School uniforms, stuff, and what not.

Listening to the AGEpodcast that Hubby did last night. So far so good. Not Drunk Tank, but good. Talk about games mostly, and some jokes and fun were had. If you want to listen to it, just click hereand then listen out for Darth Waya, my Hubby.

Bought the school uniforms and stuff for the Youngest. Like I said on Twitter and FaceBook, it was a heart attack. Gonna have another one on Sunday when I get the last little bit for her and then tackle the stuff for the Oldest. Oi Vey!

Work was busy and long, even if it was a short day. Having to deal with morons who have no care to be there and no care to do any of the work. I have no use for them and it really pisses me off when it’s one of the managers. Wasn’t feeling too well today, as it feels like the sinus’ are getting infected. So that didn’t make it any easier to deal with incompetence. Joy. But I did get to run the side grill today and was able to keep up a bit, unless we had one of the huge orders come through. But I’m also not on the Grill during lunch that often. But it sucked when I had to run what we call short program on drive threw. We have two windows at our store and during lunch we typically use both. In the mornings and afternoons we’ll close the back one and run out of one window. So I get stuck doing that. Well today I didn’t run the register all day, only at open and then this afternoon. Now, I pride myself on making sure everything is ready for the rush and if I’m getting ready to leave my position for someone else to take over, I make sure it’s clean and stocked up. Well the second window was not stocked or cleaned. Then I also had to worry about the kitchen, which the drive threw register is supposed to keep up with that. Well, guess what happened with the person who was working that position? They did nothing but the bare minimum, and I was stuck with a dirty ass kitchen. Not happy about it. But thankfully I did get a little help form another manager and a co-worker to get caught up or else I might still be there.

But on the bright side I am off Sunday and Monday and the Bossman goes on vacation next Wed! Yeah! Jokingly here: We are planning a huge party once he turns his back ;).

Not too much more to add. Time to start settling down. Maybe more over the weekend.


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