A writing frenzy

Wow. With no internet connection (or phone or cable) for the better part of the day (ok a few hours but it felt like forever!) and some computer issues (kinda taken care of) I went into overdrive in the writing department. I wrote not one, but two chapters of my SGU Fanfic. Yup, fanific. Oh the horror! I’m currently editing them right now, making a few changes and possibly will post them tonight. I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten further into the chapters with this story, I’m making fewer edits. And by that I mean the spelling and grammar errors. I know I am horrible at both (yet amazingly better than most people I know!) and that is one reason why I’ve been pushing my fics. At least this way it’s getting the creative juices flowing. I’ve actually brainstormed a few ideas for the books and will be implementing them soon. SGU goes on hiatus in two weeks and I’ll need something to fill the void ;).

I am missing my cell phone desperately. I hate the LG, but I miss using it as a source for Twitter and Facebook when I am away from my computer. No word yet on when it will be replaced. Hopefully soon. I can’t check my voicemails w/o it. If you are on LiveJournal (and my friend) I have more info about it over there, plus the # by which to reach me currently. Doubt I’ll be able to work my way into getting a PalmPre, but who knows, it could happen, and it would make for a happy me, and you better believe I’d be watching it like a hawk!

This next week is going to be busy for me. If the Bossman comes through for me on the schedule, I’ll be up around the 40ish hours this week. Which will be great since one or most of us have been sick over the last few weeks and I’ve missed some work. Need to make up that $$$ somehow. And of course there is Thanksgiving, which the store is closed. Suppose to be going to the Sister-in-Law’s for it. Not sure when we are leaving, but I know I’m not looking forward to work the next day. In a way I hope he has me off that day, but I didn’t ask for it due to the money. In fact I’ll be working the whole weekend. I know that to be a fact already. He likes me there on the weekends- not sure why though. I tend to become a real bitch because it’s all the bratty teens who can’t figure out slot A from hole B. And the weekend customers get on my nerves worse than any others. And with it being a huge shopping weekend and we have a major shopping center across the way… If I didn’t need Tuesday off for a doctor’s appointment, I’d be off at least one of the days for the weekend.

Oh guess what? We had a pipe explode under the kitchen floor. Again. Grrr. And I’ve been dripping the water at night over the last week since it’s been down around freezing to keep this from happening. Thing is, this happened during the day when it was warm out! And of course it was after hours for the landlord and we can’t get a hold of anybody. So we have no water. Hopefully tomorrow we can. I’ll need a shower before even thinking about going into work on Monday. I’ll kill everybody under that roof if I don’t! Being clean and repetition are two of my biggest pet peeves (what is now called OCD nowadays). I need a shower at least once a day and I cannot tolerate repeating myself or having others repeat to me. Nope, can’t do it. So if you want to see me pissed (not angry, upset, etc, but pissed) do those things. I don’t recommend it though ;).

Haven’t messed with it much, mainly due to my playing the hell out of Dragon Age:Origins, but I love the fact that I can mess with Twitter and Facebook on the 360 now :). And even though I need to get used to how it’s set up (a little different from Pandora) Last.fm has possibilities. I can listen to Namie Amuro on there! I can’t do that with Pandora! Yay! And if you want some insight to my playings with Dragon Age, just go over my Twitter feed. Yes, Alistair has captured my heart. *sigh* Though Zevran is a close second. Magic Bosoms anybody!

Ok, I’m going to finish with my editing and then go to bed. Have to get on the horn with the landlord tomorrow or figure something out so we can all get showers, etc. Urgh!



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