A very busy day.

Went into work this morning. Was to be the day off, but they needed openers and I said, hey, yeah I can come in. I did miss Thursday and was able to make up some of that time. Between yesterday and today I was able to go from a six hour loss to a two hour loss. And what’s even better is my schedule this next week is damn near 40 hours. I have several long days in there, but it will be worth it. I have a week coming up where I’m taking a few extra days off and this will help cover the money. And this pay period starts the little (pitiful) raise I got last month. But it’s a raise so I shouldn’t complain too loudly.



Hey that’s me in Rock Band 2! As the Dutch Rocker Ingrid. I need to get a recent picture, but its been a while. And even though I’ve been having a blast with RB2, I cannot wait for next month when Rock Band Beatles comes out! Yes! As much as i love Metallica, their Guitar Hero game will not be able to hold a candle to this one. And the game developers have stated that there will be DLC for it, so that will be awesome. The collection of music from the Beatles library is huge! And unlike Guitar Hero Metallica, I doubt there will be music from other artists. Sorry, but that was a disappointment. I wanted that game for Metallica, not some group I’ve never heard of and don’t care about. Yes, that one has been traded in. Will RB Beatles be traded in? Not likely. Harmonix would have to piss me off with the game in a grand way, and from what I’ve seen I doubt they will.

Let’s see, I took my youngest daughter’s measurements today and felt really old for it. She is 5 feet tall and developing a body. Where’s my little baby that I could carry around??? I know, I know. According to Hubby I have no room to talk, I encouraged her to grow up. But I wanted her to be no older than like 8! That’s a fun age! Really! And the measurements were for her school uniforms. Hopefully these will last her the year, but I have a feeling come the Holidays we’ll be needing more. Damn kids and their growing up!

Managed to get some work done in the bedroom. Vader is mad because I vacuumed the floor on his side of the bed (Actually its mine, but he sleeps under my side). I think he wanted his fur left there. He may have had plans for it, but it had been a long while since we’d been able to vacuum that section, and it needed it. I threw out a bunch of trash and gathered up more boxes for Goodwill and unpacked a bunch of our books that have been in storage. The comics will pretty much be in storage for a while unless we can figure something out. Wont be able to finish the room until Tuesday at the earliest. I can’t wait. It’ll be nice to have a room again.

Let’s see what else. Oldest starts Band Camp tomorrow. And yes, all the American Pie jokes have been done so much they are dead :P. Trying to see if I can work the budget out so I can get the kids some clothes this weekend during Tax Free Weekend. I figure that’s where I’ll save the most money wise are the clothes. The school supplies themselves are pretty cheap, so I don’t foresee that being a problem. But getting clothes for two girls with entirely different tastes and sizes, PITA. And I’m gonna have to designate a drawer for the school clothes and one for around the house. Not a problem with the Youngest since she has uniforms to wear. Once in a while she fights it, but not for long. The Oldest however has several things that don’t really fit her right anymore and she doesn’t want to admit it. So instead of fighting tooth and nail over it, if we can find some clothes that she likes and is appropriate for school, then the others wont end up in the trash, so long as they are worn at home only. I think that’s fair and will hopefully help discourage any fighting over it. She’s a teen. She wants to wear what she wants when she wants. Basically when she earns her own money, then she can.

I’m still hyped up over the people wanting me to keep going with my SGA fic! Seriously, this is new to me. Well, not really, it’s just been a while (about six years) since my last serious foray into Fan Fiction and I wasn’t the BIG writer or anything, but I did have my group of fans. Some of them even became friends. It’s nice to get the request. And you know what, while I was working in the room I was watching season 5 of Atlantis for some inspiration, and I got some. Now I just need to find the time to write it all out. Maybe a chapter or two in about a week. Have plans tonight or else I’d work on it now.

Speaking of plans, I better get going. And I have to get ready to head back into work in the AM. Originally I was scheduled to go in at 10, but one of the managers that usually goes in on Monday mornings has not been feeling well at all, so Bossman asked me if I could come in at 8. Of course I can. I love coming in to open. I actually hate going in later. It throws the day off. And for some reason the day goes by faster when I come in early. *shrugs* Just me, I guess. Night all!


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