It’s hit me…

Well, I think whatever it is that I have been fighting on and off for nearly two weeks (mainly sinus issues) has hit me ten fold today. About an hour before work it began to hit me and then went down hill from there. We ended up being shorthanded today, otherwise I would have pushed harder to go home early, but it seemed everyone else was jumping ship and leaving the Bossman by his lonesome. That and we need the $$$. So I figured, I have tomorrow off, I can rest up and feel better tonight and tomorrow. I hope I can anyway. Just tried resting with the family while watching Leverage. Still hurting and achy all over. Joy. So I am doing a quick check on the cyberworld (ok, I’m checking to see if a new RT Short was released) and then off to bed. Can barely keep the old lids open. Anywho, during my check here, I saw an e-card from the Hubby. And even though my bpdy still feels pretty bad, the mind, heart and sole feel a ton better! Check this out:

If only it were true...
If only it were true...


Hubby doubts it will make it to the official LOLdogs site, but one can only hope.

Uh-oh… Seems the kids are not feeling well, either. Great. Methinks some hot chocolate is in order, with marshmallows for theirs. And then some rest and then tomorrow, maybe a Red Vs Blue marathon- the Youngest will watch it as many times as she is able to and the Oldest is still a little behind in the series. Or we might do a Madea marathon. I don’t know. Just something to make us all feel better.

Good night world.


It’s the long awaited update…

Not sure just how much I’m going to cover here, as it has been a while and there is A LOT that has been going on. Some good, some bad, some Meh. As I write this, I will be doing laundry, other house cleaning, make phone calls, spend time with kids, smack my puppy as he is harassing the cats BIG TIME this morning, and listen to the Rooster Teeth Drunk Tank Podcast for the second time, as well as burn a new CD for the car to torture the Hubby with :). And other stuff I can’t think of, but have it all written down. Oh and I am twittering as well. Yup, me the multitasker. Oi vey. Really I’m trying to play catch up since I have been either at work or on the road for errands or other reasons and not at home for nearly two weeks straight. Hubby and kids have been wonderful with the general up keep, but there are some thorough cleaning projects that need to be done. And we have the Youngest’s school registration this afternoon after a meeting. Or is it two??? Not sure. Anyway, buckle up and get ready for ride, as long or as short as it may be.

First, I need to share this with you all:

Hubby in his chef jacket!
Hubby in his chef jacket!

Yup, Hubby is in school and that is his official chef’s jacket. He’s been at it for almost two weeks now and is really enjoying it, especially his seven hour long class that all about cooking. I haven’t really had a chance to help much withthe homework and stuff, but helped him last night with his business hospitality class (can’t remember it’s name, but it goes into the specfics about the hospitality world) after he took an onlinetest for it. A few of the questions were worded kinda funky, and one was outright wrong according to the book, but it was fun non the less to talk about it withhim. Today he has his Biology and Sanitation class. Funny thing about the Sanitation class, it’s the same program used at work and I’ve helped many a manager with it, since it requires you to recertifyevery so often. So I know a lot of the stuff and can really help him with that.

The Oldest has been at Band Camp for the last few weeks, and her first performance is this Friday at the Football game. I wish I was able to go, but with my needing to open at work on Saturday Morning, it wont really be possible. I’m hoping that the Bossmanwill be switching me from Sundays off to Saturdays. That way I can go to her performances and not have to worry about a really long day at work the next day. A few of my co-workers like going to the games and can’t wait to see her! And she is all registered for School, complete with books and everything. We had to fight a little bit to keep her in Symphonic Band, so she gave up one of her other classes (she can always take it next year) and will be taking a Digital Imiaging class, and that’s right up her alley. Can’t wait to see what they are going to do there.

Today, as I said earlier, we will be finishing up registering the Youngest in school. It’s her final year of elemtary school and it’s a little sad. This school has been so wonderful for her and I adore the faculty and staff. They all are so helpful and right there, regardless if there is a problem or not. The AssisstantPrinciple has been a great addition to the school with encourgaingand creating programs to help encourage the kids with their 3 R’s: Ready, Respectful and Responsible. And the Principal still makes time each day to read to the different classes, and encourages a boolof the monthfor everyone to read or have read to them. I will be sad to see her leave the school at the end of the year, but am grateful for the influence it will have on her. She is a little nervous since most of the Fifthgrade teachers are male, but she’s had male teachers before and gotten along famously with them. Especialy her thrid grade teacher, who still looks out for her!

Break time with pets…

Vader does not like it when Mommy leaves him...
Vader does not like it when Mommy leaves him...
Tux, champion shoulder rider in training... Trouble is still reigning queen.
Tux, champion shoulder rider in training... Trouble is still reigning queen.

We had a major pre-inspection yesterday at work. We have a Phase II Training Store Certification next monthand this inspection was to help us with it. We have done so much cleaning voer the last week it wasn’t even funny. We went ahead and cleaned the store top to bottom, even thignsthat didn’t need it. Then again, they have been remodeling the store and we needed to make sure all the dust and dirt they’ve been unleashing with that was gone. And there were several days where there was A LOT. But we scored an 86% (mainly due to new trainee’s who couldn’t remeber simple things and got all nervous whenever the DM showed up). We are still top in our district, and that is great. Now if we could weed out a few elements that we don’t need in the store, it’d almost be fun to work there again…

It may be old news to some, but I have to put in my 2 cents with the whole Mike Vick/Eagles thing. Didn’t care much for the Eagles before, and seriously don’t now. There is one person at least, in this world who shares my opinion of the whole debacle, and that of my family’s. He is Joe Mollozzi, a Producer from the Stargate franchise, and he sums it up better than I ever could. Check out his blog entry about it, here. And all I have to add to that is a life is still a life, regardless if it is human or animal. What he did was Mass Murder. Had it been you or I we’d still be in jail. But since he was a Quarterback for the NFL (and not a good one at that) he got off with a swat on the wrist. He didn’t serve enough jail time, and the rest of his sentence was a joke. And I live in the South where dog fighting is pretty prominet. I don’t view it as a cultural thing or as a good thing. It’s wrong. And no, do not get me started on PETA. I hate them as much as I hate Vick. Enough said.

In other news, Rooster Teeth has been pushing out a lot of lovely new things lately. Just check out my links to the right of this blog and see for yourself. Also, if you see the GameStop Halo 3: ODSTtrailer, that was them. They’d been working on a secret project for a little while and I knew it had something to do with ODST since it will be released soon. The guys did a great job on it, and I hope to see many more projects like that one from them!

The Guild Season 3 got it’s official start on the 25th for XBoxLive Gold Members with the premiere of the first episode, introducing new semi-regular Will Wheaton. Yes, the very one from Star Trek. You only get to see him in all of ten seconds, but from what I understand he plays a fairly large role this season. I was happy to see the new season start. And am glad I kept my Gold Membership. It’s not just for Netflix anymore! You can check out The Guild here. And here. And check out their “Date my Avatar” Video. Very funny.

On my own personal gaming front: Not much over last few weeks, as you may notice if you keep up with my 360 Voice blog. I haven’t looked at it in a few days, but I imagine it’s threatening to not talk anymore due to the lack in gaming. I haven’t even really touched the Sims lately either. Only occasionally and not for very long. Either too busy or too tired. Almost finished with Overlord II and there is an expansion for that out as well as a new one for Mass Effect, and I’d like them both. May have to wait till next week before I can, which is fine. And the Sims 3 expansion will be out in November, I think, so I need to save my pennies for that one. Can’t wait! We get Egypt, France and China! Wheee!

Um, let me see here. We’ve been watching the show Leverage lately, off from Netflix. I think it’s on TNT, not sure. But it’s a cool show and Hubby and I agree, it’s like an updated version of the A-Team, but with a slight twist. Christian Kane (Lindsay from ANGEL) is in it and I adore his character. Also, through Hulu, mainly while I work on my desk, I’ve been catching up on House, MD. Very good show as well. We are behind in Hell’s Kitchen, and can’t wait for Heroes and Dollhouse to start up. And I believe Survivor starts up soon as well. We don’t have Cable anymore (trying to save $$$), so Netflix and Hulu have been life savers. Love ’em and recommend them. Also, I’ve discovered that I can buy shows from Amazon’s On Demand or UnBox service and have them play on the XBox. That has also been nice, especially when they released the “lost” episode of Dollhouse with Felicia Day in it. And the episodes cost the same they do on iTunes, but I don’t have to worry about buying the Apple TV thingy to watch shows from my couch :).

I think I’m done. I imagine I’ve left a bunch of stuff out, but I can either edit or add on more later. So I leave you all with the following:

Tux, taking over the bed...
Tux, taking over the bed...

Later all!

Long time no update

Just dropping a quick line to let those who don’t follow my Twitter that I am still alive. I have just been swamped with work and family related things. No details yet, as I need to hurry and get ready for work. There is a lot happening in my life and the world around us that I want to share with you all, but it will have to wait. Hopefully Thursday I will get the chance and do a major update.

And I leave you with this pic:

Reminds me of Vader...

The dog looks a bit like my Vader and how he reacts to certain things. I love my puppy, but he’s not too bright :).

I need to be settling down for the night…

Instead here I am wanting to rant a little. Oh great, you must be thinking. She’s ranting again, now what? Well it’s not work related (saving that for another day). Nope this is console related, as I feel Microsoft has over stepped it’s bounds here. Recently Microsoft rolled out a Preview of the new XBox Live Dashboard. It wasn’t complete, but it gave a certain group of people the chance to see the upgrades to the Netflix features (party mode and the ability to add to your Instant Viewing Queue on your 360, etc), Instant Streaming and the Avatar Marketplace. Frankly the majority of the preview I could care less for. Some nice little add ons, Yay! What really wow’d me in the Preview was the upgrades to Netflix. And they still haven’t released everything yet that was to be with this update, but then again they did say for the Fall for it. But we’ll be able to attach our Twitter and Facebook accounts to the 360 and use them, as well as some sort of net radio and Zune videos. Those I can’t wait for.

What I didn’t care for at all with this update has been the Avatar Marketplace. I like the Avatars. They are nice and can be fun, just like any Avatar for any online social site or game. But, honestly they are charging a lot of money for you to dress your Avatar and to have props for them. For something that is basically a decoration you have to pay on average for a complete outfit 7-9 dollars. And that’s after you pay for each individual item (except for the ODST armor which you get the whole thing). Now, in a lot of cases that is the same amount of money you would spend on an Arcade game or on DLC you can use in a game. Hell, I’m not thrilled about the higher prices for the Premium themes for the dashbaord, but I find more use and amusement out them than the Avatars.

And another area of contention is the whole Games On Demand. Nice idea in theory. But frankly, it’s still cheaper to go to Game Stop or Blockbuster and buy a used copy of the games. I browsed through some of it, not the entire library (yet), but from what I saw, for $29.99 you buy the basic game of Oblivion?? Please correct me if I’m wrong in stating that this is not the Game of the Year Edition and you DO NOT get any of the Downloadable Content  with it? When for at most $17.99 you can buy a used copy of the Game of the Year and get ALL of the Downloadable Content. *rollseyes* Even if it does include the content on the Marketplace, I’d choose the used copy for two reasons. 1- Price. We’re in hard times people. 2- Even though you can re-download things from the Marketplace for no additional cost (it saves your complete download history, which is nifty), I have a hard time with electronics in that they sometimes break or quit working for some unknown reason. We’ve gone through FIVE Red Rings of Death with our 360’s (we have two), and frankly it’s been a pain. If we should Red Ring again and all our games are from the OnDemand service then we are SOL in most cases to play them again unless we want to transfer licences, etc, and jump through this hoop and that one to be able to play it on another 360 console. Sorry, it is a PITA and I feel more comfortable having the disk handy. But that’s me.

Is it Fall yet??? That way I can check out Twitter and FaceBook on the 360. I’ll be hooked up, especially since I’ve discovered that I can watch the stuff I download from on my 360- through my PC, but hey, it covers what Netflix doesn’t and I don’t have to worry about Microsoft Points to buy stuff off of Marketplace. We tried it tonight by watching the unaired episode of Dollhouse “Epitaph”. Very good episode BTW. Love Felicia Day in it! And Amy Acker. Great actresses.

Ok, I’m done for the night. I have my Drunk Tank to listen to, a puppy who wants mommy to come lay down and it’s been a very, very long day. Details at a later date as I am still very much pissed off about a few things, but then again, when am I not lately? Need to change that. It’s not healthy. Oh well. Later all!

School uniforms, stuff, and what not.

Listening to the AGEpodcast that Hubby did last night. So far so good. Not Drunk Tank, but good. Talk about games mostly, and some jokes and fun were had. If you want to listen to it, just click hereand then listen out for Darth Waya, my Hubby.

Bought the school uniforms and stuff for the Youngest. Like I said on Twitter and FaceBook, it was a heart attack. Gonna have another one on Sunday when I get the last little bit for her and then tackle the stuff for the Oldest. Oi Vey!

Work was busy and long, even if it was a short day. Having to deal with morons who have no care to be there and no care to do any of the work. I have no use for them and it really pisses me off when it’s one of the managers. Wasn’t feeling too well today, as it feels like the sinus’ are getting infected. So that didn’t make it any easier to deal with incompetence. Joy. But I did get to run the side grill today and was able to keep up a bit, unless we had one of the huge orders come through. But I’m also not on the Grill during lunch that often. But it sucked when I had to run what we call short program on drive threw. We have two windows at our store and during lunch we typically use both. In the mornings and afternoons we’ll close the back one and run out of one window. So I get stuck doing that. Well today I didn’t run the register all day, only at open and then this afternoon. Now, I pride myself on making sure everything is ready for the rush and if I’m getting ready to leave my position for someone else to take over, I make sure it’s clean and stocked up. Well the second window was not stocked or cleaned. Then I also had to worry about the kitchen, which the drive threw register is supposed to keep up with that. Well, guess what happened with the person who was working that position? They did nothing but the bare minimum, and I was stuck with a dirty ass kitchen. Not happy about it. But thankfully I did get a little help form another manager and a co-worker to get caught up or else I might still be there.

But on the bright side I am off Sunday and Monday and the Bossman goes on vacation next Wed! Yeah! Jokingly here: We are planning a huge party once he turns his back ;).

Not too much more to add. Time to start settling down. Maybe more over the weekend.

Worked so hard today that Vader is passed out from Exhaustion.

I did it! I finally did it! The bedroom is done! It’s no longer a storage unit! Only a few boxes left in there, but once we get another bookshelf that will be taken care of. I can now walk in there w/o bumping, tripping or knocking things over, unless it’s one of the animals. We have six of those, so that happens in any room! I am tired, but am feeling really good about it! I got my phone calls out of the way this morning after Hubby took the Oldest off to Band Camp, and even got Overlord II to work again! And I finished watching Season 5 of Stargate Atlantis. Loved seeing the extended versions of Vegas and Enemy at the Gate. So over all a very productive day. Let’s see, I did this for the girls’ room when we cleaned that up, so I’ll do it for ours. Hubby and I had three bags of trash and one box to Goodwill. Of course I believe he took a total six-eight boxes with him today, but that was from when I did the kitchen and leftovers from the girls’ room. Only two areas left for the big clean up. The bathroom, and that’s more re-organization than anything and then my desk. Yes, the wasteland that is my desk. I think we used to have seven animals in the house, but one was foolish enough to get eaten by the mess ;-). J/K! Hopefully before the kids start school I’ll have those two done, but overall the house is in better shape. It feels a little roomier, well except in the kitchen where the desk is and I have a few sorting projects on the table. But it is getting better.

All right, Band Camp. Yes, the Oldest is in Band Camp for the next two weeks, but not for the Marching Band. The director said he didn’t have enough room for her in the Marching Band, so no flute playing, yet. Instead she’s signed up for the Colour Guard! So she can get used to how things work and if something happens, the director has someone he can pull in on a moments notice. And it will help her get that flute position next year. So far she is having fun, but is tired and sore. She’s not used to that much physical activity all at once and the heat is not helping. But the instructors there are very watchful and very strict about hydration. So I feel better for that.

Just had a musing thought. Methinks Hubby and I will have to take one day of the week each week once he starts school and cook the hell out of dinner. Between Band practices, games, school for the kids and Hubby and my work schedule, there wont be time to fix dinner, and we can’t afford to go out to eat every night. Gonna have to sit and talk it over with him and see what we can work out.

Overlord II. I love this game, I really do! But it scared the shit out of me last night when I thought I’d have to start all over again when I was almost FINISHED with it. Game glitched on me and I could not get into an area I needed to in order to progress further. Heart attacks and panic attacks were my life for a bit there. Hubby and I both looked on line to see if anyone else had the problem, and they had some similar ones. One said to install the game to the hard drive of the 360 and it should take care of it. It must have worked, because after I tried to get through the roadblocks on the path I needed to take and couldn’t, went to the tower gate and brought up my fast travel points. The spot I needed was there! I about jumped for joy, but for the Freak (aka Ryoko) cat at my legs and the kid by my head. Could have been messy. So I am right before the final battle in the game and am trying to pick up any loose ends I have before doing so, and making a second save so I don’t screw myself like I did with the first Overlord and not be able to use the Down loadable Content because I saved during the final battle. Yup, not doing that again. Love the game, but it’s save system is a pain so I don’t really care to do too many run throughs with it.

No writing progress yet, but since bedroom is done and it feels more like a room, who knows. I might be able to shut the door and crank something out on paper and then steal Hubby’s laptop :). Speaking of which, he mentioned the possibilty of getting me a laptop sometime within the next year! Love him!

Ok, time to settle down for the night. Very early morning tomorrow and for the next couple of mornings. Till Sunday anyway when I can hopefully sleep in. Image8

Trouble and Ryoko


Trouble, before she got fat!

Sitting here…

Waiting on the Hubby to finish up his racing game so I can get some time in with OverLord II. Yes, I am an evil OverLord with Minions and so far two out of three (or is it four or five?) Mistressess. It’s a fun little game that is basically Fable on Crack.

Anywho, over the past week I’ve actually run into several old friends from the old hometown that I have seen or spoken to in years via FaceBook. Still wont be doing much with it, and mainly sending updates via Twitter to it, but it’s neat to see what everyone has been doing. And it’s not that I want to be unsocailable with everyone as the reason behind not doing much with FaceBook. Nope, I’m already apart of a lot of communities and have a hard time keeping up with all of them. Twitter is my main form of social groups right now, as it’s the easiest to deal with and I can update via my cellphone w/o having to mess with too many features on the phone. But I have Rooster Teeth, Live Journal, and then several forum boards, all of which I have ignored over the past few months, and not entirely on purpose either. Life has been busy and Twitter thankfully gives me the chance to send out updates to let everyone know I’m alive and I can keep track of others (not just celebs, I do have friends on it). I’m not limited to the PC only and if I don’t have pages upon pages of stuff to keep track off. In fact the only reason I signed up for FaceBook and MySpace originally is to help monitor the kids.

Anyway, I just got off track. It’s been fun seeing everybody’s pics and reading up on what they have been up to. Many look the same and others are so different. Some are just where they said they would be in life after school and some are not where we thought they would end up. Feeling nostalgic here.

Good day at work. Busy, but good. We met our service goals for DayParts 1 and 2 (64 and 93 respectively). Off tomorrow and I will be finishing up that bedroom! Yes I will!

Ok, time for gaming. Then snuggle time and then bedtime. Am very tired.