It’s hit me…

Well, I think whatever it is that I have been fighting on and off for nearly two weeks (mainly sinus issues) has hit me ten fold today. About an hour before work it began to hit me and then went down hill from there. We ended up being shorthanded today, otherwise I would have pushed harder to go home early, but it seemed everyone else was jumping ship and leaving the Bossman by his lonesome. That and we need the $$$. So I figured, I have tomorrow off, I can rest up and feel better tonight and tomorrow. I hope I can anyway. Just tried resting with the family while watching Leverage. Still hurting and achy all over. Joy. So I am doing a quick check on the cyberworld (ok, I’m checking to see if a new RT Short was released) and then off to bed. Can barely keep the old lids open. Anywho, during my check here, I saw an e-card from the Hubby. And even though my bpdy still feels pretty bad, the mind, heart and sole feel a ton better! Check this out:

If only it were true...
If only it were true...


Hubby doubts it will make it to the official LOLdogs site, but one can only hope.

Uh-oh… Seems the kids are not feeling well, either. Great. Methinks some hot chocolate is in order, with marshmallows for theirs. And then some rest and then tomorrow, maybe a Red Vs Blue marathon- the Youngest will watch it as many times as she is able to and the Oldest is still a little behind in the series. Or we might do a Madea marathon. I don’t know. Just something to make us all feel better.

Good night world.


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