First day of school

Today is the first day of school for the kids, and even though I am off today, I am up this early because we live in a house with one bathroom and four people, three of whom need to leave at the same time. Basically. Still debating taking the kids in this morning or letting them ride the bus. Either way, I still need to do some grocery shopping and make a few phone calls. And most importantly, I have a date with OverLord II this morning as soon as everyone is out the door :). I’ll have about three hours of quiet bliss to myself, with no one else around. It will be heaven and I will be ignoring the phone and the door… It’s extremely rare that I get the house to myself, so I may be inclined to pull a Tom Cruise. Yup.

Other things on the To Do List today include cleaning the oven, cooking meals for the rest of the week with all the craziness that ensues from our schedules, cleaning the fridge and freezer out, spending time with the animals (Vader and Ryoko have been most upset about my less time at home lately, the others not so much). Oh and I need to recharge and add a few things to the MP3 player.

Ok, that’s it for now. I may post more later on when the kids are home from school/band practice.


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