Have to go back tomorrow

Yup, my impromptu vacation is over. Today is the last day and for the next two weeks it promises to be busy, busy. Not really looking forward to it, but at least there are some things to look forward to. Even though it means I wont really have a day off on Saturday (which I can get over), the oldest has her first Marching Band Competition. She will be gone from like 8 in the morning till well into the night that day, practicing and then performing. THere is about an hour or so for a lunch break in which she will be home, and the Band Director has put them ALL on a strict diet of healthy meals and water only for that day in particular. Don’t blame him really. If the kids get all the energy drinks and colored water drinks, they really aren’t doing their bodies any favors. But we are looking forward to the performance and there is a chance Grandma from Charleston will be coming up for that. She hasn’t been up for a visit in a while, and it will be nice to have her around, if she is able to make it. I haven’t heard from Hubby yay or nay yet, but hoping for the yay. That and Vader misses Grace ;).

The financial aid money came in late last week, so we were able to take care of a lot of stuff, but unfortunately my little vacation here put a huge damper on a lot of the plans we had for it. So we showed the kids just how quickly you can make what appears to be a lot of money disappear real quick. At least we totally paid off one bill and have paid up on the rent for the next four months. What did suck though is we were planning on getting a second car (since my Intrepid is beyond fixing) and it turned out we weren’t able to add it in this time around. We are planning definitely next semester. So we took the Intrepid entirely off the road and bought a car cover for it till we could figure out what we are going to do with her. Fixing her is out of the question. Way too much wrong with her to make it worth it to fix. I love the car, but when it’s cheaper to buy another car that is newer, it’s time to say good bye. But paying off bills, buying things we needed and getting meds for the animals as well as food for everybody was very nice. We did get a few things that weren’t needs, but rather wants, but since the wants have been on the back burner for the most part, I say we deserved them. So we pre-ordered a few games (some for more than one person in mind, and one or two that are for just one person), and got a new printer (not really a want, but we could have made the old one last longer if we really tried, but the ink cost was the factor there) and a new camera (ours disappeared almost two years ago and we have no idea what happened to it, so we had been using our phones and the Oldest’s camera). And luckily the camera was a packaged deal that came with its own printer that you don’t need to have it hooked up to the computer. It prints nicely too. And the ink and paper we found for it on Amazon pretty cheap. We wont by any means be sitting there and printing photos out left and right, but for special pics and what not, it is nice. Plus thanks to that purchase and the batteries we bought at Sams, we got about 125 free prints from their photo department. So we’ll be sitting pretty on that for a while. Thinking of using it in part for a birthday present for mom. Been awhile since I’ve actually gotten her anything for her birthday, which sucks big time. And she loves photos.

In other news, I’ve been seriously considering starting up a Sims 3 Blog. I know, do I really have the time? But it would be nice to share some of the stuff I’ve come across in the game with other Simmers. Some of it has been a lot of fun and other bits just plain shocking. Yes, I’ve been playing the hell out of the Sims this last week :). It’s helped me, a lot.

Let’s see, Stargate Universe starts up this Friday at 9PM on SCI FI (sorry, still not liking the new spelling, it’s just not them). So far, it shows promise. I’m still not sure about it, but with Ming Na (Mulan, Joy Luck Club, Push) in it, I’m gonna check it out. She’s a fav of mine, and listening her talk about the show, yeah, I’ll give it a chance.

I think that’s it. We spent most of the morning at the DMV and Medicaid offices and are still waiting for the tires to show up so we can get the back ones replaced. The one scored a nail in it on Friday, but the place we get the tires at has to order them, so we had to wait till today. We called earlier and the truck hadn’t shown up yet. They weren’t sure why but they were on the phone with the driver when I called. So hopefully soon. I have some things I’d like to do today and I don’t want to wait on that or for the afternoon when they get really busy and we’re stuck there for a few hours just to have the tires put on.

Need to call the boss and then I might play Sims for a little bit. have fun folks!


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