It’s December…. Yay?

Zombie, the one daddy has to make savings throws against... and Tux's sister.
Ryoko bathing and Tiger chillin’.

Tuesday I ordered off of the Girl Scouts website for the Youngest, her sash, two of the books she needs (the handbook and journey book), the insignia and a shirt that was on clearance. I spent less than $40 and that’s including shipping. And it was all cheaper than going to the store up in Greenville that sells this stuff. Guess where I’m getting all her Girl Scout needs from now on? BTW, the first meeting was moved to the 15th due to lack of a meeting place. *sigh* The woes of a new troop.

Have been working hard on laundry and a little picking up here and there, but mostly I’ve been trying to figure some things out. The available space in here has been getting smaller and smaller. It’s hard when you cram four people and six animals into a two bedroom one bath place. Especially when storage is at a premium. It’s also harder when you have a hard time telling people who offer you things to say no, or to get people who give you gifts to understand that yes, I adore the gift, but where am I going to put it??? It’s no secret we love to cook and bake and eat. If you didn’t know, then you have not been paying much attention ;). So, it seems that the ones that have figured it out feel the need to give away or buy us things for the kitchen that we have no more room to support. I’ve already in the last three months cleaned out the kitchen at least three times (I’m thinking closer to four though) to make room for more things that are sent our way. And I am in NO way saying that we don’t appreciate the gifts or the thought, but man! I barely have room for me in the kitchen! As it stands right now, on one side of the kitchen is the sink with the cabinets, stove and fridge. Everything is full to capacity. And the things that are starting to go on the list from that area are the gifts we’ve been given through the years. I don’t have room for my pots and pans (and Hubby, though I love him, keeps adding more). It’s like a death run for the kids to put things up because everything is so crammed in tightly! And that’s just one half of my kitchen! The other half houses the pantry (it’s really a death trap test for the kids: if they survive they get to stay another day with us!), a grey shelf that was supposed to handle the overflow from the pantry when we stocked up from Sams Club, but now houses several appliances, some that don’t get used like we’d like them too because we simply don’t have the money to buy the food to use them with anymore. Next to that is the toolkit, which is overflowing and then a little junk corner with outdoor stuff and other overflow from the kitchen that I can’t even use because I don’t have the room. Then my desk. There is no where else in the house for it. Used to be in the bedroom, but that changed a few years ago when Hubby moved in. And don’t get me started on the bedroom- the kitchen has been creeping into it lately. I’ve got a few appliances, storage containers and serving platters that we don’t really use for various reasons holed up in there right now. So yeah. And that’s not including the living room, bathroom and the kids room. And we’ve all gone through everything and gotten rid of A LOT of stuff. Goodwill was our best friend for a while.

No, I didn’t sell any of it because lately the flea market has not been lucrative and yard sales in our county are expensive (registering, temp tax id, etc.) so it was better for us to just donate it and give others the chance that could use the stuff to get it. And things look good for another purge coming up soon. I think everything will be on the list. And it will most likely have to fit into one of the following categories: We use it all the time; it’s been used once or twice in the last three months (used to be six, but we’re getting desperate here); it has extreme sentimental value; we have no intention of using it ever again. Wont be easy, especially for the kids, but we are just going to have to. I’d like to be able to open a cabinet and not have everything come crashing down. And yes, I do organize and all that. Trust me, that is not an issue. No matter how well you organize you have two things against you: The people you live with who don’t put things back the way they are supposed to be and SPACE. The latter is the biggest issue right now. The former can be worked on, but how do you increase space you don’t have?

Bob, one of our outdoor cats... and Tux's brother.

So, yeah, that’s my conundrum for today. Not pleased with it either. Hell this is why I’d love a laptop and a kindle. I can get rid of my desk top and either get a smaller desk or get rid of it all together. And I love books, but no room for them. I did a book purge not long ago, and it didn’t free up much space. So it’d be easy to just get the digital copies. Of course if I had the lap top I wouldn’t really need the Kindle, casue they have the PC download app now, but it still would be nice to be able to not lug anything heavy around while I’m reading. But that’s just me.

Stargate Universe is back this Friday for its final episode of 2009. It will be back either in March or April, maybe May. I hate that SciFi does that. Why the long hiatus. I can understand a short one during the holiday season, but after January, there is no excuse! Oh well. But what I hate more than that is the fact that they are going by way of Battlestar Galactica season 2 and 4, or should I say 2.0, 2.1 and 4.0, 4.1? Or what ever they called them? Yup, they are splitting the DVDs up and guess what? They are charging FULL price for them as if it were the complete season! *grumble* That’s bullshit! You can go on iTunes or to Amazon, buy the entire season for around 30-50 bucks (depending on standard and HD). And with Amazon you can have it streaming to the TV! So, come February, unless I can find it cheaper than even the pre-order price Amazon is asking for them, I will not be getting Stargate Universe 1.0, and I encourage everyone else that watches the show to do the same. We stopped getting the BSG DVDs after all that shit. Have season 1, and no more after that. We MIGHT get the series collection, but even that’s too high-priced for what they are giving you. So, I may have to stick with digital copies of the show, or Hulu, whenever I want to watch it again. I love Stargate, but not that much.

Vader, curled up on *his* bed.

In other SciFi-ish DVD talk, it appears Jim Hensen Productions finally revealed why for the last year or two they have had the Farscape DVDs as unavailable for sale, etc (I couldn’t even find them on Netflix till recently), and I’m actually happy about it. They remastered them and set them up in a nice package as a series set and it’s not badly priced either. For just over $50 on Amazon, I can have all four seasons with a few goodies and be happy. We’ve been watching season one with the kids and they’ve been enjoying it. I daresay even Hubby has been, to a point. Unfortunately, he loves Sci-Fi, but (and I do agree here) a lot of the shows and movies leave a lot to be desired. But, Farscape, especially the last two seasons, are Sci-Fi at its best. It pushes the line and makes you think and brings in a lot of original ideas and material. A lot of that is thanks to Jim Hensen Productions, which was the main driving force behind the show.

Ryoko on *her* bed- yes, Hubby and I don't own a bed. It's theirs!

Let’s see, anything else? Not much. I really should wrap this up so I can get some more chores done and then maybe bake some cookies. Hubby’s last day of classes is today. Tomorrow starts his finals and he has one each day til next Thursday. Very proud of him since it looks like he’s averaging an A in each class. Yay!!!!

Cujo, Charlie, Grace and Vader... pre-orgy.
My Sister-in-law's adorable puppy, Charlie. Don't let his size fool you ;).
Vader and Grace at Grandma's.
Tux, laying claim to Daddy's backpack.
Trouble wondering just what is going on in the kitchen.

One thought on “It’s December…. Yay?

  1. Carrie, after reading this post I am concerned about the Christmas gift I purchased for Jason. I know storage is an issue for you guys. That’s why I asked you about it before I bought it. Do you want me to exchange it for something else (read smaller)?

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