Jobs, Sims and life in general

First and foremost, I do have to say I am quite angry at our Welfare system. Aka, DSS and it’s million other acronyms. The program that is suppose to help people keep a float when they need it. Well, they deemed my family as one of the ones that does not need it. In the meantime we are shuttingdown several things and telling various bill collectors they are just going to have to wait until we get things straightened out. And trying to figure out ways of keeping food on the table and a roof over our heads. And you know what I don’t get? Hubby did as he was supposed to when he was laid off. He went straight into unemployment so that way we wouldn’t have to worry about a huge lag so we could hopefully keep afloat. Well, that was the major factor in us not getting it. We make too much money each month to qualify for food stamps. Really? Fuck you DSS and I’m about to say the same about the government. I am very disgruntled with both right now. I am very big on a lot of Republican view points, mainly due to the fact I feel they are better for ourselves. We work hard ourselves and make ourselves successful- don’t ride the coattails of others. But I do believe there are times when people really do need the help to keep afloat and to start over again. I do not believe in abusing said system and cannot stand the countless people out there who do. And the reason why is it makes it impossible for those that really and truly need it, even on a temp basis, cannot get it. We got turned down for Family Independence, and then for Food Stamps. I may try Medicaid to make sure both kids are taken care of, but that leaves out my Husband and I and he’s a diabetic and we have yet to find out what is really wrong with my legs, and the pain has been getting worse. SO I say this, I voted in the last election. I did not vote for our current president. I am having a bad feeling about having him in office. I have yet to see where all his packages to stimulate the government are really helping. I live in a state that is almost always behind in everything that counts. We have an unemployment rate in my local area that is higher than the national average. It’s an area that thrived on mills and production plants. They have either closed down or are in the process of doing so. And as I have talked to many of these people, I know my family is not the only one in danger of loosing more than we really should have to with all the years of work we have put in. So, I would really like to know when they are going to give the finger to the banks and start helping the people directly. We are the backbone of the country, not the banks. We are the ones that make the world go round. Not the banks or the motor industries. The reason those bailouts are not working out like they thought they would is pretty simple- the car industry does not buy from itself to make more money to produce more jobs. We, the people do. Banks can’t make money off of themselves (sub prime anybody?). No, they make money when we have money to put into them either with savings, IRAs, and hell, even the stock market!

Ok, enough with that little rant. I’m hot enough under the collar.

Still playing the waiting game with a few things concerning life, but one major thing is about to be over. Friday Hubby goes in for a meeting with Unemployment to see about them paying for him to go to school and pick up a new trade. I just hope they a) do it and b) don’t try to screw him out of getting into the culinary arts. If they do I’ll be mega pissed.

I got a little surprise the other day. I figured it would be a while before I could even touch SIMs 3. My computer needed to be upgraded and that was gonna cost $$$. Well, my surprise and it’s an early birthday present, well presents, was a new video card and the SIMs3. Yes I am a very happy camper. The game does not run as well as it could, mainly because of the processor (its the minimum required), but it plays and it’s an awesome game! Hubby joked that he’ll never see me again as I will be playing it forever! Well, he’s not far off from the truth;). The controls are similar to the previous versions of the game and I love the ability to wonder around EVERYWHERE withno load screen and even go to work with my SIMs, even if I can’t see them as they work. The needs don’t vanish in seconds like in the first two and it’s easier to make money and boost your skill levels without the need for cheats. I’ll admit I used maybe one or two, but in the previous versions I’d be using the InSiminatorleft and right, along withthe Testing Cheats. It’s been a slow progression with my SIMsas I find out all the neat and cool things I can do withthem now. I may go into more detail later about it. All I know is I am having a blast with it.

Ok, on the job front for me, I am very unhappy. Everyone’s hours have been cut back. I’ve been dropped down to two days and not even full shifts. My app with UPS is still active, but I have yet to hear anything from them and they don’t want anybody hounding them. Lovely. But there is this new restaurantopening up down the road. Hubby is going to apply there and I’m ready too. Maybe I can get kitchen work. Don’t really want to do deal with the public. They are not my friends right now. It better pick up soon, or else I don’t know what we’ll do.

A few lighter notes: The Oldest comes home on Thursday for good. We all can’t wait. And then on Saturday we are celebrating the Youngest’s 10th birthday. Yup, ten years ago that day I went through a scary hell to bring her into this world, and I couldn’t ask for a better kid. A litle fine tuning, but she’s young enough ;).

In other news, Vader is still adorable and surprisingly, Tux has not decimated my desk as bad as she has in the past. Trouble is doing better and acting more like her Fat Cat self. Cujo is still an old fart, Tiger is still nutless and Ryoko is my freak.

I think that’s it. Been keeping up with the workouts as best as I can with all the craziness going on. Not a lot of progress, but enough to help encourage me to keep going. Ok, later all!


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