I have been seriously slacking in my blogging. Blame it on several things: Being busy, depressed, working, family, and a slew of other things. I have been slack, and it stinks, but what can I say?

A few updates:

Marching Band is participating in the parade this weekend for our town. Oldest is going to have an early morning Saturday. Not so much as a long day as they aren’t there for the whole day, unlike w/ the competitions, etc.

The Youngest is finally a Girl Scout. We had a meeting last week and now we have another tomorrow and she is happy. I also joined along with her so that way I can go with her on trips and help out where I can. It’s been YEARS, but seriously, not much has changed.

Hubby is heading into finals this week with school. He’s looking at straight A’s for his classes. Not sure about final GPA, but I imagine it’ll be close to a 4.0.

The animals are all doing well. Sleeping more, and terrorizing each more. Yup, winter is coming. The only real concern is Cujo. He has started to in the last few days to not be able to jump off of the beds or couches. He is also starting to have a harder time with jumping up. I think we might look into some dog steps for him. I have a bad feeling about him and the upcoming year, but at least he has lived a long and happy life. And who knows, maybe out of spite, he’ll last another ten years! Also, we now have one Official Outdoor Cat and an Unofficial one. They are the siblings of Tux, her sister Zombie and brother Bob (Everyone else is Not Bob). Zombie has taken to attacking Hubby much like her sister did. I told him he better make sure he’s got all of his bonuses because if he rolls another critical (ie, 1) he’s in deep shit. Of course, I better do the same as well. We don’t have the room or money for more animals to come into this place with. We have six already. We don’t need more. Obviously, the kids are no help in this matter.

Ok, now, that is it for the updates. The rest of this entry may not be all that pleasant, for which I say, go away if you don’t want to read complaining, bitching, whinning, and the like. I have been dealing with a pretty nasty depression for a while now, and as a recommendation from my doctor (since I am refusing pills, I take enough already thank you) to write about it. I wont be covering everything here, since obviously some of it is too personal for such a public space. I’ll save that for my LiveJournal. I can lock that one to friends only, and not worry about my ‘dirty laundry’ getting strung up all over the place. So, consider yourself warned. If you don’t click another link (I have several to the right side of this blog) then I don’t want to hear any of you bitching.

For the better art of two months I have been dealing with varying degrees of depression. Some of it has been easy to deal with and throw to the side. Other bits… not so much. I’ve had bouts of it before (everyone does), but nothing like this. And it’s not any one big event that has caused me to go down this road, either. One big event certainly didn’t help me any, but it’s mostly just a lot of little things that build and build.

In September, I got ‘sick’. Not saying with what, or just what happened. That’s MY business. But that was the one BIG event that was a catalyst to all of this. And of course I had missed time at work and that caused em to not be able to go back home for my niece’s wedding, which I was looking forward to. In the time since I’ve been out on my own, I have been home a small handful of times. And those times were not happy ones. Mostly funerals and one separation. I was looking forward to being there for a happy occasion and to see everybody and spend some quality time being with them and happy, instead of mourning.

I’ve been feeling really homesick lately. Bad enough that it is making the depression worse. I didn’t want anything to do with Thanksgiving this year. Didn’t want to leave the house. And it’s not because I didn’t want to spend it with Hubby’s side of the family. By any means, no. I adore my in-laws. In fact we did have a good time. But the reason for not wanting to go was I am tired of not being able to spend ANY holiday with my family. My mother, my siblings, my nieces and nephews. I may not be as close to them as once upon a time, but dammit, I would like to be able to be with them and maybe reforge those loose bonds with them so they can become stronger. It’s not easy doing it over the phone or e-mail and most are not that much into the internet, if at all (unless they are keeping something from me…). For Yule this year, we are staying here. I do not want to leave the house. If everyone else wants to come to me, that’s fine, I wont turn them away. Not much room, but I can make do. But since I cannot go home, my ass is staying firmly planted right here. I can’t see my mother, I wont be bothering with spending the gas money to see anyone else. It’s not fair to me. We have money for trips to here and there, but NEVER the money to go home. It wears on me and I can’t take it anymore. Mom is not getting any younger and I miss her. It had been several years since I’d seen Dad before he passed away. I don’t want that for Mom. I regret that, and I don’t want it again.

Speaking of which, I have been trying to send her a package for the better part of six months. I have not been able to get this woman who gave birth to me a present for her birthday or christmas in forever. So, I have decided that until that package makes its way to her, with everything in it (still waiting on a few things), unless you are my kids or my husband, you will not be getting anything from me. Sorry, but if I don’t have $$$ for my own mother, then the rest of you wont get anything. 

There are also issues with the family life that are going on, that for the most part will not be talked about here. The ones that know about it are the ones that know about it. No one else need concern themselves. All I will say is that if certain changes are not made soon, and on more than one level then I will become a world-class bitch and throw EVERYBODY out the door. It’s a lot of stress and heartache that I am no longer willing to put up with, and it is not involving just one person. Now having said that, I fully expect the backlash of I shouldn’t have just typed that here. Fuck off. This is about me. This is my little pity party. Since no one really wants to listen to me fully in regards to many things, or have their heads so far up their own asses, where else can I say it? Oh, right, LiveJournal.

I know I’m being a bit mean, a bit whiney, and a bitch. But if you sit down and look at everything, I’m shocked I haven’t put a gun to my head or to those around me and pulled the trigger. It may seem like I’m blowing things out of proportion, but not so much. I am just tired of a lot of things, and it seems that no matter how hard I do try to make them better, or try to repair what ever damage has been done, it blows up in my face and it wont happen that way. Unless I become a complete and total bitch and throw a temper tantrum. Then things happen. But it’s only ever short-term. Things go right back to the way they were, because in a family unit (just like any other unit) EVERYBODY has to want it in order to make it happen. Well, that’s not the way it is.

Currently I am the only one working, if you could call it that. My hours fluctuate so much that one week I might be seen or heard much, and the next I’m home more than I care to be. And the work environment leaves A LOT to be desired. And not just the lovely customers who feel the need to treat you like shit, no matter how nice and polite you are to them. I am fed up with working there, with the majority of those people. BUT, since the economy tanked, jobs have been scarce around here, and a few that I did actually apply to do these nice little credit checks, and since my credit is fucked beyond belief, I wont be hired. Even with one of my managers vouching for me in how I handle money at work. Figure that shit out. And some of the other jobs that are available are not suitable for my legs, though I may have to live with it and try and hide the pain just to get them. And I am speaking of factory jobs. A few plants are going to be opening up this Spring in Greenville, so it’s something to consider. But I am fed up with my job. Here’s some free advice to you young kids- if you have the opportunity to stay in school and get a degree that may give you an edge over everyone else, say FUCK all to everything else and stay in school. Otherwise take a long hard look at me. I have the training and know how to be CPA. I can still do it. BUT, since I was a retard and didn’t listen to my gut and stay in school and finish that little degree up, and thus allowing my credit to get fucked right along with it, I’m stuck with low paying, low respect, low satisfaction jobs that make me want to bash my head in. And no, I cannot go back to school either. Why? For one thing, I still owe money to a school and you cannot be accepted at any other school unless you pay off that debt. Kind of like a black list, if you will. And there is my credit. And the fact that due to our money situation, I had to let my student loans go, I will not be approved for any others. You can scream scholarship all you want. That will not be enough to cover it all.

Yes, I want more than anything to go back to school and finish up at least one of my degrees. I was working on a AA in History, as well a BA in both Business Management and Accounting. I still wow people at work with the shit I know. But it does me no good in the work force. So yeah, there is all that. And yes, it has made things a little sticky between the Hubby and I, what with him in school right now. But even though I do feel jealousy towards him being where I want to be, I refuse to let him drop out. He’s pissed me off with the whole no job thing, even with unemployment (it’s not even close to what we need to survive since my boss plays with my schedule), and he has come close to ROYALLY pissing me off by threatening to drop out. Nope. Not gonna happen, no matter how upset I am that its him and not me. He needs this. We can’t have him on the road anymore as a Truck Driver. His diabetes will catch up to him and end that for him. By going to school, he’s giving himself and our family a chance. It’s hard, but that is something I’ve come to terms with, no matter how much it hurts.

I have been pretty distant with several friends right now, and it’s nothing they’ve done. It’s me. Nobody did anything to piss me off. Not yet, anyway, unless you happen to live with me or work with me, then let me see what time of day it is ;). No, it’s just been very difficult since September to talk to a few of you guys. It’s my choice to stay quiet, and deal with it on my own. And I shouldn’t be that way, but it’s not easy dealing with what I went through and then listening to people who have what I should have go on and on about it. So, it’s fucked up, but I love each and every one of you. It’s not you, it’s me.

It’s also not helping right now that I don’t have my cell phone and am lucky if I can get it to turn on at all so I can slowly get the numbers off of it I need. And I’ve misplaced (in all the cleaning and organizing I’ve done) the list of numbers I did have written down. I’m not a big phone talker by any means. Anyone that has been my friend for any amount of time knows that it can be a while before I actually make a call. But when I get on there I can be on there for long time. Go figure. *shrugs* I was hoping to have the money together in about two weeks to either get the phone repaired or replaced, but I don’t see that happening, unless I renew one of my loans for a larger amount, which would more or less screw us over big time, since it will increase the monthly payments. So yeah, may be a while. If you are on FaceBook, I think I have my correct phone number listed on that, I’ll have to check. If you follow me on LiveJournal, I locked it under a friend’s only post. Sorry, don’t want ever Tom, Dick and Sally calling me.

Legs are hurting, and the hands are kicking in. The weather is not being kind today with it being cold and rainy. Have a bunch of chores to do, but not sure just what will get done. Which is another thing. I remember when it was mostly me and the Youngest home all the time. Even with all the animals. I don’t recall it ever being so hard to keep the place clean. I don’t expect it to be immaculate. Ever. Mainly because I’m not. And also due to the lack of space here. Four people, six animals all in a two bedroom trailer. Yup. But, it’s hard to keep things off of the tables (kitchen and coffee), and it seems like the mess from the kids room spills out into the living room. And I know Hubby doesn’t have a desk of his own so he can work, but damn, I made a space for him to keep his stuff at. It certainly does not help with the depression if you spend your entire day off cleaning and organizing and then the very next day at the latest everything is messed up, why bother? Seriously. I’ll vacuum, and not even ten minutes later, it’s a mess again. I’ll clean the bathroom, and an hour later I feel like I have to do it again. I’ve given up on the Entertainment Center ever being dusted or organized again, so maybe I can have my little knick knacks on display w/o everything covering them up. Maybe I might feel more inclined to work on my desk or bake or do something if I feel everyone else is doing their fair share without me getting upset or pissy or saying something. And this has been going on for a while. I don’t really want to decorate for Yule this year because I don’t want it all to get lost in the clutter or get ruined. It’s horrible I know, and I don’t like feeling like that, but damn. Is it so hard to put something back in its place where it belongs with a little care? Apparently so.

I know, am I quite finished yet? Do I want to stomp on something or someone else? Am I done complaining so maybe I can be told that I am wrong and it’s not this way and that I am being a baby about it all? Nope, not by a long shot. That’s something else that does not help me out, at all.  I don’t often find it easy to share my feelings and emotions with people. I tend to do  it better through the written word. I can normally find what I want to say and have it make sense. Verbally, what can I say, I can’t do it. I muck it up and say the wrong thing and BAM! Instant fight. Never fun. These are my feelings and emotions and I am tired of them not being cared for. I listen to everyone else bitch and complain and have me sit there and cater to their every whim to make sure they are happy. Fuck it, not anymore. I am being selfish, but if I don’t, then I will go completely nuts and will wind up somewhere with a nice white jacket and very helpful people. I have come to realize that I have a few tough choices ahead of me. They will not be easy and will not be ones I want to make. But then again, that is life I suppose. If I don’t make these changes, then I will go nuts. It’s not fun feeling yourself break down. I could go by route of denial, but that wont solve anything. And nursing and catering to the problems that have created these choices have not helped at all either. It’s time for change, and it’s not easy, nor will it be liked and welcomed in most cases, but it needs to be done. How can I honestly be apart of my family and take care of it, if I don’t take care of me as well?

I guess I’m done for now. I may put some more things over at LJland, but this is all I wanted to say for now. I love my family (nuclear and extended, all) and my friends. You all mean a lot to me. To help me is let me come to you. At a time like now, I don’t need nor want the door crashing down or the phone ringing off the hook. It’ll make things worse. Been there and done that.


And to lighten things up….

 My snow puppy!





A writing frenzy

Wow. With no internet connection (or phone or cable) for the better part of the day (ok a few hours but it felt like forever!) and some computer issues (kinda taken care of) I went into overdrive in the writing department. I wrote not one, but two chapters of my SGU Fanfic. Yup, fanific. Oh the horror! I’m currently editing them right now, making a few changes and possibly will post them tonight. I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten further into the chapters with this story, I’m making fewer edits. And by that I mean the spelling and grammar errors. I know I am horrible at both (yet amazingly better than most people I know!) and that is one reason why I’ve been pushing my fics. At least this way it’s getting the creative juices flowing. I’ve actually brainstormed a few ideas for the books and will be implementing them soon. SGU goes on hiatus in two weeks and I’ll need something to fill the void ;).

I am missing my cell phone desperately. I hate the LG, but I miss using it as a source for Twitter and Facebook when I am away from my computer. No word yet on when it will be replaced. Hopefully soon. I can’t check my voicemails w/o it. If you are on LiveJournal (and my friend) I have more info about it over there, plus the # by which to reach me currently. Doubt I’ll be able to work my way into getting a PalmPre, but who knows, it could happen, and it would make for a happy me, and you better believe I’d be watching it like a hawk!

This next week is going to be busy for me. If the Bossman comes through for me on the schedule, I’ll be up around the 40ish hours this week. Which will be great since one or most of us have been sick over the last few weeks and I’ve missed some work. Need to make up that $$$ somehow. And of course there is Thanksgiving, which the store is closed. Suppose to be going to the Sister-in-Law’s for it. Not sure when we are leaving, but I know I’m not looking forward to work the next day. In a way I hope he has me off that day, but I didn’t ask for it due to the money. In fact I’ll be working the whole weekend. I know that to be a fact already. He likes me there on the weekends- not sure why though. I tend to become a real bitch because it’s all the bratty teens who can’t figure out slot A from hole B. And the weekend customers get on my nerves worse than any others. And with it being a huge shopping weekend and we have a major shopping center across the way… If I didn’t need Tuesday off for a doctor’s appointment, I’d be off at least one of the days for the weekend.

Oh guess what? We had a pipe explode under the kitchen floor. Again. Grrr. And I’ve been dripping the water at night over the last week since it’s been down around freezing to keep this from happening. Thing is, this happened during the day when it was warm out! And of course it was after hours for the landlord and we can’t get a hold of anybody. So we have no water. Hopefully tomorrow we can. I’ll need a shower before even thinking about going into work on Monday. I’ll kill everybody under that roof if I don’t! Being clean and repetition are two of my biggest pet peeves (what is now called OCD nowadays). I need a shower at least once a day and I cannot tolerate repeating myself or having others repeat to me. Nope, can’t do it. So if you want to see me pissed (not angry, upset, etc, but pissed) do those things. I don’t recommend it though ;).

Haven’t messed with it much, mainly due to my playing the hell out of Dragon Age:Origins, but I love the fact that I can mess with Twitter and Facebook on the 360 now :). And even though I need to get used to how it’s set up (a little different from Pandora) has possibilities. I can listen to Namie Amuro on there! I can’t do that with Pandora! Yay! And if you want some insight to my playings with Dragon Age, just go over my Twitter feed. Yes, Alistair has captured my heart. *sigh* Though Zevran is a close second. Magic Bosoms anybody!

Ok, I’m going to finish with my editing and then go to bed. Have to get on the horn with the landlord tomorrow or figure something out so we can all get showers, etc. Urgh!


Some musings about Stargate…

First, a quick personal update- Had a great time yesterday, even with the Children’s Fall Festival being canceled. The Youngest has gotten the short end lately- First the school and now the city canceling her chances of going out and being a kid at Halloween w/o us worrying too much. Great. But she still got dressed up and had a blast anyway! And her sister and the Marching Band made fifth overall at State yesterday! Yay! Very proud of the whole band, but especially of the Oldest. She has come along way and it certainly has not been easy for her, but she has proven that she can succeed!

Now for the rest of this entry, if you have no interest in fandoms and Stargate in particular, you may not want to venture much further. It’s not territory for those unfamiliar or don’t care how a Fandom for a show/movie/book works, especially in regards to the internet. You have been warned.

Before I go further though, check out this link to Joe Mallozzi’s blog. He is a Producer and Writer for the Stargate Franchise. I believe it was in and around seasons 3-4 of SG-1 that he started working with the franchise. I’ve been following his blog on and off for several years now and have come to enjoy it, and like him as a person. He’s a great guy and does something he doesn’t have to: Allows the fans an inside look into the creation process of their favorite show(s). Back to his recent blog post… It appears the supreme ugliness of fandom has reared its head. And this time a few of the actors in the show are being treated VERY unfairly for actions that their characters have made.

You may not care for the current version of Stargate, which is fine. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I know I was extremely unhappy with the latter part of season 5 of Atlantis. That is no secret, and it did start coloring my thoughts on the new series, Universe. I was high on that fence, distraught over how a few of my favorite characters were being treated, and seriously debating on whether or not I really wanted to be apart of the franchise anymore. I’d never felt that way in any other fandom, including Harry Potter, with that travesty of an epilogue. But I did. I kind of took a break for a little while, somewhat keeping up with everything, but nothing like I had been doing. Even let my busy real life take over and not really have anything to do with the forums. Then I discovered that Ming Na and Lou Diamond Phillips were cast on the new show, and I started to think maybe I’d give it a chance. It was that combined with the fact that I’d been missing my Stargate. For the longest time the show had been apart of my Friday nights and it felt wierd to not have it around. So, even though I did call it Stargate: 90210 and other lovely names, I watched it. I watched “Air” and was blown away. It was very much how I pictured Atlantis should have been. Dark and gritty, overall a survivor’s story. You are trapped in an alien place with people you barely know and placed in situations you have never dealt with before. SGU gets it. I still love and adore Atlantis, don’t get me wrong. Always will. But Universe takes Stargate as a whole, to a new level.

There are two actors in particular that have been facing the bashing, recently. Notice I said actors and not characters. One more so than another, I believe, but she has been feeling it too. I’ve been browsing over the forums and websites for Universe, and I must say that even with the infamous love triangle from Atlantis, I’ve never seen anything even remotely similar to this. In any fandom. Normally the fans are pretty good at separating the characters from the actors and leave the actors alone. Once in a while the comments on the characters can get out of hand, but no harm or ill will would be directed at the actor. Goodness knows the McKay/Keller/Ronon triangle stirred up A LOT of noise on all sides and everyone was guilty of stepping out of line. Even me. But I never attacked the actors. I may have said one or two things about the writers and producers (especially Martian Gero) but again, no intent of ill will or malice on their person. Just a venting session and expressing my need as a fan for the creators to wake up and smell the coffee. I even posted a comment on Joe’s blog asking him WTF were they all thinking! To me, I never got offensive about it. I was honestly reasoning things out and wondering what happened to my show! Yes, as a fan I consider it my show. Not ‘my’ as in I own it, but ‘my’ as in something I really enjoy and love/like/adore. There are some that take it waaaaayyyyy too personally and consider a show, etc. as wholly theirs and the creators have to bow down to their every whim. Yeah. Good luck with that one.

Brain J. Smith and Elyse Levesque have been getting more than the short end of the stick from several fans. I haven’t run across massive amounts of it for Elyse yet, but some of the comments would make me want to curl up in a ball and cry. Brian on the other hand, you could say he’s been harassed by the fandom. Not all of it, but the minority that can’t leave well enough alone and have to be complete dicks and assholes about it all. Originally he decided to leave Twitter all together (something fellow cast mate David Blue got him and the others into) because people were being VERY mean and disrespectful to him because of what his character, Lt. Matthew Scott, was doing on the show. First of all, it saddens me that there are people out there who cannot tell the difference between the character and the actor who plays them. They are not the same person. Seriously. From what I have been exposed to about Brain J. Smith, he is a very intelligent human being and a big sweetheart. I loved following him on Twitter and reading and watching his interviews. A very well-rounded person, especially for being so young. That and it helped with his open adoration of Cassy :), an adorable puppy he decided to adopt. Then we have Lt. Matthew Scott. I can’t say a whole lot on him, since we haven’t seen all there is to about him. What I have been able to discern about the character is that he is a leader, even if he is fresh out of Officer’s School. The SGC wont let just anybody in, military wise. I believe they have learned their lesson in the past. Besides that, Col Young wouldn’t have placed him in charge had he believed that Scott would have failed. He’d have stuck with TJ, his other Lt. on the ship, someone he has KNOWN for sometime (according to spoilers) and obviously trusts. I know, I know. They brought religion into the show with making Scott a fairly die-hard Catholic. How dare they huh? Frankly I think it’s a nice addition to the character. And guess what, I’m not Christian, yet I can relate to Scott and his spirituality. Yes, I know, they also made him a ladies man in the regards that he and Lt. James were fuck buddies (or something similar, maybe something more), and then all of a sudden he’s sleeping with Chloe! THE HORROR! How could that happen! It’s not realistic and things like that never happen, in the military or in the civilian world!

And I hope you all realize that I was being sarcastic in those last few sentences. I think that many people are trying to just find something to nitpick at because they have nothing better to do. My only beef with the show so far has to do with the ship’s shields and how, if they could barely contain the hull breaches, then how could they with stand the energy from a star? As far as Scott being an unrealistic person and totally not true to Catholics or the military, I say this. Shut up, sit down and reflect on a few things. (I had to do something similar to the Atlantis Love Triangle.) First, Scott isn’t a real person. Second, though he is not representing ALL catholics and military personnel, he is human. Everyone has their flaws. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone looses their way at times. I’ve known many Catholics, some stellar citizens and others complete douchebags. Same with the military. And as far as it’s unrealistic for him and Chloe to hit the sheets as soon as they did, can you explain to me how the hell we have so many men and women getting married to each other within minutes of meeting each other? I need more than both hands to count the number of people I know (personally and otherwise) that have done that. Yes, Scott and Chloe didn’t get married, but they slept together. HELLO, big stressful situation and it has been shown that LT. Scott is a fan of sex, and I imagine he (like other men AND women) uses it as a stress reliever, besides the fact they all believed they were going to die. That doesn’t make Chloe (or the actress who plays her) a whore. Nor does it make her easy, a slut or anything else like that. I bet if things were different, that they would have taken more time to flesh things out, and started slowly. Thing is, circumstances didn’t allow for it, and they got swept up in the moment. Completely normal and natural, AT ANY AGE. True, it’s more common for the younger ones to do it, but I’ve seen it with us older folks too. And as far as the Frat regs for the military go, I don’t normally go for any characters that break them. But, as I realize it does happen in the real world, I am ok with Scott (to a degree) breaking the rules with the 2nd Lt. It seems that relationship went nowhere anyway, so unlike with all the Sam and Jack stuff from SG-1, I can deal with it.

If you don’t like the show because you believe the characters all suck, sleep around too much, and wear too much make up for a space drama/adventure show, then go away. Why bother watching it? There is no point in degrading the actors who play these characters. They just bring them to life and that’s it. They are not responsible for their actions. They are not evil. Hell, I can’t stand Dr. Rush, and am not a huge fan of Robert Carlyle, but I’m not sitting here bashing him into the ground. Dr. Rush is the character you are supposed to love to hate, very similar to Dr. Baltar in BSG and other characters on other show. He is an antagonist. He helps to keep the fans guessing and the other characters wondering WTF?! But I don’t want to see him off the show. Hell, my favorite character on the show so far, Col. Telford has been, for the most part, an asshole. But I still adore him and bear Lou Diamond Phillips no ill will for portraying him.

I do have to state this though. And this is of no fault of the creators behind the Stargate Franchise. I think a lot of fans became pre-disposed to hating SGU ( I was heading down that road) because A LOT felt Atlantis was getting the shaft to make room for the show. I don’t know how much truth there is in Atlantis being cancelled for that reason, and when you think about it, it doesn’t make a lot of sense. But I know that when Atlantis was canceled I felt betrayed by the franchise. I didn’t want it to go away. I didn’t care that there would be the promise of a movie, I wanted my show. Even with the whole McKeller relationship. I couldn’t have my SG-1 anymore, so I needed something. And Atlantis had the potential, IMO, to be even better than it was. I would have loved to have seen certain things be resolved and what not. Instead I was left feeling like I’d been shit on. I believe it was Sci Fi (still not doing it, folks, get over it) that created the end for the show. And I do have agree with a comment Joe M. made in his blog about the time that SG-1 ended. It was hard having the production staff working on two shows, at the same time. I bet that drove everybody nuts. I still wish Atlantis hadn’t been canceled, but I no longer begrudge Universe for it.

There are a few things coming up on the show, however, that are raising warning bells with me. Not in the same way that things went with Atlantis. And be warned, there are MAJOR SPOILERS on their way here. If you don’t want to know, read, no further…

Vader will protect you from spoilers!

In this next weeks episode, entitled “Earth” there is something that I think will happen. And I think this due to pictures I’ve seen from the official MGM website for Stargate. Now, Col. Young was having some problems with his marriage before taking command at the Icarus Base. I will not go into those details as of yet, but they mostly stem from him spending more time with his job than his wife. Now, during the episode of “Darkness”, Young uses the Ancient Communication Stones to go to Earth to report in. Since it didn’t take long at all for him to tell the higher-ups “We’re screwed”, he decided to take Col. Telford’s body (who he swapped with) to go see his wife, Emily. She was distraught, yadda, yadda, etc. Things didn’t go well. Fast forward time a little and apparently during “Earth” Young, Eli and Chloe leave the Pentagon, in the bodies of the people they swapped with and enjoy some time to themselves. Now granted, they just learned that the people they swapped with are going to be getting everybody off of Destiny and back to Earth, and I don’t have a problem with that. What I do have a problem with is this, and I hope that TPTB treat it right, and show the consequences like they promise they will for many of the actions these people are making. Young goes to see Emily, and they end up making love while Young is in Telford’s body. I do have a problem with that. To me, that is akin to rape, and like I said, I hope TPTB show the consequences of those actions. Does it make for good drama- yes it does really. Do I hate the actors for going along? Hell no. Do I think less of the characters? Maybe. Haven’t decided yet.

Now, this is pure speculation on my part here, some rooted in spoilers that I’ve stumbled across from fairly reliable sources, but spoilers can still be wrong. I feel that when episode 15 “Lost” airs, that we will see the consequences of Young’s actions in the episode of “Earth”. A description of the episode mainly talks about Greer, but the B plot of the episode is about Col. Young and TJ having some personal issues come up. It most likely has to do with the “affair” these two had once upon a time, but I have a sneaking suspicion that something big will go down between Young, Telford and Emily due to Young using Telford’s body like that. A baby, perhaps? We all know Alania Huffman, who plays TJ, is pregnant in real life. There is a chance that the writers put that in the show, and it is very likely. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Emily ends up preggers or even wanting to run off with Telford after “Earth”. Wouldn’t that be something? Young wakes up one morning to find TJ is expecting his kid because of their affair, and Emily is now pregnant with Telford’s baby all because hubby had to get him some. LOL. Yup, a soap opera that does make. But I could be wrong, and they are just random thoughts that spring to mind. But I can imagine that Telford’s wife (he has to have one, or had one, the character is wearing a ring) wouldn’t be so hot about the usage of her husband’s body in that manner. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Ok, I think I’m done for now. To the people behind SGU, writers, actors, producers, etc, you all are doing a wonderful job! I thank you again for bringing my Friday nights back! I love you all for it!