I need to be settling down for the night…

Instead here I am wanting to rant a little. Oh great, you must be thinking. She’s ranting again, now what? Well it’s not work related (saving that for another day). Nope this is console related, as I feel Microsoft has over stepped it’s bounds here. Recently Microsoft rolled out a Preview of the new XBox Live Dashboard. It wasn’t complete, but it gave a certain group of people the chance to see the upgrades to the Netflix features (party mode and the ability to add to your Instant Viewing Queue on your 360, etc), Instant Streaming and the Avatar Marketplace. Frankly the majority of the preview I could care less for. Some nice little add ons, Yay! What really wow’d me in the Preview was the upgrades to Netflix. And they still haven’t released everything yet that was to be with this update, but then again they did say for the Fall for it. But we’ll be able to attach our Twitter and Facebook accounts to the 360 and use them, as well as some sort of net radio and Zune videos. Those I can’t wait for.

What I didn’t care for at all with this update has been the Avatar Marketplace. I like the Avatars. They are nice and can be fun, just like any Avatar for any online social site or game. But, honestly they are charging a lot of money for you to dress your Avatar and to have props for them. For something that is basically a decoration you have to pay on average for a complete outfit 7-9 dollars. And that’s after you pay for each individual item (except for the ODST armor which you get the whole thing). Now, in a lot of cases that is the same amount of money you would spend on an Arcade game or on DLC you can use in a game. Hell, I’m not thrilled about the higher prices for the Premium themes for the dashbaord, but I find more use and amusement out them than the Avatars.

And another area of contention is the whole Games On Demand. Nice idea in theory. But frankly, it’s still cheaper to go to Game Stop or Blockbuster and buy a used copy of the games. I browsed through some of it, not the entire library (yet), but from what I saw, for $29.99 you buy the basic game of Oblivion?? Please correct me if I’m wrong in stating that this is not the Game of the Year Edition and you DO NOT get any of the Downloadable Content  with it? When for at most $17.99 you can buy a used copy of the Game of the Year and get ALL of the Downloadable Content. *rollseyes* Even if it does include the content on the Marketplace, I’d choose the used copy for two reasons. 1- Price. We’re in hard times people. 2- Even though you can re-download things from the Marketplace for no additional cost (it saves your complete download history, which is nifty), I have a hard time with electronics in that they sometimes break or quit working for some unknown reason. We’ve gone through FIVE Red Rings of Death with our 360’s (we have two), and frankly it’s been a pain. If we should Red Ring again and all our games are from the OnDemand service then we are SOL in most cases to play them again unless we want to transfer licences, etc, and jump through this hoop and that one to be able to play it on another 360 console. Sorry, it is a PITA and I feel more comfortable having the disk handy. But that’s me.

Is it Fall yet??? That way I can check out Twitter and FaceBook on the 360. I’ll be hooked up, especially since I’ve discovered that I can watch the stuff I download from Amazon.com on my 360- through my PC, but hey, it covers what Netflix doesn’t and I don’t have to worry about Microsoft Points to buy stuff off of Marketplace. We tried it tonight by watching the unaired episode of Dollhouse “Epitaph”. Very good episode BTW. Love Felicia Day in it! And Amy Acker. Great actresses.

Ok, I’m done for the night. I have my Drunk Tank to listen to, a puppy who wants mommy to come lay down and it’s been a very, very long day. Details at a later date as I am still very much pissed off about a few things, but then again, when am I not lately? Need to change that. It’s not healthy. Oh well. Later all!


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