Worked so hard today that Vader is passed out from Exhaustion.

I did it! I finally did it! The bedroom is done! It’s no longer a storage unit! Only a few boxes left in there, but once we get another bookshelf that will be taken care of. I can now walk in there w/o bumping, tripping or knocking things over, unless it’s one of the animals. We have six of those, so that happens in any room! I am tired, but am feeling really good about it! I got my phone calls out of the way this morning after Hubby took the Oldest off to Band Camp, and even got Overlord II to work again! And I finished watching Season 5 of Stargate Atlantis. Loved seeing the extended versions of Vegas and Enemy at the Gate. So over all a very productive day. Let’s see, I did this for the girls’ room when we cleaned that up, so I’ll do it for ours. Hubby and I had three bags of trash and one box to Goodwill. Of course I believe he took a total six-eight boxes with him today, but that was from when I did the kitchen and leftovers from the girls’ room. Only two areas left for the big clean up. The bathroom, and that’s more re-organization than anything and then my desk. Yes, the wasteland that is my desk. I think we used to have seven animals in the house, but one was foolish enough to get eaten by the mess ;-). J/K! Hopefully before the kids start school I’ll have those two done, but overall the house is in better shape. It feels a little roomier, well except in the kitchen where the desk is and I have a few sorting projects on the table. But it is getting better.

All right, Band Camp. Yes, the Oldest is in Band Camp for the next two weeks, but not for the Marching Band. The director said he didn’t have enough room for her in the Marching Band, so no flute playing, yet. Instead she’s signed up for the Colour Guard! So she can get used to how things work and if something happens, the director has someone he can pull in on a moments notice. And it will help her get that flute position next year. So far she is having fun, but is tired and sore. She’s not used to that much physical activity all at once and the heat is not helping. But the instructors there are very watchful and very strict about hydration. So I feel better for that.

Just had a musing thought. Methinks Hubby and I will have to take one day of the week each week once he starts school and cook the hell out of dinner. Between Band practices, games, school for the kids and Hubby and my work schedule, there wont be time to fix dinner, and we can’t afford to go out to eat every night. Gonna have to sit and talk it over with him and see what we can work out.

Overlord II. I love this game, I really do! But it scared the shit out of me last night when I thought I’d have to start all over again when I was almost FINISHED with it. Game glitched on me and I could not get into an area I needed to in order to progress further. Heart attacks and panic attacks were my life for a bit there. Hubby and I both looked on line to see if anyone else had the problem, and they had some similar ones. One said to install the game to the hard drive of the 360 and it should take care of it. It must have worked, because after I tried to get through the roadblocks on the path I needed to take and couldn’t, went to the tower gate and brought up my fast travel points. The spot I needed was there! I about jumped for joy, but for the Freak (aka Ryoko) cat at my legs and the kid by my head. Could have been messy. So I am right before the final battle in the game and am trying to pick up any loose ends I have before doing so, and making a second save so I don’t screw myself like I did with the first Overlord and not be able to use the Down loadable Content because I saved during the final battle. Yup, not doing that again. Love the game, but it’s save system is a pain so I don’t really care to do too many run throughs with it.

No writing progress yet, but since bedroom is done and it feels more like a room, who knows. I might be able to shut the door and crank something out on paper and then steal Hubby’s laptop :). Speaking of which, he mentioned the possibilty of getting me a laptop sometime within the next year! Love him!

Ok, time to settle down for the night. Very early morning tomorrow and for the next couple of mornings. Till Sunday anyway when I can hopefully sleep in. Image8

Trouble and Ryoko


Trouble, before she got fat!


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