Taking a quick break…

I’m taking a quick break while I’m trying to get caught up on chores. I was derailed this morning. I was hoping after making a few phone calls and doing some chores that I would have plenty of time before meeting the Youngest at the Bus Stop to get some cookies made and play a little Mass Effect. But… one of the calls derailed me and created more calls to make that ended up with me loosing my temper a bit, so I gave the phone the finger and walked away before I really lost it. I honestly do not care for telephones, and don’t really like talking on it. I will make exceptions for the Hubby and my mother. Which is funny, because sometimes when I do get on the phone I will be on it for a while. Messed up, yes. Anywho, I just walked away. It’s for the better.

Stargate: Universe. SPOIlERS AHEAD. Nothing in deep detail. I’ll save that for other spots. Yes, I am still watching it. And yes, I am still writing an SGU fic. So yes, I am enjoying the show. Telford, Wray and Young are up there in my favs among the characters. Greer, TJ, Scott and Eli are close behind. I like Chole fine, but she hasn’t really made that BIG of an impression yet. However, I can see her moving up in the ranks as her character becomes more fleshed out. Rush. Yeah, ok. I do have to say that in “Darkness” he impressed me with his meltdown. I’m not a huge RC fan, but he did a good job with that. Other than that, Rush is the character I love to hate. Am looking forward to further development of Telford and Wray. And for more info of the ‘relationship’ that has or is happening between TJ and Young. Especially with AH being pregnant. Did they write it into the show, or not? And if they did, will TJ be treated like Teyla was on Atlantis? One moment where I called BULLSHIT was in the eppy of “Light”. The whole thing with the star was cool, but, BUT, there are flaws (some have been nicely explained/theorized by others) that was hard to deal with. The shields that were supposedly unable to 100% help protect them from the hull breaches can protect them from the energy of a star? I think that is about the only spot in the entire show where no one has been able to explain to me that makes sense. I can see the practicality of using solar energy (or variations thereof) to power a ship like Destiny. It makes sense. BUT if the ship’s shields can’t help keep the holes in the hull from draining all the air out of the ship, then it’s not possible for them to withstand the power of a star. No way. Sorry. I can take leaps of faith and my perception of reality can be pushed aside for some things. But this wont leave me alone for some reason. I can get over Scott and Chole, very easy to see happen, and they did lead up to it, and yes hook ups like that DO happen in real life. But the shields and the star. *sigh* Oh well. Hopefully we will see more of Telford this Friday.

Saturday is gonna be a long day. Oldest is going with the Marching Band to the State Competition. She has to be there really early in the AM after being at the Football game the night before. They hit the field at about 1-ish I think. Awards are at 4, and then we rush back home for the Children’s Fall Festival that starts at 4 and goes to 8. Hoping weather and traffic cooperates with us that day so we can get everything accomplished. BTW, last weekend the band placed 4th at the Upper State Comp! This is great because if you look at how close the scores were between the top four places you can tell the judges were really close on who was the best. The space between 4th and 5th had a BIG gap, so it’s like there was a 4-way tie between them. Am very proud of the band! Also, since this is their last performance as the Marching Band, they are doing something special for the seniors and for Halloween as well, they asked the parents to all donate candy and stuff to hand out to the kids.

I will not be surprised if the Oldest decides she is too tired for the Fall Festival after the Comp. Hopefully she makes it through it because the Youngest really want to go. She’s all geared up for the Costume Contest (her age group wins a HUGE thing of candy donated by local businesses) and some special charities for the town are looking for food donations and she wants us to do that. I know she wants to help out her fellow-man, BUT her main motive is the fact that each donation gets you a raffle ticket to win a Wii. Yes, she really wants one, but Hubby and I both agree that we don’t want to spend money on it. The 360 is our main console that everyone plays, and the PS3 has become our Blu-Ray player. So the Wii is in the background for us, as a whole. About the only game that is Wii exclusive that would get attention is Animal Crossing. And I know she likes the idea of being able to play her DS games on it. I think if she does win it, that it will be the first time I will endorse putting a console in the kids’ room. We don’t let them have cable in there or the other consoles for the sole reason of they would be on it 24/7. But we have no room on our Ent. Center and the Wii is not really HD compatible. You can play it on there, but there is no difference between the screen quality between the HD TV or a SD TV. So we may as well put it in there.

Vader and Cujo had their day at the spa on Tuesday. They were good puppies and looked really cute! They also got to meet one of Hubby’s teachers. Now that they have had a good cleaning and nails clipped, I think next week we are going to start using the Rapid Bath that my mother-in-law got for us. We haven’t used it yet, mainly due to the weather (rain left and right) and because of the flea treatments. So Cujo will be going back on his once a week baths and I’m not sure about Vader. It was easier to bathe him with the Rapid Bath when we tried it out at Grandma’s, but he makes it difficult to dry him off. He hates that part.

I guess that’s it for now. I need to get back to work. Hopefully have some time to play Mass Effect before Survivor and Fringe start tonight. I’m getting this play through set up for Mass Effect 2 since we can continue with our game saves from the first one into the second one. I figure the game comes out in Feb, so I have time to get it set up just right.



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