Tux is stalking Trouble

She is, for real! If I thought they’d sit still long enough for a picture (few cats do, unless you have it glued to you) I’d take one. And they’ve moved since I’ve started typing. Yup, typical cats.

Well, I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night, and I don’t perceive me getting a lot tonight. Last night there was a lot going on and tonight, is just, well tonight. I don’t often get a lot of sleep of Saturdays. And no I cannot sleep in tomorrow. I went ahead and volunteered to work in the morning and help open. We are down two people, as in they were fired. One for seriously cussing out a customer and the other, well, I’m not able to discuss that publicly yet. So I figured since I missed Thursday, I can make a few of those missed hours. And I might even be able to garner a few extra this next week with the two openings. That will be nice. I will be closer to a full 40. It’s hard for any of us to get more than 39 hours a week due to labor costs and the fact that our franchise is cheap. Also sucks to be one of the higher paid employees. Though I think several of the managers realized that it’s better to keep me, than some of the twits we have working there now. They all, for lack of a better word, suck.

So no sleeping in for Carrie tomorrow. Oh well. I do plan on starting work on the bedroom as I am sick of it being the storage room and I’d like to be able to walk in there w/o knocking things over or stepping on the said fallen items because Tux thought they looked better on the floor. Tonight I Cleaned the carpet in the hallway and the bathroom. One of our cats, my male Tiger, has gotten a bug up his butt about something and started peeing in the bathroom. He occasionally does this, but it normally because we’ve pissed him off. I have no idea what caused it this time. It isn’t unusual for him to pee on my bed when we all leave for more than a day, but he hasn’t done it in a long while. So, I used my vinegar solution and my trusty carpet cleaner and the bathroom smells much better and both carpets look clean! Hopefully the vinegar will help discourage him from peeing there again. And yes, I said carpet in the bathroom. I hate it, but that’s how this place was set up. If we stay her any longer I may ignore the landlord and rip it out and replace it with some cheap tile from FRED’s or the Dollar Tree. Perhaps when Hubby’s financial Aid comes in. I figure all costs for ripping up carpet and putting el cheapo tile down is maybe 30 bucks. I think I can live with that. And no more ucky feeling carpet!

We had a moment of hilarity at work. While we were taking an order form a customer at the Drive Threw, the customer informed us that the flowerbed under the menu board was on fire. Oh joy! A bunch of people race outside (minus the two managers on duty) and then race back up to tell said managers who then run out to see for themselves and then run back in to grab a bucket of water. Yup. It took several buckets to get rid of it. At first the Bossman was blaming the smokers among the crew. But nope, no one had been out there in a while. Where we found the cigarette told us that it was from a customer. So thank you to that customer for trying to burn down our store. If you hate our food that much then you suck and you could have just stopped showing up. If that was not your intention, well then, you have this neat little gizmo in your car called an ash try. Use it.

There has been a lot of drama at home and at work lately. Frankly I am getting tired of drama. And bullshit. It makes for a much harder life and makes miss the days when there were fewer people around, period. And animals. I have more than enough stress in my life with the finaces and a few other things. I don’t need drama and bullshit added to the mix. Seriously I don’t.

This is my favorite picture of Vader! He was so tiny! September of 2007.  I I Had to include this dose of cute. This post is becoming to serious. Love the Baby Vader.

 Ok, new topic. Fan Fiction. Fiction written of a certain form of entertainment (TV, Movies and Books are the most common, but there are others) by a fan who is typically not a professional writer. Yes, there have been some professional writers who dabble in the world of Fan Fiction. Heck, I know some fic writers who have become published authors, one of them is even quite popular. But what I wanted to at least muse about this subject is this: I have one or two unfinished fics (stories) that I have written that I am debating on finishing, or instead try to work on my own publishing project. I obviously do not have the time to do both right now as it is hard at best to work on one. If things were different I’d be working on both and everyone, including me would be happy. Welcome to Life that is Real.

The two fics in question are: one for Stargate Atlantis and one for Harry Potter. Not going into details, as that is not what this about. But if you check me out on Fan Fiction dot Net you can see the Atlantis one and if you dig farther back than what I am willing to over at my LiveJournalpage, you’ll find Harry Potter. What brought the interest up in Atlantis is simple. I’ve had, over the last week, a few people ask me to finish it. I’d love to, as I adore the characters. And shortly after seeing HP:HBP I stumbled across old notes for the Harry Potter fic. It got me thinking and I found a copy of it on the old Hard Drive. It managed to survive two transfers and several wipes. I’m proud of that little story! I, unlike my Hubby (who has great disdain for things even remotely related to Fan Fiction) see fic as a positive thing, in the right hands. As in the published world, there are some horrible, ugly writers out there who should be shot and never allowed to write again. But for some of us, and then some of the fic legends, its a great way for us to practice our writing skills and share our thoughts and ideas with others, in a totally different medium that can actually allow for a lot creativity. And it’s allowed me to meat a lof of great people, even some of those authors who have become published. Not best buds by any means, but have had some friendly conversations with.

But here is the flip side. Though by completing these two stories (if I am able to find the time) does help me gain more writing experience (by the act and by sharing with others for them to critique) it keeps me from the one project that has the potential to earn me money. The likely hood I agree can be slim to none in that area, but I would never know until I tried. And money is one of my greatest sources of stress right now. But if it does pan out, just with the stuff I have worked on my own, and not including the stuff I’ve worked on with my BFF, I’d be set for my entire writing career. I have a file cabinet and several folders on the PC full of stories and outlines just waiting.

Wish I could have my cake and eat it to. But what I may do is come to a compromise. Work for a month on the fics and leave them be until one of two things happen: 1- More time is freed up so I can devote to them all or 2- I get published. Still wanting to do that, but I’ve given up on the deadline. No sense in it right now. Refer to previous post about lack of time and more importantly space to write.

And for those who care, I’m good at story telling. Spelling- has always been my Achilles Heal. Better at it than I used to be, but still horrible. Still better at grammar.

Ok, I’m off. Time to settle down for bed. Was hoping to get some gaming in tonight, but I don’t see that happening. Later all!


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