Thought provoaking…

Maybe, maybe not. Who knows. I really need to try and settle down, so maybe this help. Get out a few things that may help me chill out and get myself ready for bed. Have to be at work in the morning and frankly, if not for the fact we need the oney right now, I’d walk in and give them all the finger and head right back out the door. Yes, more bullshit happening at work. The boss that said when Hubby was laid off that he’d help me get as many hours as he could has cut me down to two days a week, 8 am – 5 pm. Roughly 18 hours, with not much opportunity to pick up anymore. You see, somewhere they got it in their heads to not call me in anymore. I have always tried to make myself available and unlike a lot of my co-workers, am honest about the shit I’m doing that is causing me to not come in when they call me. One excuse I’ve heard is that they don’t have my number. *rollseyes* Yup, which is why they have called me a few times for little things that could have waited till my next day at work. I have no idea if I did anything or said anything to piss him off, but I would hope he’d have the balls and decency to tell me to my face that I fucked up instead of playing these games. One thought did come to mind, and if its because of this then I may be talking to a lawyer to see what can be done about it. But one day or District Manager came in for an inspection, and the weather was horrible that day with heavy rain, so yes, the legs were hurting very badly. But due to the shortened schedule I made myself stay even though I should have gone home. I was moving slow, but then again there were times I was getting things done as quickly or faster than the others just to get moving on my legs again. And the DM made a comment about if I was in pain or not. I made the comment after affirming it that I was, that I was dedicated to my job. I wasn’t being a smart ass. But many a time there have been people at the store (and and a lot of jobs) where there was nothing wrong with people and they came up with fake stories to get out of work. How many times have I worked my ass off while barley able to stand on my two legs? And I know the DM said something to the bossman about it, but I just don’t know how far the conversation went.

Well, if that is the case that the DM is looking to get rid of me due to my legs, then I will see what I can do legally and while I wait on that, see what I can get out of unemployment. No, I wont be collecting unemployment. Believe it or not, with my short schedule I still make more than what I would by sitting on my ass. No, they have this program for the unemployed or those that are working roughly twenty or less hours a week to help them go to school and pick up a new trade. I was thinking of renewing my love affair with accounting. I excelled at it when I was taking Business Management in college, and it would not take the full two years for me to get my two year degree (one of UE’s requirements) since I already have a few credits towards it. I’d have to drag out my accounting books and stuff to see if I can beef myself up, but I know it’s something I can do and do well. I just can’t get a job in it right now since I never finished the degree and never went for certification. It would open up several job opportunities and would be nice to be back in school again.

Now, what does all of this mean for my writing? Sadly, I’m not sure. I haven’t had a lot of extra time lately, even with the shortened schedule. That and the home environment has not settled down enough for me to find the ‘zen’ to be able to write anything of worth. So for now I will have to play it by ear. And who knows, maybe I will get back into school and will be able to make use of the library to do something.

Hard to believe she's ten!
Hard to believe she's ten!

Yup, over the past month we’ve had a lot happen. I don’t have a pic (I don’t think anyway) of the cake for my Oldest, but she turned 15 last month and now my baby is 10. We had the party yesterday and though a lot of the guests (ne, her friends from school) didn’t show up. Grandma Charleston (my mom-in-law) and two of my nieces were there, along with one of my co-workers and her family. We still had fun and a good time, but I am tired of the no shows. I realize her birthday is at the beginning of the summer break for the majority of the Southern states, but it is ridiculous. The past few years it’s been very hard to get any of her school friends to come. I think last year was the first year. And it was only one. So I think next year will be the final year I do birthday parties for friends. I’ll let the Oldest have one and see for her. But for the Youngest it will be held at the end of May before schoollets out and we’ll see. Hopefully someone will show up. And we didn’t even invite that many. But she did make out like a bandit. She has a bit of money to go towards Build-A-Bear to get a new toy. She got clothes and lots of books and a few toys. *Huggles Kids*

Ok, Hubby is playing the beta of 1vs 100 on XBL and I feel the need to go help him since he missed a few obvious questions, even though it’s unusual for him. He is a walking trivia book :D.


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