Sitting here…

Waiting on the Hubby to finish up his racing game so I can get some time in with OverLord II. Yes, I am an evil OverLord with Minions and so far two out of three (or is it four or five?) Mistressess. It’s a fun little game that is basically Fable on Crack.

Anywho, over the past week I’ve actually run into several old friends from the old hometown that I have seen or spoken to in years via FaceBook. Still wont be doing much with it, and mainly sending updates via Twitter to it, but it’s neat to see what everyone has been doing. And it’s not that I want to be unsocailable with everyone as the reason behind not doing much with FaceBook. Nope, I’m already apart of a lot of communities and have a hard time keeping up with all of them. Twitter is my main form of social groups right now, as it’s the easiest to deal with and I can update via my cellphone w/o having to mess with too many features on the phone. But I have Rooster Teeth, Live Journal, and then several forum boards, all of which I have ignored over the past few months, and not entirely on purpose either. Life has been busy and Twitter thankfully gives me the chance to send out updates to let everyone know I’m alive and I can keep track of others (not just celebs, I do have friends on it). I’m not limited to the PC only and if I don’t have pages upon pages of stuff to keep track off. In fact the only reason I signed up for FaceBook and MySpace originally is to help monitor the kids.

Anyway, I just got off track. It’s been fun seeing everybody’s pics and reading up on what they have been up to. Many look the same and others are so different. Some are just where they said they would be in life after school and some are not where we thought they would end up. Feeling nostalgic here.

Good day at work. Busy, but good. We met our service goals for DayParts 1 and 2 (64 and 93 respectively). Off tomorrow and I will be finishing up that bedroom! Yes I will!

Ok, time for gaming. Then snuggle time and then bedtime. Am very tired.


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