They broke the internets…

Ah, the internet is down this morning. Great. Normally after Vader and I go for a walk and I fix both of our breakfasts, I sit at the computer, eating, and I check e-mail, Twitter, FaceBook and general web surfing to get caught up with the world. Nope, our cable is entirely out at the moment, and it’s irritating. They’ve been having more outages lately, and I’m not sure why. When I first signed on with Charter, they were famous for cable outages and it became a pain in the ass. But then they upgraded their entire system, network, etc, and it was rare to have an outage. Now in the last few months, it seems about every other week at least we have one. Oh well. Hopefully it will be back on before I leave for work.

So I decided to use the Word program to write this up with. I figure I can save it and then post it later. I do need to get better about updating this blog. Its main purpose is to help me keep in touch with family and friends that I don’t get to see on a regular basis, as well as to help keep me sane, and when I do start it up again, kind of a workout journal.

So, what to talk about? Well, today after Hubby picks me up from work, we’ll be grabbing the kids from school, and then it’s off to pick up the fudge from the Marching Band’s fundraiser. While there we also pick up some DVDs from the band’s entire season. One of the parents in the band put it together, and has apparently been doing this for some time now. With the band’s material copyright owned by somebody else, she wasn’t able to do as she normally does with the DVDs and charge a flat rate. So all she has asked for them is five dollars to cover costs and then for us to each make a small donation. We had been able to buy DVDs or videos of each of the band’s performances, but that would have cost us roughly $20 per disc, and no practices or behind the scenes stuff on those, and it would include the other bands. Frankly I think we’re getting the better deal here.

Now tomorrow morning will be fun. I am off for the weekend, and so in the morning I will be taking the Oldest to the school so she can get ready with the band for the parade. Then I need to rush up to Pickens to one of their churches that is giving away winter clothing. I figure it will help stretch the budget a bit and be able to get the kids some much needed clothes. They aren’t really lacking in clothes, it’s just like all kids, they’ve grown out of a bunch of stuff. So I will go and see just what I can find. It starts at nine, but the message I got about it said to be there early. Oldest needs to be at school by 8 so that should put me at the church around 8:20. I think that’s early enough. Hopefully it won’t take long since I don’t want to miss the parade which starts at 10.

Speaking of the parade, the Girl and Boy Scouts do march in it, but since the Youngest’s troop is newly formed they won’t be able to be in it. So hopefully next year.

Hoping to corral the kids into helping me bake some stuff this weekend as well. Get some Chocolate Chip cookies for Hubby (the extreme low sugar variety that are still nummy), and some Sugar cookies. I know I have stuff for those. And maybe some brownies as well. Been wanting them lately and with a recipe I snagged from Alton Brown, I’ve been able to make them with Splenda with very good results, so Hubby can eat them with no problem.

Ok, it looks as though the net is back up, so I’m going to post this and go through my normal routine very, very quickly. Oh and one last tidbit, chances for us to get snow this weekend are looking semi good. I know the mountains will be and according our local news station they say if conditions A & B are met, then we will have snow. The Youngest and I are happy about that. The Oldest I believe is a little indifferent, but that will change if it does happen, and Hubby… well, he’s a Southerner at heart and doesn’t really care for the white stuff, unless it’s to make snowmen choking each other or to throw snowballs at everyone, especially at Vader, who tries to catch them. Which Cujo doesn’t care for the snow, but Vader loves it! Go back into my archive here for Feb or March, I forget when it was we got that snow, and check out some of the pics from that. Vader was a snow puppy!

All right, I’m gone for real now! Later all!


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