I can sit up w/o feeling the world go all whirrlllllyyyyyy…

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Had to start this post off with a cute pic. I decided the oldest and the youngest of the cats was the way to go. That I wanted something to cheer me up and make me feel better. If you’ve read the Twitter Feed my sinus’ have mutinied against me in a big way. Which is weird, because usually I cannot breath when they do it and my ears are pain free. Exact opposite today. Been feeling under the weather since Sunday and knew it was gonna happen. Woke up this morning with the typical tickle in my throat and something worse. Sinus headache, combined with achy ears and DIZZINESS! Yup. The world was twirling on me and it sucked. That and my left side of my face felt swollen and I could barely open my eye, but nothing was swollen. So, the ears have calmed down, I can stand up for longer periods now and still feel shitty, but not as much as before. Already took some nighttime sinus meds so I’ll be in lala land soon, dreaming blissful dreams of Daniel Jackson :). On the downside, when I called out from work this morning I talked with my fav manager who was already down two people. I felt even worse. mainly because if it weren’t for the dizziness I’d have gone in. I can work with a headache. I’m familiar enough with my surroundings at the store that I can manuver it blindfolded. Dizziness is another story all together. And what sucked most about today- we have a Little League Baseball World Series happening and that means we’ve been busy. We had an $800 lunch hour yesterday, something we don’t normally see. At least haven’t in a few years. I imagine it was worse today and I expect tomorrow and Saturday (I work both days) to be worse. I hated calling out like that.

In other news, The Oldest is now in Band for High School and will be apart of the Colour Guard for Marching Band. Not the flute position she wanted, but as the instructor said, the spots were full and with her in Colour Guard it’s easy to pull her out and use her as an Alternate. So she will be having a very full schedule over the next school year. Band Camp starts Monday and lasts two weeks and then after that rehearsals start and first performance is that Friday at the Football game. She’ll be busy, busy, busy. Which is good. It’ll help keep her on tract and she can make new friends and have fun. But at the same time we know the instructor will not put up with anything other than the best behavior, attitude, etc. Now we just need to find something either really cheap or free for the Youngest to involve herself in to keep her busy and not let her feel left out. Though with her only being in Elementary school, she may not have many options. Her school only offers Chorus, and she has decided that she does not want any part of it. Before she did and then all of a sudden she changed her mind. I know when she hits Middle School I’m signing her up for Basketball. She enjoys it and I can see her doing well with it.

Getting a little sleepy here, but I have to do my shameless plug. FaceBook and Twitter both got hit with it, so now it’s your turn *eg*. Go to the right of your screen where I have my links and click on the one for Rooster Teeth. They have had new comics, RT Shorts, RedvBlue eps, and all kinds of stuff going on over there. Especially Drunk Tank. I love their podcasts. It’s like a bunch of best buds sitting around and shooting the breeze and having a blast while doing it. And if you are already there, then you know about the new changes to the site! As long as you are a Sponsor to the site, anyway. New format and some new features, looks, and it’s fantastic so far. So I recomend at least peaking ;). No, it wont make me shut up :p.

Speaking of changes, Microsoft has been working on new features and what not for XBox Live for the 360 community. They started this week with their ‘Preview’ of it, which is essentially a Beta version. Hubby and I both managed to get in on it and so far so good. Netflix works much better and is easier to maneuver and add things to the Watch Instantly list. I have my reservations about a Marketplace for the Avatars. I do like that we’ll be able to earn stuff for them when the full version is released. Not too many changes, but a lot of improvements, and they are good ones. I wish they had the FaceBook and Twitter things added to it, but I can understand holding off on that, and maybe not even putting them in the preview. But I cannot wait for them this fall!

Ok, eyes are drooping. Time for bed. Night all. Have fun and a good night!



Last two pics are off Vader and Tux respectively.


Where to start????

Long time no type, I know. I’ve been super busy with work and family and have little time for a lot of stuff lately. I’m behind once again in my communications with friends and family (hope you guys are keeping up with my Twitter so you knowI’m alive). Today is my day off from work, and as per usual with my days off I’m catching up on stuff around the house. Yes, as I work the Hubby and kids do stuff to keep up with the dishes, laundry, etc, but they don’t do everything. Like Carpet Cleaning or massive clean ups of an entire room (living room carpet this morning and kitchen last week). I’ve got boxes waiting on me to get them to Goodwill, and empty boxes waiting for me to fill them with more stuff to go to Goodwill.

Work has been busy as it is Summer and we’ve had a huge run on inspections. But thankfully all them went well so we should be seeing less of those for about six months. Hopefully *crosses fingers*. I have managed to go from about two days a week back to my five and even though I am not always there for a full nine hour day, once I’m home I am sore (the legs) and exhausted. Plus there is the family, including the dogs and cats.

I do have to report that for the last two weeks I have not worked out. I know, that is very bad of me. And the only excuse I really have is time and the fact that when I used to exercise it was about the time that we now watch TV as a family. Mornings, as I have discovered, are not good for me to workout, especially if I have work that day. The legs tend to not like me as much. So I am waiting until school starts and see how everyone’s schedule is and then try to work it back in at least a few days a week. I’d love to go back to the five days, but I’m not sure how well that will work. But I am determined I will loose this weight and build the strength back up in my legs.

Speaking of the blighters that they are, my legs have not been too bad. There have been a few days over the last month where they were killing me, but overall not too bad. I know they would be even better if I could get back into my workouts.

School here for the kids starts back on September 1st. Hubby goes to his first class on the 18th of August. And I am on a quest to try to accomplish three things:

  1. Go to Comic Con next year.
  2. Go to Dragon Con next year
  3. Get a lap top.

The first two will most likely not happen, and could not this year due to the money. So there is always next year. The last is becoming a necessity. I still have my PC, even though it put me through hell last month(look at my Twitter for June and see how bad it got!), and can get on it pretty much whenever. But I need the lap top for my writing. I cannot write at home, as I have discovered. I cannot talk on the phone when I’m home either, but the writing bugs me more since I am trying to get stuff published so maybe one day I can kiss food service goodbye. I said the other day to the Hubby that I’d love a Kindle for Xmas. I think I’ve changed my mind. I need the lap top more. I just can’t concentrate at home with everyone here, with all the interruptions. Everytime I turn around it’s one thing or another. I can write to noise, but only music. Conversation is not conducive to me being creative by any means. And I’m not trying to be mean or hateful towards my Hubby or girls, but I need to do this. Just like Hubby needs to go to school so he doesn’t have to take on another Trucking  job, I need to write so maybe I can get out of the job that may end up tearing my legs to pieces. And send my blood pressurethrough the roof on a daily basis. I may start going to the library once a week and just sit up there with my MP3 player and write, but that wont help when I go to transcribe it onto the PC. I still need concentration for that. So a laptop will be a must. It’s also not a thing of asking for quiet time. I love the Hubby, but he does not seem to understand that constantly gettingonto the kids to be quiet, or not to disturb me (he does this a lot with my TV shows) only makes it worse. I appreciate it, but it does not help. Yup, need one of those things.

On a bright side, Hubby scored enough Finacial Aid to not need Unemployment’s help to go through school! Yay! No serious plans yet for the money left over  after his tuition costs, but playing catch up with bills is on the list. But I am proud of him and cannot wait till he gets his chef’s jacket! *sigh* He’ll look so adorably rugged and chef like (he does not do cute). Will have to post pics once he gets it!

Allllrrrririighty then, it’s time for dinner. Hubby made Tacos. There is more, but I want to post this as I plan on beading and watching Buffy tonight. Love to all and all a good night :).

Happy 4th!

To my fellow Americans, have a happy and safe Fourth! Everyone else have a great weekend.

And, yes an update is still in the works. Just was able to pick up more hours this week and have been super busy. In fact will be working today. Might get to be home early though. We are rarely busy on the Fourth. Everyone is out grilling and having fun elsewhere and not going to a resturant.