Obama’s speech

Ok, first and for most, let me make a few things clear. I did not vote for our current president. I am not a big fan of him, either. Somethings in his administration has happened that have made me wonder exactly why the rest of America put this man in charge. But, unlike a lot of the opposition, and even some of my fellow political party members, I give credit where it is due. I recognize something good, decent and helpful. I was a little worried about the speech President Obama will be giving tomorrow to the students. I have two, very impressionable daughters and I was worried that some of the reports of the parental outrage were founded in truth. Well, tonight I read the President’s speech. You can find it here on Fox News. Yes, ultra conservative Fox News. And believe me, in some of the ways they’ve been reporting lately, I’ve been wondering myself. Anywho…

I think the speech is quite good, and even though a bit long winded for the attention span of any kid, any age, he brings up a lot of things, a lot of points that we as parents have tried to drive home to our brats. Yes, I refer to even my own as brats, because all kids can be that way :P. And as I see the way a lot of them act and behave, regardless of what the parent does or does not do, it scares me. I hope that a lot of the kids (too much of  a realist to believe they all would pay attention- Free period, man!) actually get something out of it. Maybe some inspiration to actually do something about and with their lives. Too often they are taught the lazy route, the route that it is always somebody else’s fault. I didn’t see that in the President’s speech. I saw him saying things about ‘yeah things are rough, but you can do it. You just need to work harder!’ Classic Amercian beliefs that I thought the majority of the country had forgotten about.

Go and check out his speech. It’s not the evil that many have said it is. Am I comfortable with the lesson plans that were sent out to be used with the speech… Not really. But my kids know that when we go over things they learned in school, I can smell bullshit, and I can see inaccuracies a mile away, so can their father. We have no problem with them opening their eyes to other beliefs, etc, etc. Which is why, as a registered Republican, I am not going to take my kids out of school tomorrow. I want them to hear the same things I have been telling them, that their father, grandmother, other family members, teachers, etc, have been telling them, come from the President of the United States. Maybe it might make it more clear to them just how important an education is, especially in today’s age. That although it is all right that their father is finally going to college, life would have been drastically different had he done it years ago. That staying in school and learning something is worth while and an achievable goal, no matter the situation you are in. There is always a way and there is always a will. It just depends on how you use it.

Ok, I’m done with my soapbox for now. I am tired, its been a long day and I’m not feeling well, still. Going to see the doctor tomorrow. Hopefully will find out what has been going on.


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