. But really, this will most likely be the last one for today. I might edit it, who knows. Check on my Twitter to see if I have.


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