Good Morning… Good Morning…

Ok, it’s really evening. Oh well. I have a Tux in the window by my desk and a Vader at my feet. The Hubby is somewhat happy, the cable was turned back on, but the Panthers lost :(. Seriously they need to pick it up. We had a decent season last year. Why not this year? Kids have been in and out all day playing with friends, which is a switch from yesterday where the oldest was gone from 9AM till almost 9 PM for the Marching Band. They had their premiere performance last night to kick things off for the Band Competitions. They did a great job. I got a lot of pictures and videos. One or two of the pics I might post in a minute here, but the videos, well unless you request it and I feel like it (Grandma’s are exempt from this) I might burn them on disc for you. But we were told last night NOT to post the videos on line. Ok they said Google and You Tube, but I’m gonna play it safe and go with ALL the net. They did an awesome job and I cannot wait to see more from them! BTW, the Oldest is in the Colour Guard. It’s her first time with it, and I have to say she did a wonderful job. She didn’t drop the flags during the performance (can’t say the same for the practice run 😀 ) and she began to look a little overwhelmed but dealt with it professionally. Hope she can keep it that way, especially with some of the crowds she’ll be facing. It’s not easy for anyone to be in front of that many people for the first time.

The Colour Guard
The Colour Guard


Spent most of the day playing Sims today. Why? Well, a couple of reasons. First and foremost is I felt like :p. Second I wanted to do something that I could easily put down for when the Cable guy showed up. You see, we scored an amazing two year deal with our cable company where we get net, TV, and phone for about $110/month and the TV portion was scheduled for today. Between 9 and 11 this morning. I had to call twice to find out what was going on, and Hubby was understandably upset since Kickoff was at 1 PM. Guy didn’t show up till around 1-ish and almost an hour later we were up and running. Apparently he got tied up at another place whose wiring was all kinds of messed up. Wonderful.

I’m actually getting a little excited about the start of Stargate Universe. Go figure. I guess the craving for some new Stargate is getting to me, that and the fact that Ming Na is in it. You may know her from the Joy Luck Club, Mulan and Push. She’s been a favorite of mine for a while now. That and Daniel is in two episodes :D. Still can’t wait for them to get the new SG 1 and Atlantis movies out. I know they are sitting on them due to the current state of the economy, but I really want to see them! Fan Fiction isn’t cutting anymore. A lot of the good authors are either busy, retired or lost interest. And that makes room for the crap ones.

Oh well, here’s the obligatory Vader pic:

He's Mommy's Retarded Baby
He's Mommy's Retarded Baby
Lots of stuff is actually going on right now, and a few people know what, but I’m purposely keeping it that way. Hopefully in a few weeks I’ll spill the beans with some good news. Hell, my mother doesn’t even know, and I don’t keep much away from her (not like I did as a teen… then again isn’t that what teens do??). But trust that it is good, and will cause a lot of changes in many ways.
Ok, I’m off before I spill it now ;)! Later all!

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